Hallmark Entertainment (1994)
Drama, Romance
USA | English | Color | 6h

This soapy but highly watchable television "sequel" to Gone with the Wind, the most popular Hollywood movie ever made, has nothing to do with memories of a vanished antebellum South. But it does end up in Ireland, where the determined Scarlett O'Hara Butler (played with frosty passion by Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) turns hard times into an opportunity by buying the ancestral home of her family. Before that happens, however, Scarlett fights to win back the estranged Rhett Butler (manfully portrayed by Timothy Dalton), often seen in the company of other women, struggles for control over the homestead Tara, and gets caught in yet another compromising position with poor Ashley Wilkes (Stephen Collins).

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Ann-Margret Belle Watling
Gary Raymond Old Daniel O'Hara
Tina Kellegher Mary Boyle
Rosaleen Linehan Mrs. Fitzpatrick
Mark Lambert Donnelly
Ruth McCabe Kathleen O'Hara
Rachael Dowling Bridie O'Hara
Julie Hamilton Katie Scarlett
Owen Roe Tim O'Hara
Frank Barrie Pauline Robillard
Brian Bedford Sir John Morland
Joanne Whalley-Kilmer Scarlett O'Hara
Timothy Dalton Rhett Butler
Stephen Collins Ashley Wilkes
Barbara Barrie Pauline Robillard
Annabeth Gish Anne Hampton
George Grizzard Henry Hamilton
Julie Harris Eleanor Butler
Melissa Leo Suellen O'Hara Benteen
Esther Rolle Mammy
Jean Smart Sally Brewton
Elizabeth Wilson Eulalie Robillard
Paul Winfield Big Sam
Sara Crowe Lulie
Rakie Ayola Pansy
Joanne Whalley Scarlett O'Hara
Ray McKinnon Will Benteen
Sean Bean
John Gielgud
Colm Meaney

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Director John Erman
Alexandra Ripley
Writer Alexandra Ripley, William Hanley
Producer John Erman, Richard Rosenbloom, Robert Halmi Sr.
Photography Tony Imi
Musician John Morris


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683904545527 Blu-ray Disc
707729117629 DVD 1 Sep 18, 2001 Original Full-Length Film
0707729117629 DVD 1 Sep 18, 2001
8713053140693 DVD 2
4006680034867 DVD 2 Nov 08, 2005 2 DVDs
7090001715549 DVD 2 Apr 23, 2008
4006680017099 DVD 2 Jan 25, 2000
5709624016767 DVD 2
5709624016798 DVD 2
5709624016774 DVD 2
5709624016781 DVD 2
8809092442567 DVD Free Jul 27, 2004 Limited Edition
3000000079614 DVD
5709624016606 DVD
4006680018171 DVD
4006680018188 DVD
4006680054438 DVD
7350019704585 DVD
707729853534 VHS
4006680007694 VHS
8712581429133 VideoCD 1 Sep 18, 2001 Original Full-Length Film