On a failli être amies

France Télévision (2014)

Comedy, Foreign
France / French / 90 mins
IMDb 5.7


Karin Viard Marithé
Emmanuelle Devos Carole Drissi
Roschdy Zem Sam Drissi
Philippe Rebbot Pierre


Anne Le Ny



Marithé works in a training center for adults. Her mission: to help other people to change direction in their work and to find their vocation. Carole, who lives and works in the shadow cast by her husband, Sam, an energetic and talented Michelin-starred chef, arrives in the center one day. It's not so much a change in job that Carole seems to need, as a change in husband. Marithé does everything she can to help Carole set out down a new path. But what are the real motives behind this devotion? After all, Marithé doesn't seem to be impervious to Sam's charms, or to his cooking.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
854565002043 1 2017-05-09