Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Disney (2017)
Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
USA | English | Color | 2h 4min

Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-his-luck Capt. Jack Sparrow feels the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost sailors led by his old nemesis, the evil Capt. Salazar, escape from the Devil's Triangle. Jack's only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, but to find it, he must forge an uneasy alliance with a brilliant and beautiful astronomer and a headstrong young man in the British navy.

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Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow
Javier Bardem Captain Salazar
Geoffrey Rush Captain Hector Barbossa
Brenton Thwaites Henry Turner
Kaya Scodelario Carina Smyth
Kevin McNally Gibbs
Golshifteh Farahani Shansa
David Wenham Scarfield
Stephen Graham Scrum
Angus Barnett Mullroy
Martin Klebba Marty
Adam Brown Cremble
Giles New Murtogg
Orlando Bloom Will Turner
Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann
Paul McCartney Uncle Jack
Delroy Atkinson Pike
Danny Kirrane Bollard
Juan Carlos Vellido Lieutenant Lesaro
Rodney Afif Officer Madga
Rupert Raineri Officer Santos
Stephen Lopez Officer Moss
Nico Cortez Spanish Officer
Mahesh Jadu Spanish Soldier
Bruce Spence Mayor Dix
Justin Smith Mr. Krill
John Leary Mr. Swift
Anthony De La Torre Young Jack Sparrow
Finn Ireland Young Pirate Jeff
James Mackay Maddox
Bryan Probets Bowen
Will Ward Pirate
Lewis McGowan Henry Turner
Alexander Scheer Young Teague
Richard Piper Captain Toms
Michael Dorman First Officer Wade
Rohan Nichol Officer Cole
Paul Armstrong Old Pirate
Robert Morgan Grimes
Andreas Sobik Pirate Captain
Goran D. Kleut Pirate with Broom

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Director Espen Sandberg
Joachim Rønning
Writer Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie, Jay Wolpert, Jeff Nathanson
Producer Terry Rossio, Jerry Bruckheimer, Mike Stenson, Chad Oman, Brigham Taylor, Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr., Melissa Reid
Photography Paul Cameron
Musician Geoff Zanelli


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786936854398 Blu-ray Disc 1, A Oct 03, 2017 Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy
786936855104 Blu-ray Disc 1, A Oct 03, 2017
4610018695837 Blu-ray Disc Free Dec 14, 2017
8717418513931 Blu-ray Disc A, B, C Oct 02, 2017 1 Disc Blu-ray
8717418506940 Blu-ray Disc A, B, C Oct 02, 2017 Single Disc
9398583036075 Blu-ray Disc A, B, C 2017 1 Disc Blu-ray
8717418497156 Blu-ray Disc B Oct 06, 2017
8717418509217 Blu-ray Disc
786936854404 Blu-ray Disc
8717418497101 Blu-ray Disc
786936855227 Blu-ray Disc
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9338683122735 Blu-ray Disc
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7899307922831 Blu-ray Disc
8717418517472 Blu-ray Disc
8717418505370 Blu-ray Disc
8717418507923 Blu-ray Disc
841887019019 Blu-ray Disc Jun 04, 2013
8717418516390 Blu-ray Disc
8717418509231 Blu-ray Disc
8717418323783 Blu-ray Disc
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7321917506281 Blu-ray Disc
8907011108386 Blu-ray Disc
6004416133059 Blu-ray Disc
8595165364040 Blu-ray Disc
8717418513870 DVD 2 2017 1 Disc
8717418509187 DVD 2 Oct 04, 2017
9398523036035 DVD 4
786936854411 DVD Oct 03, 2017
8717418496982 DVD
8717418506926 DVD
9338683122728 DVD
786936854428 DVD
8717418507206 DVD
8717418505363 DVD
7503022700512 DVD
6004416133042 DVD
5037115202437 DVD
8717418507213 DVD
8680979040454 DVD
8717418506933 DVD
8907011113854 Blu-ray 3D 1
8717418506971 Blu-ray 3D 2, B
786936855128 Ultra HD Blu-ray Free Oct 03, 2017 Ultra-HD Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray + Digital Download
8717418513955 Blu-ray 3D Free Oct 04, 2017
786936855197 Ultra HD Blu-ray Free Oct 03, 2017 Ultra HD Blu-ray + Blu-ray + Digital HD
8717418509248 Blu-ray 3D Free Oct 05, 2017
9398563036071 Ultra HD Blu-ray A, B, C 2017 4K ULTRA HD + BLU-RAY
8717418511272 Blu-ray 3D B Oct 05, 2017
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786936855210 Ultra HD Blu-ray
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