Columbia TriStar (1975)
Comedy, Drama, Romance
USA | English | Color | 1h 50min

George Roundy is a Beverly Hills hairstylist whose uncontrolled libido stands between him and his ambitions. He wants the security of a relationship. He wants to be a hairdressing "star" and open his own salon. But the fact that he beds down with the wife, daughter and mistress of a potential backer doesn't help. It also does little for his relationship with his current girlfriend.

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Warren Beatty George Roundy
Julie Christie Jackie Shawn
Goldie Hawn Jill
Lee Grant Felicia Carp
Jack Warden Lester Carp
Tony Bill Johnny Pope
George Furth Mr. Pettis
Jay Robinson Norman
Ann Weldon Mary
Luana Anders Devra
Randy Scheer Dennis
Susanna Moore Gloria
Carrie Fisher Lorna Carp
Mike Olton Ricci
Richard E. Kalk Detective Younger

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Director Hal Ashby
Writer Warren Beatty, Robert Towne
Producer Warren Beatty, Charles H. Maguire
Photography László Kovács
Musician Paul Simon


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715515221016 Blu-ray Disc A Oct 16, 2018 Blu-Ray Special Edition
5050629100433 Blu-ray Disc
5708758649377 Blu-ray Disc
043396605305 DVD 1 Jan 21, 2003
715515221115 DVD 1 Oct 16, 2018
5050582206746 DVD 2 Feb 16, 2004
4030521110045 DVD 2 Feb 11, 2003
8712609069914 DVD 2
8013123260208 DVD 2
3333297510042 DVD 2
9317731018435 DVD 4
5035822100435 DVD
5051162145417 DVD
7892770007081 DVD
7509671996993 DVD
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043396605282 VHS
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