Smokey And The Bandit: Pursuit Pack

Universal Studios (2004)

Comedy, Romance, Crime, Action
USA / English / 280 mins

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Burt Reynolds Bo Darville
Sally Field Carrie
Jerry Reed Cledus Snow
Mike Henry Junior
Paul Williams Little Enos Burdette
Pat McCormick Big Enos Burdette
Jackie Gleason Sheriff Buford T. Justice
Macon McCalman Mr. B
Linda McClure Waynette Snow
George Reynolds Sheriff George Branford
Smokey & the Bandit Pursuit Pack
Dom DeLuise

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Dick Lowry
Hal Needham
Writer Charles Shyer, Hal Needham, Jerry Belson, James Lee Barrett, James Lee Barrett, Robert L Levy
Producer Mort Engelberg, Hank Moonjean


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
025192446726 1 2004-01-00 The Franchise Collection
191329007846 1 2017-03-28
5050582325737 2
5050582479362 4 2004-01-20
025192239236 2014-04-15