Road Trip: Beer Pong

Paramount (2009)
USA | English | Color | 1h 35min

It’s Road Trip - Beer Pong! Three college roommates are on the ride of their lives when they drop everything to join a bus full of sexy, scantily clad models to compete in the ultimate sport competition: the National Beer Pong Tournament.

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DJ Qualls Kyle
Mary Cobb Lydia
Rhoda Griffis Tour Group Mom
Preston Jones Andy
Michael Trotter Korkin
Julianna Guill Katy
Nestor Aaron Absera Jake
Daniel Newman Raz-R
Carter Gaston Emcee
Julia Levy-Boeken Jenna
Danny Pudi Arash
Mari Morrow Mandee
Kaira Akita Amy
Michael Beasley Lester
Kaitlyn Reid Carrie
Michelle Gordon Crystal
Melissa Ponzio The Fare
Paul Brian Johnson Gas Station Attendant
Leandra Terrazzano Sarah
Christina Bibby Heidi
Ziah Colon Sujatmi
Kimberly Banta Momma Hartman
Cesar Aguirre Fan
Paul Bednarz Tata's Bar Patron
James Belyeu University Of Ithaca Student #4

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Director Steve Rash
Writer Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong, Brad Riddell
Producer George Engel, Suzie Peterson, Gerald D. Moon
Photography Levie Isaacks
Musician Transcenders


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
097361802442 DVD 1 Aug 11, 2009
097360715040 DVD 1 Aug 11, 2009
032429257819 DVD 1 Aug 29, 2017
5014437116031 DVD 2 Oct 19, 2009
5014437116130 DVD 2 Oct 19, 2009
7332504002833 DVD 2
8717721880935 DVD 2
5050582758504 DVD 2 Dec 09, 2018
9324915080454 DVD 4
3333973166570 DVD
5051188158330 DVD
7332504002840 DVD
032429102836 DVD
883929313518 DVD May 21, 2013
4010884540321 DVD
8717721600281 DVD