Psych: Season 1

Universal Studios (2006)

Comedy, Crime, Mystery
USA / English / 669 mins
IMDb 8.4

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James Roday Shawn Spencer
Dulé Hill Burton Guster
Timothy Omundson Carlton Lassiter
Corbin Bernsen Henry Spencer
Maggie Lawson Juliet O'Hara
Kirsten Nelson Karen Vick  
Liam James Young Shawn
Sage Brocklebank McNab  


Mel Damski
Michael Zinberg
Writer Andy Berman, Steve Franks
Producer Steve Franks, Chris Henze
Musician Adam Cohen


Psych follows Shawn Spencer who has developed a keen eye for detail after being instructed by his police officer father to note even the most minute details of his surroundings. After Shawn calls in a tip on a crime to the police, he is actually accused of committing the crime. To try to clear his name, Shawn convinces the police that he is a psychic and he begins solving cases for the police force.


Episode 1: Pilot

60 min Jul 07, 2006
When Shawn Spencer is arrested for calling in an accurate tip to the police because only the perpetrator would know the details, his only way out is pretending to be a psychic. It turns out Santa Barbara PD isn't done with him. They ask him to consult on a kidnapping case, and a business is born.
Director: Michael Engler
Writer: Steve Franks
Guest starring: Sean Devine, Catherine Thomas, Stephen Sisk, Ian Robison, Christopher Heyerdahl, Matthew Finlason, Peter Kelamis, Lucia Walters, Artine Brown, Dylan Rhymer, Anthony Harrison, Rob Bruner, Mark Acheson, Patricia Idlette, Dagmar Midcap, Michael Roberds, Jo

Episode 2: The Spelling Bee

60 min Jul 14, 2006
When what begins as a little competitive sabotage in a regional spelling bee quickly escalates to murder. Shawn and Gus must investigate the mysterious death of the "Spellmaster" at the regional Spelling Bee.
Director: Mel Damski
Writer: Steve Franks
Guest starring: Robin Nelson, Julien Hill, Deni De Lory, Brendan Beiser, Peter Abrams, Nimet Kanji, Kyle Pejpar, Bud Collins, Alex Bruhanski, Richard Zeman, Christine Willes, Alexander Calvert, John Shaw, Winnie Hung, Issey Lamb, Peter D'Souza, Shane Hempseed, Cady Dyc

Episode 3: Peak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece

60 min Jul 21, 2006
Shawn and Gus become wedding crashers at a posh ceremony in order to retrieve a stolen antique engagement ring inexplicably taken from an inpenetrable vault under surveillance. And theft turns to murder when things start to come unraveled.
Director: Michael Zinberg
Writer: Steve Franks
Guest starring: Courtenay Dobbie, Lakota Huffman, Deejay Jackson, Cam Chai, Twan Holliday, Richard Ian Cox, Angela Hendricks, Patricia Drake, Gina Holden, Diego Klattenhoff, Liam James, Sheila Paterson, Sage Brocklebank, Tom Butler, Christine Chatelain, Guy Fauchon, Li

Episode 4: Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets

60 min Jul 28, 2006
Shawn and Gus land their first non-SBPD case when a widow hires them to find some cash that her husband stole from a bank. Shawn is asked to talk to a spirit and help the widow of the thief.
Director: Jeff Melman
Writer: Steve Franks
Guest starring: Ben Cotton, Patricia Idlette, Terry D Stevens, Katey Wright, Jim Shepard, Liam James, Liam James, Anne Marie Deluise, Steve Bacic, Keith Dallas, Anne Marie Loder, Liam James, Terry D. Stevens, Jim Shepard, Katey Wright, Jim Shepard, Terry D. Stevens, Ben

Episode 5: 9 Lives

60 min Aug 04, 2006
Shawn claims a psychic connection with a cat so he can continue his investigation into a what he believes is a murder, but that the police have labeled a suicide, and the link he finds to a hotline may involve one of SBPD's own officers.
Director: Matt Shakman
Writer: Andy Berman
Guest starring: Scott Michael Campbell, Chris Eastman, Mark McConchie, Paulo Ribeiro, Michael Adamthwaite, Carlos Jacott

Episode 6: Weekend Warriors

60 min Aug 11, 2006
Shawn and Gus attend a Civil War reenactment rehearsal for the sheer pleasure of watching Lassiter have a nervous breakdown as he runs it, but when a scripted death turns real they end up donning uniforms themselves in order to find the murderer and perhaps prevent another.
Director: John Fortenberry
Writer: Douglas Steinberg
Guest starring: John Ross Bowie, Claire Coffee, Peter Michael Goetz, Patricia Drake, Colby Wilson, Jeb Beach, Suzanne Bastien, Kaja Gjesdal, Gabe Khouth, Jason Calder, Alex Green, Yves Camerson, Brad Kelly, Todd Scott, Lauro Chartrand

Episode 7: Who Ya Gonna Call?

60 min Aug 18, 2006
Shawn reluctantly settles for a private client who claims a ghost has it in for him after Lassiter kicks Gus and him off the much more interesting case of a murdered psychologist, but the two investigations seem to be running parallel and Shawn may still end up solving the police's case.
Director: Michael Lange
Writer: Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar
Guest starring: Katya Virshilas, Aaron Grain, Claire Riley, John Dadey, Tracy Trueman, Nico McEown, Frank Whaley

Episode 8: Shawn vs. The Red Phantom

60 min Aug 25, 2006
Gus is ecstatic when it turns out the only real clue in his and Shawn's missing-person case is TriCon, the comic book and science fiction convention currently running in Santa Barbara. As bodies start turning up, they must balance their newly-scammed and increasingly onerous duties as George Takei's assistants with finding the killer and saving the teenager.
Director: John T. Kretchmer
Writer: Anupam Nigam
Guest starring: David Nykl, Julius Chapple, Cascy Beddow, Bre Blair, George Takei, Calum Worthy, Trevor Roberts, Klodyne Rodney, Robert Clarke, Aaron Ydenberg, Brian Markinson, Wanda Cannon

Episode 9: Forget Me Not

60 min Jan 19, 2007
Henry's old captain believes he's solved a murder, but his Alzheimer's has caused him to forget the most important details: the crime, and who committed it. Henry calls in Shawn and Gus who find themselves investigating a murder that happened decades ago and only the faulty memory of the retired officer gives them any hope of closing the case.
Director: Mel Damski
Writer: Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin
Guest starring: Karen Kruper, Lisa Banes, Kurtwood Smith, Michael St. John Smith, Gardiner Millar, Ryan Bauer, Kirsten Williamson, John Treleaven, Viv Leacock, Enid-Raye Adams, Lara Gilchrist, Ashley Williams, Rachel Pattee

Episode 10: From the Earth to Starbucks

60 min Jan 26, 2007
When Lassiter doubts his own crime-solving ability, Shawn tries to boost his confidence by helping him solve an astronomer's mysterious death.
Director: Michael Zinberg
Writer: Steve Franks
Guest starring: Eric Hempsall, Christina Schild, Daniel Bacon, Kathleen Duborg, Ryan Robbins, Tamara Mello, Richard Kind, Nicole Lyn, Richard Kind

Episode 11: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead

60 min Feb 02, 2007
The duo's latest case, a gag from Lassiter, turns from an alien abduction investigation to a murder case with the discovery of naked body. Between tanning salons, speed dating and Henry disagreeing with their prime suspects, it's possible Lassiter will solve the case before Shawn and Gus can.
Director: Tim Matheson
Writer: Andy Berman
Guest starring: Andy Berman, Geoff Gustafson, Angela Moore, Desirée Loewen, Alana Husband, Aaron Dudley, Mayte Garcia, Ellie Harvie, Peter Benson, Malcolm Scott, Teryl Rothery, Colin Cunningham

Episode 12: Cloudy...With A Chance Of Murder

60 min Feb 09, 2007
A local weatherman is found dead the morning after a tryst and his lover is charged with his murder despite her claims of innocence. Shawn is intrigued and becomes a defense consultant in order to gain access to the case.
Director: Lev L. Spiro
Writer: Andy Berman
Guest starring: Jan Bos, Tom Tasse, Joel Garner, Michael Shore, Norman Misura, Madison Graie, Mark Brandon, Michael Eklund, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jonathan Turnbill, Keegan Connor Tracy, Michael Weston, Scott Mosenson, Jolie Jenkins, O.L. Bramble, Donnelly Rhodes

Episode 13: Game Set... Muuurder?

60 min Feb 16, 2007
Lonely and bored, Shawn convinces Juliet to give him a shot with a case involving a missing tennis star, but first he has to spring an unwilling Gus from a corporate retreat.
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Anupam Nigam
Guest starring: Thomas Kopache, Santo Lombardo, Chelah Horsdal, Loren Gibson, Justine Wong, David Kopp, Christopher Moynihan, Sonia Mais, Patrick Keating, Almeera Jiwa

Episode 14: Poker? I Barely Know Her

60 min Feb 23, 2007
Henry's friend refuses to report his son, Brandon, missing after the son steals 30,000 dollars. Shawn agrees to help locate the son, and finds out that Brandon has been involved in some underground poker. Meanwhile, O'hara tries to surprise Lassiter on his birthday.
Director: Joanna Kerns
Writer: Kerry Lenhart, Douglas Steinberg, John J. Sakmar
Guest starring: Chris W. Martin, Debra Mooney, Dan Lauria, Kris Lemche, Byron Lucas, Rob Daly, Simon Longmore, Viv Leacock, Robin Richardson, Ian Carter, Jason Coleman, Jase-Anthony Griffith

Episode 15: Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast

60 min Mar 02, 2007
Juliet asks Shawn and Gus for assistance on her undercover assignment. They're only too glad to help, since it involves sorority sisters. Unfortunately, what's supposed to be an easy case turns out to have ties to their past and may endanger Juliet. Meanwhile, Lassiter locks horns with the oldest rookie the departments has ever trained.
Director: John Landis
Writer: Steve Franks, James Roday
Guest starring: David Allan Pearson, Amanda Lisman, Chad Krowchuk, Alex Breckenridge, Crystal Lowe, Gina Stockdale, Chelan Simmons, Shannon Marie Woodward, Mercedes Ruehl, Liam James


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