Outsiders: Season 2

Sony Pictures (2016)

IMDb 7.6

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Joe Anderson Asa Farrell
David Morse Big Foster
Ryan Hurst Lil’ Foster
Francie Swift Haylie Grimes
Amanda Brooks Dana Miller
Barret Hackney Butch
Rebecca Harris Ledda Dobbs
Kyle Gallner Hasil
James McCauley Matt Myers
Mark Jeffrey Miller Krake
Joseph Meissner Tobias Jager
Gillian Alexy G'Winveer
Ed Heavey Bhradain Shay
Christina Jackson Sally-Ann
Thomas M. Wright Sheriff Wade Houghton, Jr
Jackson Frazer Caleb Houghton
Johanna McGinley Annalivia Farrel
Eve Lindley Frida
JJ Condon Enoch
Billy Hepfinger Judd Fults
Jeb Kreager Breece Dobbs
Eddie Beveridge Phil'Up
Tina Alexis Allen Shurn
Cheryl L. Sorice Kinnah Morgan
Kendall Yeaman Phelia Farrell


A struggle for power and control set in the rugged and mysterious hills of Appalachia, "Outsiders" tells the story of the Farrell clan, a family of outsiders who've been in these parts since before anyone can remember. Living off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop homestead, they'll protect their world and defend their way of life using any means necessary.


Episode 1: And the Three Shall Save You

45 min Jan 24, 2017
Following the death of Big Foster, G’Win is pressured to assume leadership as Asa looks to flee the Farrells once and for all.
Director: Jon Amiel
Writer: Peter Mattei

Episode 2: Shadowside

45 min Jan 31, 2017
A new arrival threatens to disrupt the balance of power on Shay Mountain.
Director: Jon Amiel
Writer: Gordon Smith

Episode 3: Banishment

45 min Feb 07, 2017
G'Win is faced with an impossible decision; Lil Foster begins to lose hope.
Director: David Rodriguez
Writer: Itamar Moses

Episode 4: How We Hunt

45 min Feb 14, 2017
The animals aren't the only ones to bleed during the Farrell's winter hunt.
Director: David Rodriguez
Writer: Peter Tolan

Episode 5: We Are Kinnah

45 min Feb 21, 2017
G'Win's loyalties are tested on the mountain while Hasil grapples with a new career in town.
Director: Michael Trim
Writer: Keith Schreier

Episode 6: Kill or Be Killed

45 min Feb 28, 2017
The mountain demands a sacrifice and Lil' Foster struggles to resist his primal instincts.
Director: Michael Trim
Writer: Linda McGibney

Episode 7: Home for Supper

45 min Mar 07, 2017
The Farrells, Houghton, and Ledda ensure that Blackburg's annual coal parade is one for the ages.
Director: Bill Johnson
Writer: Matt Kester

Episode 8: Healing

45 min Mar 14, 2017
G'win fights for her life and Sally-Ann gives Hasil an ultimatum.
Director: Bill Johnson
Writer: Itamar Moses

Episode 9: Loyal to the Bone

45 min Mar 21, 2017
Tensions between the Farrells and the coal company take a devastating turn.
Director: Keith Boak
Writer: Emily Brochin

Episode 10: Stranger in a Strange Land

45 min Mar 28, 2017
A family of Appalachian renegades defend their way of life from the town below.
Director: Keith Boak
Writer: Keith Schreier

Episode 11: The Run

45 min Apr 04, 2017
Conditions on the mountain force the Farrells to make their presence felt in town.
Director: Jon Amiel
Writer: Linda McGibney

Episode 12: What Must Be Done

45 min Apr 11, 2017
Farrell family alliances are shattered.

Episode 13: Unbroken Chain

45 min Apr 18, 2017
No one is safe from the wrath of the mountain.


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043396501416 1 2017-05-23