One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time: Season 2

Shout! Factory (1976)
English | Color

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Mary Louise Wilson Ginny Wrobliki
Mackenzie Phillips Julie Cooper
Pat Harrington Jr. Dwayne F. Schneider
Valerie Bertinelli Barbara Cooper
Bonnie Franklin Ann Romano
Richard Masur David Kane
K Callan Alice Butterfield
Howard Morton Hal Butterfield
William Kirby Cullen Chuck Butterfield
John Putch Bob Morton
Dick Van Patten Frank
John Hillerman Mr. Connors
MacIntyre Dixon Mr. Klaggett
Jim B. Smith Beer Belly
Stuart Lee Jeff
Mark Hamill Harvey Schneider
Conchata Ferrell Phyllis McDermott
Bob Harks Bar Patron
Dennis Burkley Photographer
Fran Ryan Nurse
Al Ruscio Mr. Romano
Dick O'Neill Orville
Scott Colomby Cliff Randall
Johnny Haymer Dentist
David Dukes Byron De Veer

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Director Herbert Kenwith
Writer Norman Lear, Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant, Joseph Bonaduce, Norman Paul, Bruce Howard, Bud Wiser, Allan Manings, Kevin Hopps, Jack Elinson, Carol Gary, Bob Illes, Michael S. Baser, James R. Stein, Whitney Blake
Producer Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant, Norman Paul, Jack Elinson, Patricia Fass Palmer

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1 The Runaways (Part 1) 30 min | Sep 27, 1976

Julie turns to her boyfriend when she and her mother reach an impasse regarding education, employment and marriage. (Part 1 of 4)

Guest stars: William Kirby Cullen
2 The Runaways (Part 2) 30 min | Oct 04, 1976

Ann is overcome by guilt after Chuck and Julie run away. (Part 2 of 4)

Guest stars: William Kirby Cullen
3 The Runaways (Part 3) 30 min | Oct 11, 1976

Schneider uses CB radio to search for Julie and her boyfriend. (Part 3 of 4)

Guest stars: John Mark Robinson, Lane Binkley, Howard Morton, K Callan, William Kirby Cullen
4 The Runaways (Part 4) 30 min | Oct 18, 1976

Their possessions stolen, runaways Julie and her boyfriend consider calling Barbara for help. (Part 4 of 4)

Guest stars: William Kirby Cullen
5 Barbara's Emergence 30 min | Oct 26, 1976

Hoping to attract desirable males, Barbara decides to change her image.

Guest stars: Michael Goodrow, Christopher Knight
6 David's New Job (Part 1) 30 min | Nov 09, 1976

David returns from Los Angeles with a job offer and hopes of marrying Ann. (Part 1 of 2)

7 David's New Job (Part 2) 30 min | Nov 16, 1976

As David works on Barbara and Julie, and as they pressure Ann to consider marrying David, Ann is faced with a serious decision..... she is not ready to marry again. David goes on without her.

Guest stars: Alan Brasington
8 The Upholstery Ripoff 30 min | Nov 23, 1976

Ann must deal with an upholstery ripoff that invades her home.

Guest stars: Tom Lacy, Charles White, William Neal Seals
9 Schneider's Pride and Joy 30 min | Nov 30, 1976

Schneider touts his visiting nephew as a model gentleman, unaware that the youth is a thief.

Guest stars: Mark Hamill
10 A Visit from Dad 30 min | Dec 07, 1976

Ann's visiting father tries to persuade her to return home.

11 The Maestro 30 min | Dec 14, 1976

Ann finds herself attracted to the piano player who has moved into the building.

Guest stars: David Dukes
12 Happy New Year 30 min | Dec 28, 1976

The girls put on a New Year's show at a retirement home.

Guest stars: Dick O'Neill, Fred Stuthman, Nedra Volz
13 J.C. and Julie (Part 1) 30 min | Jan 04, 1977

Julie's religious zeal is driving Ann and Barbara crazy. First of two parts.

14 J.C. and Julie (Part 2) 30 min | Jan 11, 1977

Julie applies her religious zeal to a drunken derelict, whom she found in a garbage can. Conclusion.

Guest stars: MacIntyre Dixon
15 The New Car 30 min | Jan 18, 1977

Ann won't allow her ex-husband to spoil Julie and Barbara with a new car.

16 Schneider Loves Ginny 30 min | Jan 25, 1977

Schneider expects Ginny to leap at his marriage proposal.

Guest stars: Andre Pavon
17 Ginny's Child 30 min | Feb 01, 1977

Ginny is always depressed after her mysterious Sunday excursions.

Guest stars: Dick Van Patten
18 Julie's Operation 30 min | Feb 08, 1977

With the family doctor away and Julie down with possible appendicitis, Ann accepts the services of a young resident.

Guest stars: Tom Fitzsimmons, George Petrie
19 The Traveling Salesperson 30 min | Feb 15, 1977

Ann's boss has second thoughts about a woman's ability to handle the job he just gave to Ann.

20 The Butterfields 30 min | Feb 22, 1977

Julie writes Chuck a Dear John letter, while Ann finds herself in the middle of a feud between Chuck's parents.

Guest stars: Howard Morton, K Callan
21 Barbara Plus Two 30 min | Mar 01, 1977

Barbara accepts an invitation to a school dance, then can't turn another one down.

22 The Singles Bar 30 min | Mar 08, 1977

Ginny persuades Ann to go to a singles bar.

Guest stars: Quinn O'Hara
23 The College Question 30 min | Mar 15, 1977

Tired from cramming for entrance exams, Julie doesn't want to go to college anymore.

24 The Girls Alone 30 min | Mar 21, 1977

""Barbera""and ""Julie""want to sneak out to a party on a school night.This occurs,while""Ms.Romano""is away on a business trip to Las Vegas.But the girls are fearful that their mother might find out that they're heading to the party and their beaus(Especially ""Cliff Randell"").So they try to reach their mother via a phone call.But they find out that ""Ms.Romano""didn't reach her hotel.This is one episode.Where both Ms.Philips and Ms.Bertinelli's characters show another side to their characters and to the characters'relationship.That there is a warm and caring friendship to these two young women and not an angry rivelry.


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