Portlandia: Season 7


IMDb 7.8


Fred Armisen Fred
Carrie Brownstein Carrie


Sketch comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, based on the oddball characters and settings of Portland, Oregon.


Episode 1: The Storytellers

25 min Jan 05, 2017
Season 7 Premiere

Episode 2: Carrie Dates a Hunk

25 min Jan 12, 2017
Fred doesn't dig Carrie's beau; Drew and Andy ask about men; Melanie and Lars buy a rug.

Episode 3: Fred's Cell Phone Company

25 min Jan 19, 2017
Fred starts a business; Kate and Sam learn the perils of long distance love; Drew and Andy plan a funeral; Nina gives Lance a massage chair.

Episode 4: Separation Anxiety

25 min Jan 26, 2017
Toni and Candace retire; Drew and Andy re-imagine gingerbread cookies; rats consider the charms of squirrels.

Episode 5: Amore

25 min Feb 02, 2017
Fred gets involved with an arranged marriage; a couple's newly opened movie theater offers an at-home vibe; a school brings in a bully to show students how to toughen up; and a creepy guy leaves a strange reply to social-media posts.

Episode 6: Friend Replacement

25 min Feb 09, 2017
Carrie's in the market for a new friend; Jill tries a radical diet to deal with her office anxieties; Drew and Andy host a movie festival; a scientist comes up with a cure for modern life; Ghavin opens an elaborate box set.

Episode 7: Portland Secedes

25 min Feb 16, 2017
Fred and Carrie have a hand in helping the mayor get Portland to secede from the U.S.; the eco-terrorists are honored with a Best Protest award; Peter believes he may be Banksy; and Kath and Dave put passive-aggressive notes on cars.

Episode 8: Ants

25 min Feb 23, 2017
Nina and Lance deal with an ant infestation. The mayor attempts to break a world record. "Time Tailors" evaluate a man's schedule. The eco-terrorists brainstorm how to make an impressive event entrance.

Episode 9: Passenger Rating

25 min Mar 02, 2017
Carrie tries to improve her passenger rating; an actor teaches a boss how to fire employees; the National Small Talk Convention takes place.

Episode 10: Misunderstood Miracles

25 min Mar 09, 2017
Sandra teaches a pit bull self-control. Lisa and Bryce sell instant garbage. A couple explains alcohol to their adult son. Fred discovers models.


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778854232297 1 2017-08-08