Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

Studio Gokumi (2016)
Animation, Comedy, Anime, Science Fiction, Action
Japan | Japanese | Color | 47min

In an age when large-scale natural disasters frequently happen all over the world, when cyborgs and autonomous robots are beginning to appear on the market in technologically advanced nations, and major world powers compete for technology and resources, the divide between rich and poor grows and the future for the poor looks bleak. In this transitional stage, everyone wanders around in a self-indulgent daze and the way out isn't clear... This is the story of how two cybernetically enhanced girls meet.

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Megan Shipman Nene
Tabitha Ray Maid Outfit
Sonny Strait Buer
Leah Clark Bunny / Additional Voices
Alex Moore Vlind / Additional Voices
Lara Woodhull Clarion
Natalie Hoover China Dress
Sara Ragsdale Leotard
Lynsey Hale School Uniform / Additional Voices
Skyler McIntosh Gym Uniform
Jamie Marchi Additional Voices
Morgan Garrett Additional Voices
Kristen McGuire Additional Voices
Hunter Scott Sgt Burton
Eric Vale Koyasu
David Wald On-Board Announcer
Caitlin Glass Jane
J. Michael Tatum Kurtz
Charles C. Campbell Kotobuki
Jerry Jewell Additional Voices
Felecia Angelle Proserpina
Anthony Bowling Additional Voices
Jad Saxton Takumi
Clifford Chapin Medical Staffer
Anastasia Munoz Corporal Denis

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1 Adepter 25 min | Jan 08, 2016

Nene is a rare full-body cyborg who moves to Cenancle Island to live with her aunt. But on her way there she meets Uzal and Clarion, and their friendship makes for big adventure when an apparent terrorist attack suddenly occurs on the island!

2 Geofront 25 min | Jan 15, 2016

Uzal's excavation machine BUER is going berserk, and only the combined efforts of Nene and Clarion will be enough to stop it. Even if the plan works, BUER has already done so much damage to the city, there'll be hell to pay once it's all over.

3 Terrarium 25 min | Jan 22, 2016

After a considerable detour, Nene finally meets her Aunt Takumi for the first time. This is where she and Clarion will live from now on, but it turns out that appearances can be deceiving.

4 Kitchen Drudge 25 min | Jan 29, 2016

Nene's new school gives her a homework assignment to go observe people working at their jobs. Takumi sees this as a great chance to get the house all to herself, and find out what makes BUER's Central Nervous Unit tick.

5 System Down 25 min | Feb 05, 2016

Nene ponders whether it's right for her to rely on the Pandora Device. Meanwhile, a network disturbance on the island creates the chance for she and Clarion to have some adventure and make a few new friends along the way.

6 Central Nervous Unit 25 min | Feb 13, 2016

When Nene goes to the hospital for maintenance, BUER's Central Nervous Unit embarks upon a little adventure of his own with his newfound friend Amy. Amy needs all the help she can get in tracking down her kitten that's loose in the hospital.

7 Puppeteer 25 min | Feb 20, 2016

A gang of robot thieves has been taking advantage of the recent network outages to steal androids off the street and sell them to the highest bidder. Could they be in over their heads when they set their sights on Nene and Clarion?

8 Inferno 25 min | Feb 27, 2016

A fire starts during a network disturbance, and now Nene and Clarion are trapped in a department store inferno. And as if that weren't bad enough, the island's government chairman and his secretary are trapped along with them!

9 Assault 25 min | Mar 05, 2016

Clarion deduces that the department store fire was caused by BUER, which means someone is trying to tamper with it. She and Takumi team up to storm the American Imperial forces in the geofront, and see to it that BUER is no longer such a loose cannon.

10 Fear 25 min | Mar 12, 2016

Clarion fights an intense battle against Kurtz's hulking bodyguard. Meanwhile, Nene struggles with her suspicion that Clarion secretly resents her, and she ultimately decides to go help her friend with her dangerous task.

11 Ghost Urn 25 min | Mar 18, 2016

As BUER strives to defend itself from the multiple parties intent on hacking into it, Nene searches the underground base for Clarion. It becomes apparent that Kurtz has sinister plans in mind for BUER's weaponry, so will anyone be able to stop him?

12 Elpis 25 min | Mar 25, 2016


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704400091551 Blu-ray 1 Jun 13, 2017
704400020605 Blu-ray 1 Jan 22, 2019
9322225212299 Blu-ray