Pumpkin Man

Ventura (1997)
Drama, Family, Horror
English | Color | 31min

The week before Halloween, Jason Hollway's parents separate, and his dad moves out. Jason is depressed and doesn't want to go trick or treating with his friends Jenn, Ted, and Austin. His mom and grandpa encourage him, first by a trip to a pumpkin patch and then with the promise of a party at the end of the evening. The neighborhood has a scary story of a son's murder of his father 25 years before, so all the kids are frightened of Sam Hain: they ring his doorbell and run. All evening, the kids talk about the Sam Hain house: one by one, Jason's pals disappear; soon, it's just him and a silent Pumpkin Man walking up to Sam Hain's door. What will Jason do?

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Christopher Ogden Jason
Denise Crosby Laurel Hollway
Philip Abbott Grandpa
Jonathan Garner Billy Bob Jr.
Tiffany Ellen Solano Jenn Mendez
Bill Farmer Father Goblin / Billy Bob Sr.
Austin Farmer Son Goblin
Shawn Pyfrom Austin
Sy Hearn Ted
Randy Jandt Pumpkin Man
Valerie Red-Horse Mrs. Mendez
Jenny O'Hara Mrs. Shadboldt
Milton Creagh Sam Hain
Jack Serino Officer

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Director Jennifer Wynne Farmer
Writer Bob Garner, Dino Andrade
Producer Jennifer Wynne Farmer, Addison Wright, Beth Cardenas, Bruce Farmer, Carol Farmer, Adam Martyn
Photography Kelly Elder McGowen
Musician Murielle Hamilton


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
693703123451 DVD 1 Nov 30, 1999