O Fantasma

Picture This Home Video (2000)
Drama, Adult, Foreign
USA | Portuguese | Color | 1h 30min

Sergio is a brooding, alienated man who works as a trash collector in Lisbon by day and roams the city streets by night seeking rough, anonymous sex with men. One night he meets a man who seems to be the embodiment of his tormented fantasies, and he becomes obsessed with the stranger until loneliness and unfulfilled desire propel him finally into a dark and dangerous animalistic state.

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Beatriz Torcata Fatima
Lorde Cão do Posto
Salomão Homem do Doberman
Swing Doberman
Maria Paola Porru Mãe de João
Guerra da Mata Polícia 2

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Director Joao Pedro Rodrigues
João Pedro Rodrigues
Writer João Pedro Rodrigues, Alexandre Melo, José Neves, Paulo Rebelo
Producer Amandio Coroado


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
667443525141 DVD 1 Nov 04, 2003 Special Edition
9781893410558 DVD 1 Dec 02, 2003
712267380329 DVD 1 Jul 24, 2018
8717249470588 DVD 2 2008
9333723000370 DVD Free Jun 13, 2007
3415330004326 DVD
4040592002231 DVD
5600304168656 DVD