Gaumont International (1967)
Comedy, Foreign
France | French | Color | 1h 25min

This film originated as a play in Paris. The story focuses on the one-day adventures of Bertrand Barnier played with a genius of French cinema, Louis de Funes. In the same morning he learns that his daughter is pregnant, an employee stole a large amount of money from his company, his maid is about to resign in order to marry a wealthy neighbor and his body builder is interested in marrying his daughter. The seemingly complicated story-line is full of comedy or errors and some of the most hilarious mime scenes of the French cinema.

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Louis De Funes Bertrand Barnier
Claude Rich Christian Martin
Agathe Natanson Colette Barnier
Claude Gensac Germaine Barnier
Sylvia Saurel Jacqueline
Dominique Page Bernadette
Mario David Philippe Dubois
Paul Preboist Charles le domestique
Germaine Delbat Charlotte
Roger Van Hool Oscar
Philippe Vallauris Le chauffeur
Louis de Funès Bertrand Barnier
Sylvie Saurel Jacqueline

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Director Edouard Molinaro
Writer Jean Halain, Louis de Funès
Producer Alain Poiré
Photography Raymond Pierre Lemoigne
Musician Georges Delerue, Jean Marion


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