Spontaneous Combustion

Starz / Anchor Bay (1989)
Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 1h 33min

A young man finds out that his parents had been used in an atomic-weapons experiment shortly before he was born, and that the results have had some unexpected effects on him.

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Brad Dourif Sam
Cynthia Bain Lisa Wilcox
Jon Cypher Dr. Marsh
William Prince Lew Orlander
Melinda Dillon Nina
Dey Young Rachel
Tegan West Springer
Michael Keys Hall Dr. Cagney
Dale Dye General
Dick Butkus Lt. General
Joe Mays Dr. Persons
Stacy Edwards Peggy Bell
Brian Bremer Brian Bell
Frank Whiteman Young Orlander
Judy Prescott Student Director
Judy Behr School Nurse
Betsy Thomas Nurse at Hospital
John Landis Radio Technician
Jaime Alba Walter
Mark Roberts Dr. Simpson
Dick Warlock Mr. Fitzpatrick
Judith Jones Jennifer
William Forward Scientist
Ron Blair Maitre 'D
Mimi Wearn Vicky


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013131205695 DVD 1 Oct 08, 2002
7319980032325 DVD 2 Oct 08, 2002
6416548446417 DVD 2 Aug 29, 2002
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0828765607490 DVD
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