Pendragon: Sword Of His Father

Euro Video (2000)

Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action
USA / English / 110 mins
IMDb 4.2

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Cary Annen Saxon Guard
Drew Annen Saxon Guard
Aaron Burns Artos
Adrianne Burns Justinian's Wife
Andrew Burns King Ambrosius
Chad Burns Lailoken
Marilyn Burns Wenneveria
Nicholas Burns Caydern
Raymond Burns Justinian Pendragon
Erik Dewar Brotus
Brian Ervin Carasseus
Wally Patton Hengest
Tim Quinlan Quinlan
Howard Shepherd Regeanhere


Chad Burns
Producer Chad Burns, Aaron Burns
Musician Marylin Burns, Aaron Burns


Set in 411 AD, Pendragon tells the story of young Artos who is raised to believe that God has a purpose for each day. When his family killed and he is taken into slavery by the Saxons, Artos questions his God. Advancing through the military ranks, Artos begins to understand that his father's vision was not based on the strength of man, but on the plan of God. Further betrayal by his friends forces Artos to decide between following God's plan unto certain death or abandoning God to save his own life.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
4009750310502 B 2011-05-12
880074019234 1
813898010309 2