Record Of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight

Record Of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight: The Complete Series

Central Park (1991)
Anime, Action
USA | English | Color | 2h 20min

As a quiet peace and unity finally become foreseeable over the land, an unknown evil begins to stir. An ancient witch has awakened, bent on preserving the island of Lodoss by creating political unbalance throughout the many kingdoms and keeping any one from maintaining central control. OVA series consisting of thirteen 25-minute episodes.

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Alexander Rose Captain
Crispin Freeman Spark / Garrack / Maar
John Knox Ashram
Roxanne Beck Little Neese / Kardis
Pete Zarustica Wagnard
Cliff Hangar Hobb
Billy Regan Parn
Greg Wolfe Dark Elf / Greevus
Walter Hershman Groder / Prince Reona
Simone Grant Leylia
Steve Patterson Aldonova
Harry Krause Cecil
Angora Deb Leaf / Marfa
Oliver Gregory Orson
Michael Gerard Alhaib / Gilram
A.J. Parks Ryna / Karla / Pirotess / Deedlit
Meg Frances Ryna / Karla / Pirotess / Leylia
Al Muscari Raster / Slayn
Anthony Cruise Kashue
Ed Paul Etoh
Lisa Oritz Deedlit
Karen Smith Shiris

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Director Yoshihiro Takamoto
Writer Mizuno Ryo
Producer Kazunori Takagi, Takeshi Tamiya, Makiko Iwata

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1 The Free Knight... A New Legend Begins 25 min
2 Dragon... The Guardian of the Lost History 25 min
3 King... The Long Sought Hero 25 min
4 Pirates... The Ship of Dark Ambitions 25 min
5 Demon Sword... The Power to Crush Souls 25 min
6 Heart... Tears Reborn 25 min
7 Death... A Gentle Heart Bequeathed 25 min
8 The Scepter of Domination... The Dream of a United Lodoss 25 min
9 The Young Knight... Tested Strength 25 min
10 Recovery... A Mission Assigned 25 min
11 Light... A Girl Guided by the Gods 25 min
12 Sallying Forth... Pursuing a Dark Shadow 25 min
13 Nightmare... The Creeping Dark Power 25 min
14 Doorway... The Truth Proclaimed 25 min
15 An Old Enemy... Reunion with the Black Knight 25 min
16 The Holy City... Pursuing a Clue 25 min
17 Decision... An Option Compelled 25 min
18 Mission... The Path One Follows 25 min
19 Reunion... In a Distant War-torn Land 25 min
20 Counterattack... The Stolen Last Hope 25 min
21 A Vow... A Step Towards the Future 25 min
22 Liberation... A Path Opened 25 min
23 Landing... The Terrifying Dark Island 25 min
24 The Witch... The One Who Maintains the Balance of Power 25 min
25 Decision... The Black Knight's Option 25 min
26 Destruction... The Evil God Released 25 min
27 Hero... The Birth of a New Knight 25 min


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704400086182 Blu-ray Disc 1, A Jul 18, 2017 Blu-ray + DVD
719987200821 DVD 1 Oct 17, 2000 Complete Series
719987006447 DVD 1 Jan 07, 2004
719987240728 DVD 1 Dec 01, 2004
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