Peyton Place

20th Century Fox (1957)
Drama, Special Interest, Romance
USA | English | Color | 2h 37min

Grace Metalious' once-notorious bestseller Peyton Place is given a lavish -- and necessarily toned-down -- film treatment in this deluxe 20th Century-Fox production. Set during WWII, the film concentrates on several denizens of the outwardly respectable New England community of Peyton Place. Top-billed Lana Turner plays shopkeeper Constance McKenzie, who tries to make up for a past indiscretion -- which resulted in her illegitimate daughter Allison (Diane Varsi) -- by adopting a chaste, prudish attitude towards all things sexual. In spite of herself, Constance can't help but be attracted to handsome new teacher Michael Rossi (Lee Philips). Meanwhile, the restless Allison, who'd like to be as footloose and fancy-free as the town's "fast girl" Betty Anderson (Terry Moore), falls sincerely in love with mixed-up mama's boy Norman Page (Russ Tamblyn).

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Barry Coe Rodney Harrington
Leon Ames Mr. Harrington
Terry Moore Betty Anderson
David Nelson Ted Carter
Russ Tamblyn Norman Page
Lana Turner Constance MacKenzie
Arthur Kennedy Lucas Cross
Mildred Dunnock Miss Elsie Thornton
Lloyd Nolan Dr. Matthew Swain
Lorne Greene Prosecutor
Hope Lange Selena Cross
Betty Field Nellie Cross
Erin O'Brien-Moore Mrs. Evelyn Page
Robert H. Harris Seth Bushwell
Lee Philips Michael Rossi
Diane Varsi Allison MacKenzie

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Director Mark Robson
Writer John Michael Hayes, John Michael Hayes, Grace Metalious
Producer Jerry Wald
Photography William C. Mellor
Musician Franz Waxman


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5039036020282 DVD 2 Apr 18, 2005
8712626017943 DVD 2 Mar 02, 2004 1 DVD
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9314748909008 DVD 4 Mar 02, 2004 Hollywood Gold Series
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