Maudite (2016)
Horror, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 31min

A young couple awakens a terrible force when they attempt to socialize their reclusive neighbor.

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Nicholas Bianchi Nick
Robin De Lano Carri
Leann Donovan Anna
Jason Faunt Brett
Chelsea Gilligan Joan
Mitch Holden Tim
Norman Lesperance Dr. Andre Piccault
Lauren Maher The Voice
Hannah Sohn Hellion
Mykayla Sohn Elinore/Young Joan
Vivi Thai Mary
Jonathan Wallace Dr. Jonothon Sephton

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Director Norman Lesperance
Writer Nicholas Bianchi
Producer Nicholas Bianchi, James Andrew Felts, Matthew Shreder
Photography Marcos Durian
Musician Julian Beeston


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
9341005006941 Blu-ray Disc
043396497146 DVD 1 Mar 07, 2017
9341005007016 DVD
5035822791336 DVD