FilmNation Entertainment (2017)
Thriller, Crime, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 35min

Undercover Las Vegas police officer Vincent Downs is caught in a high stakes web of corrupt cops and the mob-controlled casino underground. When a heist goes wrong, a crew of homicidal gangsters kidnaps Downs’ teenage son. In one sleepless night he will have to rescue his son, evade an internal affairs investigation and bring the kidnappers to justice.

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Jamie Foxx Vincent
Michelle Monaghan Bryant
Scoot McNairy Novak
Dermot Mulroney Rubino
T.I. Sean
David Harbour Dennison
Gabrielle Union Dena
Octavius J. Johnson Thomas
Tim Connolly McFerrin
Drew Sheer Anderson
Sala Baker Benik
Tim Rigby Larry
Elijah Everett Bathroom Attendant
Tess Malis Kincaid Demanding New Yorker
Steve Coulter Frazzled Concierge
Matt Mercurio Busboy #1
Chan Ta Rivers Nurse
Brooke Boxberger Receptionist
Chelsea Hayes Shari
Holly Morris Kelly Rubino
Leonardo Santaiti Bartender
Stephen Shelton Security Guard
Jamie Hill Fuller Bikini Woman #1
Richard Nunez Guerro
Anthony Michael Lopez Busboy #2
Gabrielle Lexa Bikini Girl #2
Ric Reitz Captain
RJ Shearer Zak
Brian Durkin Uniformed Officer
Alex Collins Uniform Cop
Reuben Langdon Passenger

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Director Baran bo Odar
Writer Andrea Berloff, Olivier Douyère, Frédéric Jardin, Nicolas Saada
Producer Lauranne Bourrachot, Marco Cherqui, Nik Bower, Alex Foster, Peter Lawson
Photography Mihai Malaimare Jr.
Musician Michael Kamm


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
025192344855 Blu-ray Disc 1, A Apr 18, 2017
7330031003248 Blu-ray Disc 1
025192344947 Blu-ray Disc 1 May 16, 2017
4009750303245 Blu-ray Disc
9398700023681 Blu-ray Disc
4013549068116 Blu-ray Disc
5039036081078 Blu-ray Disc
043396506275 Blu-ray Disc
043396501782 Blu-ray Disc
7611372743308 Blu-ray Disc
7330031003255 Blu-ray Disc
733003103248 Blu-ray Disc
8032807068206 Blu-ray Disc
025192344893 DVD 1 Apr 18, 2017
5051429102467 DVD 1 2014
025192344930 DVD 1 May 16, 2017
5039036081061 DVD 2 Sep 11, 2017
6004416132823 DVD 2 1 Disc
9398700024824 DVD
4013549090384 DVD
7330031003224 DVD
7330031003231 DVD