Officer Downe

Blackmrkt (2016)

Comedy, Science Fiction, Action
USA / English / 88 mins
IMDb 4.1

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Kim Coates Officer Downe
Tyler Ross Officer Gable
Lauren Vélez Police Chief Berringer
Sona Eyambe Zen Master Flash
Meadow Williams Mother Supreme
Samuel Witwer Burnham
Lindsay Pulsipher Miss Tiger
Alison Lohman Nun
Reno Wilson Officer Carter
Tracy Vilar Officer Hanso
Bruno Gunn Officer Fritch
Mark Neveldine Hazmat Johnny


Shawn Crahan
Photography Gerardo Madrazo



A rookie cop is tasked with shadowing Officer Downe, a no-nonsense LAPD cop with regenerative powers, as he wages an ultra-violent war against the nefarious villains of Los Angeles.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
876964011365 1 2017-02-28
876964011358 1 2017-02-28