Peyton Place

20th Century Fox (1957)

Drama, Special Interest, Romance
USA / English / 157 mins
IMDb 7.2

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Barry Coe Rodney Harrington
Leon Ames Mr. Harrington
Terry Moore Betty Anderson
David Nelson Ted Carter
Russ Tamblyn Norman Page
Lana Turner Constance MacKenzie
Arthur Kennedy Lucas Cross
Mildred Dunnock Miss Elsie Thornton
Lloyd Nolan Dr. Matthew Swain
Lorne Greene Prosecutor
Hope Lange Selena Cross
Betty Field Nellie Cross
Erin O'Brien-Moore Mrs. Evelyn Page
Robert H. Harris Seth Bushwell
Lee Philips Michael Rossi
Diane Varsi Allison MacKenzie

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Mark Robson
Writer John Michael Hayes, John Michael Hayes, Grace Metalious
Producer Jerry Wald
Photography William C. Mellor
Musician Franz Waxman



"Peyton Place" is the story of Allison MacKenzie (Diane Varsi) who fought to get out of her not so serene New England town. When she finally grew up she moved away to New York for life in the fast lane. Allison is drawn back home at the last minute to help her friend, Selena Cross (Hope Lange). As she returns home the memories of her mother, Constance MacKenzie (Lana Turner) who had a lustful relationship with the school principal, Mr. Harrington (Leon Ames). Selena was even an outcast, growing up in an improvised area of town. Unlike Allison, Selena grew up and was unable to escape the small New England town of Peyton Place and married Cory Hyde (Edwin Jerome) who turned into an abusive drunk. Now Selena is on trial for murder and only Allison can help her, thus bringing her back home!


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811956021717 Free 2017-03-14 Limited Edition of 3,000 Units
024543103264 1 2004-03-02 20th Century Fox Studio Classics #16
4010232031808 1 2005-09-05
5039036020282 2 2005-04-18
8712626017943 2 2004-03-02 1 DVD
8010312059216 2
9314748909008 4 2004-03-02 Hollywood Gold Series
3344428016524 2005-09-07
0656629005546 2006-10-03