Madacy (1989)
Comedy, Horror
USA | English | Color | 1h 35min

Ten years after he was pushed down a well, a young man kills off the neighborhood bullies who tormented him and leaves their body parts as presents for the one girl who was kind to him.

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Loretta Leigh Bowman Gretchen
Elizabeth Greene Kacy
G. Michael Smith Sheriff Chism
Jerry Brewer Jim Paxton
Tobe Sexton David
Max Burnett Tim
Doobie Potter English Teacher
Rayette Potts John's Mom
Mark Massey Mortician Intern
Jackie Shaw Nurse Jackie
Chasen Hampton Ben Dover
Barry Brown Deputy Buddy
Heather Scott Linda
Patrick H. Berry Greg
Richard A. Buswell John Radley
Kerri Bechthold Little Gretchen
Josh Coffman Little John
Patrick Stratton Little Tim
Soren Myatt Little Greg
Barbie Yocum Little Linda
Jay Michael Ferguson Little David
Amanda Tyner LIttle Kacy
Gail Tucker David's Mom
John A. Blake David's Dad
Lorraine Gray Gretchen's Mom

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Director Christopher Reynolds
Writer Christopher Reynolds
Producer Christopher Reynolds
Photography Reb Braddock
Musician Russell D. Allen


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
738329230128 Blu-ray Disc 1 Mar 20, 2018
5060496451408 Blu-ray Disc
056775095499 DVD 1 May 13, 2003
619061949731 DVD 1 Aug 14, 2004
5030462012445 DVD 1 Sep 27, 2004
5030462046105 DVD 2
9780778616443 DVD