Drama, Adventure, Family, Action
Romania / English
IMDb 8.4

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Sergiu Nicolaescu Andrei
Haralambie Boros
Ion Dichiseanu
Cornelia Lazar Turianu
Zephi Alsec comisar al Sigurantei
Florin Tanase
Margareta Pogonat mama lui Pistruiatul
Reka Nagy profesoara de istorie
Costel Baloiu Pistruiatul


Francisc Munteanu
Writer Francisc Munteanu, Florin Tanase


This series with 10 episodes was produced by Televiziunea Romana in 1973,and it is considered the story of a generation and Pistruiatul was one of most viewed movies in Romania in 20's century. In a small town of province, the members of Illegals Movement prepare the release day. Pistruiatul (Costel Baloiu), a funny boy of 14 years, becomes the hero of this events led in secret by his friend Andrei(Sergiu Nicolaescu). Helped by his History teacher (Reka Nagy),by his father (Vistrian Roman), and many times by his best friend, a dog name Calu(eng. The horse ), the kid wins every battle against the regime or bad people. It's a dramatic story,seen in the eyes of an innocent child,an emotional serial of adventures, which certanly, will conquest the public of differents ages! TV serial in 10 episodes!


Episode 1: Evadatul

35 min Apr 22, 1973

Episode 2: Intalnirea

35 min

Episode 3: Vioara

35 min

Episode 4: Depoul

35 min

Episode 5: Geamantanul

35 min

Episode 6: Omul de lagatura

35 min

Episode 7: Fluturasii

35 min

Episode 8: Informatorul

35 min

Episode 9: Dolma

35 min

Episode 10: Eliberarea

35 min