Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

Vision Video (2015)
Drama, Documentary
USA | English | Color | 55min

Saint Nicholas: The Real Story takes you on a thrilling quest for truth. You will visit beautiful Mediterranean locations and explore stunning archeological excavations. You'll hear from experts about new historical and scientific analysis and even hear intriguing stories about stolen bones. Through it all you'll discover the true story of a third century Christian man named Nicholas, a man known for his generosity and concern for the poor. As a bishop, Nicholas stood for truth at a critical time in Church history and he profoundly affected the lives of all he touched. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story unveils a portrait of a man who turns out to be far more interesting that the fable that rose up around him.

Hosted by Dr. Mark Wilson, the world's leading expert on the early church in Turkey and director of the Asia Minor Research Center.

Featuring expert commentary from Adam C. English, author of The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus and from Father Gerardo Cioffari, Director of the Centro Studi Nicolaiani in Bari, Italy.

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Director Stuart Lachlan Bennett
Writer Stuart Lachlan Bennett
Producer William Carroll, William Curtis, Stuart Lachlan Bennett, M.K. Bennett


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760137101291 DVD 1 Mar 13, 2018
727985016511 DVD Free Nov 03, 2015