St. Elsewhere: Season 1

20th Century Fox (1982)

Comedy, Drama
USA / English / 1078 mins
IMDb 7.9

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Ed Flanders Dr. Donald Westphall
Norman Lloyd Dr. Daniel Auschlander
Bruce Greenwood Dr. Seth Griffin (1986-1988)
William Daniels Dr. Mark Craig
Stephen Furst Dr. Elliot Axelrod (1983-1988)
Ronny Cox Dr. John Gideon (1987-1988)
France Nuyen Dr. Paulette Kiem (1986-1988)
Mark Harmon Dr. Robert Caldwell (1983-1986)
Ed Begley Jr. Dr. Victor Ehrlich
David Birney Dr. Ben Samuels
Cynthia Sikes Dr. Annie Cavanero
Ed Begley Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Howie Mandel Dr. Wayne Fiscus
David Morse Dr. Jack Morrison
Denzel Washington Dr. Philip Chandler
G.W. Bailey Dr. Hugh Beale
Terence Knox Dr. Peter White
Christina Pickles Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Sagan Lewis Dr. Jacqueline Wade
Eric Laneuville Luther Hawkins
Bonnie Bartlett Ellen Craig
Dana Short Elizabeth Westphall
Jennifer Savidge Nurse Lucy Papandrao
Kim Miyori Dr. Wendy Armstrong
Kavi Raz Dr. Vijay Kochar
Barbara Whinnery Dr. Cathy Martin
Ellen Bry Nurse Shirley Daniels

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Bruce Paltrow
Robert Becker
David Morse
Beth Hillshafer
Writer D. Keith Mano, Grace McKeaney
Producer Joshua Brand, John Falsey


St. Eligius Hospital in South Boston was not exactly the world's best health care center. Despite its flaws, it featured some of the most caring doctors and nurses you could ever meet. Led by Dr. Donald Westphall (and later by Dr. Benjamin Gideon), St. Eligius became a sanctuary for the underdog and the downtrodden. "St. Elsewhere" ran on NBC for six seasons. Originally a ratings flop, NBC picked it up for a second season for the sole purpose of grabbing some additional Emmy nominations. It eventually became a minor hit for The Peacock, until burnout by the writers resulted in its 1988 cancellation. The series was nominated for 63 Emmy Awards and won 13.


Episode 1: Pilot

60 min Oct 26, 1982
In this intro to the series, Dr. Jack Morrison treats a young girl with dysentary; Dr. Annie Cavanero searches for a missing patient -- who happens to be a large, permanent resident of a local mental institution; Dr. Ben Samuels tries to recall all of his conquests after being diagnosed with VD; Dr. Daniel Auschlander's liver cancer is revealed; a bombing victim is brought into the ER, as is the young man who set off the bomb; and Dr. Wayne Fiscus and Dr. Cathy Martin begin a relationship.
Director: Thomas Carter
Writer: Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Guest starring: Heather McAdam, Dominique Dunne, James O'Sullivan, Cotter Smith, Rafael Campos, Jack Murdock, Ben Slack, Roxanne Reese, Mary Armstrong, Estelle Omens, Lisa Rafel, Pearl Shear, Alma Beltran, Al Berry, Peter Van Norden, Ernie Sabella, Barbara K. Whinnery, Norman Lloyd, Eric

Episode 2: Bypass

60 min Nov 09, 1982
Morrison treats the obnoxious bank bomber; Mr. MacAllister arrives to find his wife in a coma; Dr. Craig holds a news conference and badgers a patient into a surgical consent; and Dr. Samuels tries to teach Dr. Beale how to swim.
Director: Thomas Carter
Writer: Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Guest starring: Laraine Newman, Jack Bannon, Frances Lee McCain, Sandy McPeak, Robert Costanzo, Tim Robbins, Peter Maloney, Roxanne Reese, Vivian Bonnell, Thomas Babson, Barbara K. Whinnery

Episode 3: Down's Syndrome

60 min Nov 16, 1982
Cavanero tries to counsel a couple expecting a Down's syndrome child; White makes a near-tragic mistake in the E.R.; Martin and Fiscus are caught in a stalled elevator; Morrison learns his wife is pregnant; and Dr. Beale visits the bomber.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand, Tom Fontana, John Falsey
Writer: Tom Fontana
Guest starring: Tim Robbins, Tony Bill, Maureen Anderman, Jack Bannon, Virginia Kiser, Thomas Hill, Barbara K. Whinnery, Betty Cole, Sandy Martin, Jeanna Barron, Michelle Walker, John Walter Davis, Vance Colvig, Jr.

Episode 4: Cora and Arnie

60 min Nov 23, 1982
Morrison tries to help a bag woman and her retarded husband; Fiscus admits a relatively healthy woman who had fainted for some very expensive tests; V.J. feels homesick; and the bomber and his victim both leave the hospital.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand, Neil Cuthbert, John Falsey
Writer: Neil Cuthbert
Guest starring: Camilla Ashland, Anne Gerety, Bernard Berhrens, Tim Robbins, Lionel Smith, Jack Bannon, James Coco, Doris Roberts

Episode 5: Samuels and the Kid

60 min Nov 30, 1982
Dr. Samuels becomes attached to a boy in for leg surgery; Fiscus surprises Martin with a romantic gesture; Chandler challenges a veteran nurse's competency; Dr. Craig receives his coveted `Surgeon of the Year' award; and Cavanero's weekend away is interrupted by a patient delivering her baby at home with just a teenage boy to help.
Director: Thomas Carter, Joshua Brand, John Falsey, John Masius
Writer: John Masius
Guest starring: Ally Sheedy, Jeremy Licht, Paul Lieber, Robert Davi, Rudy Ramos, Vivian Bonnell, Mace, Bridget Sienna, Roxanne Reese, Barry Cutler, Peter Iacangelo, Douglas Rowe, Henry Celis, Michael Saucedo

Episode 6: Legionnaires (Part 1)

60 min Dec 07, 1982
While coping with a fussy new administrator, Dr. Westphall investigates suspicious deaths in Ward Five; Martin shocks Fiscus by breaking off their affair; Cavanero has to deal with a very hostile nurse; and White goes to desperate lengths to raise the money to replace his on-call beeper.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand, Charles Rosin, John Falsey
Writer: Charles Rosin
Guest starring: Christopher Guest, Rita Taggart, James Keane, Matthew Faison, Mace, Rafael Campos, Guy Killum, Harry Stephens, David Wiley, John Steadman, Candace Cameron, Albert Salmi

Episode 7: Legionnaires (Part 2)

60 min Dec 14, 1982
Dr. Westphall risks his job by creating an isolation floor to stem the spread of the suspected Legionnaire's Disease (and the PR fiasco causes administrator Cummings to fall on his sword to save the hospital); Dr. Beale learns that Tweety got pregnant while in the hospital; Fiscus is assaulted in the E.R.; and Dr. Craig decides to sell his car.
Director: Thomas Carter, Joshua Brand, Joel Surnow, John Falsey
Writer: Joel Surnow
Guest starring: Christopher Guest, Laraine Newman, Robert Davi, Ann Bronston, Carl Byrd, Edith Fellows, Katharine M. Hayden, David Packer, Thomas Babson, Patti Rooney, Howard Vahn, Lance Guest, Vivian Bonnell, Dana Short

Episode 8: Tweety and Ralph

60 min Dec 21, 1982
The search continues for the source of the Legionnaire's Disease; Cavanero befriends a young woman facing a hysterectomy; Tweety makes a decision about her future; and Ellen Craig deals with the elusive Dr. Barnum.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand, John Falsey, Elizabeth Diggs
Writer: Elizabeth Diggs
Guest starring: Laraine Newman, Molly Cheek, Nan Martin, Charles Robinson, Roxanne Reese, Lisa Rafel, Charles Robinson

Episode 9: Rain

60 min Jan 04, 1983
Morrison regrets making a couple of house calls for an insistent old man; Fiscus has another run-in with a gang member; Ralph takes up eating garbage; White's daughter eats some mothballs; and Dr. Craig bawls Ehrlich out for spraining his little finger.
Director: Joshua Brand, Tom Fontana, Victor Hsu, John Falsey
Writer: Tom Fontana
Guest starring: George Morfogen, Ray Liotta, Billy Ray Sharkey, Barbara Perry, Nora Ekserjan

Episode 10: Hearts

60 min Jan 11, 1983
Ralph masquerades as a doctor; an obese woman gives birth unexpectedly; an old friend of Dr. Samuels joins the staff; and Ehrlich faints during surgery.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand, John Falsey, John Masius
Writer: John Masius
Guest starring: Dorothy Fielding, Conchata Ferrell, Lance Guest, Peter Hobbs, William Bronder, Gary Rowan, Madelyn Cates

Episode 11: Graveyard

60 min Jan 18, 1983
Dr. Samuels breaks up a late night poker game to perform emergency surgery on a gunshot victim; Morrison lets a Chinese couple perform a folk healing ritual on their dying son; and Ralph's manic stage reaches a crescendo.
Director: Joshua Brand, Victor Lobl, John Falsey
Writer: Joshua Brand, John Falsey, John Masius
Guest starring: Dorothy Fielding, Tom Hulce, James Hong, Marc Hayashi, Julius Harris, Robert Pastorelli, Rummel Mor, Drew Katzman, Gillian Eaton, Mark W. Burke, Wendy Wessberg, Jane Kaczmarek

Episode 12: Release

60 min Feb 01, 1983
A sadistic doctor orders White to get his first autopsy consent; an old friend of Dr. Craig's checks in a sex-change operation; Chandler takes over the case of the John Doe gunshot victim; and Drs. Samuels and Paxton argue over the care of a patient after renewing their intimate relationship.
Director: Joshua Brand, Victor Lobl, John Falsey
Writer: David Assael, Tom Fontana
Guest starring: Jane Kaczmarek, Dorothy Fielding, Pat Corley, Tom Hulce, Andy Romano, Alice Hirson, Jonathan Luria, Sandy Ignon, Gloria Manos, Drew Katzman, Judy Jean Berns, Tom Tarpey

Episode 13: Family History

60 min Feb 08, 1983
Craig continues to regret his friend's sex-change operation; John Doe #12 becomes sullen and uncooperative when his real parents arrive to take him home; White's reconciliation falls through; and Armstrong delves deeply into a man's medical and family history to find out why he has persistent nose bleeds.
Director: Kevin Hooks, Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Writer: Andrew Laskos
Guest starring: Jane Kaczmarek, Keenan Wynn, Tom Hulce, Alan Feinstein, Andy Romano, Joseph Lambie, Frank Campanella

Episode 14: Remission

60 min Feb 22, 1983
A lady flasher enlivens the halls and rooms of St. Eligius; Fiscus moves in with Ehrlich; Cavanero faces a difficult choice about a fellowship; Dr. Auschlander's cancer remission appears to be ending; Morrison and Chandler try to help a young man injured in a street beating whose brother is determined to get revenge.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Writer: Lee Curran
Guest starring: Dick O'Neill, Janis Paige, Arthur Taxier, David Elliott, Michael Madsen, Fred Dennis, Stacy Keach, Sr., Robert Beecher, Ben Stack, Mark Casella, D.J. Syndey, David E. Elliott

Episode 15: Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day

60 min Mar 01, 1983
Samuels operates on a hooker, who invites all her friends to visit her; Myra White gives her estranged husband some news; the racial tensions reach a climax when the truth about O'Connor's beating surfaces; and Ehrlich makes a fool of himself by drinking too much at a party given by Dr. Craig.
Director: Bruce Paltrow, John Falsey, Joshua Falsey
Writer: Tom Fontana, John Masius
Guest starring: Dick O'Neill, David Elliott, Michael Madsen, Lane Brinkley, Rae Dawn Chong, Erik Holland, Gloria Delaney, Candace Cameron, Frank Dent, David E. Elliott

Episode 16: The Count

60 min Mar 08, 1983
Cavanero helps hide her patient, a porno movie star, from a process server; Armstrong worries about the ethics of a surgeon who does unnecessary heart surgery for kickbacks; Ehrlich and Fiscus nearly come to blows over their living arrangements; and Dr. Craig considers moving.
Director: Kevin Hooks
Writer: Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Guest starring: Peter Michael Goetz, Michael Halsey, William Schilling, Roxanne Reese, Liz Sheridan, Peter Van Norden, Charles Parks, Sue Bugden, Diane Delano, Kathryn Butterfield

Episode 17: Brothers

60 min Mar 15, 1983
A fisherman lobbies Dr. Westphall to let his brother die in peace and dignity; Fiscus substitutes for Ehrlich on a date with Shirley Daniels; and Helen's stress mounts as the hospital suffers computer glitches and she faces a radical mastectomy. Peter celebrates his birthday and runs into Myra and a gentleman friend.
Director: Mark Tinker, Joshua Brand
Writer: Mark Tinker, John Tinker
Guest starring: Pat Hingle, Richard Hamilton, Alan Oppenheimer, Eda Ross Merin, Christopher Thomas, Richard Chaves, Ken Magee, Frank White

Episode 18: Dog Day Hospital

60 min Mar 22, 1983
Helen returns to work following her mastectomy; Fiscus and Daniels visit his aunt Sirca; a pregnant woman invades the OR and holds Ehrlich and Dr. Craig hostage while demanding to see the doctor who performed her husband's vasectomy.
Director: Joshua Brand, Victor Lobl, John Falsey
Writer: John Ford Noonan
Guest starring: Judith Light, Tom Atkins, Elizabeth Kerr, Alan Oppenheimer, Sam Anderson, Richard Kuss, Mary-Margaret Lewis, Howard McGillin, Paco Vela, Sagan Lewis, Henry G. Sanders, Beaumon Bruestle

Episode 19: Working

60 min Apr 05, 1983
Morrison tries to reason with a patient determined to drink himself to death; Chandler faces a malpractice suit after a patient dies unexpectedly in an elevator; White goes crazy with jealousy; and Dr. Craig enjoys the company of a visiting Hungarian surgeon.
Director: John Power, Bruce Paltrow, Joshua Brand
Writer: Dennis Cooper
Guest starring: Ed Lauter, Rita Zohar, James Sutoris, Laurie O'Brien, Bella Chronis, Alan Haufrecht, Luis Heath, Don Blakely, Viola Kates Stimpson, Vincent Isaac, Bobby Jacoby, Roger Etienne

Episode 20: Craig in Love

60 min Apr 12, 1983
Dr. Craig continues to enjoy Dr. Anya's companionship; Morrison worries over White's erratic behavior; and Chandler becomes upset over the casual attitude everyone seems to taking towards his malpractice suit.
Director: Joshua Brand, Victor Lobl, John Falsey
Writer: Steve Lawson
Guest starring: Rita Zohar, James Sutoris, Tom Tully, Alice Cadogan, James Hardie, Harsh Nayyar, Bill McLaughlin, Mel Scott

Episode 21: Baron Von Munchausen

60 min Apr 19, 1983
White attends a drug rehabilitation program; Morrison becomes suspicious that his patient may be a surgery addict; Dr. Craig grapples with an inner-city medical scholarship group; Cathy tries to arrange a double date with Daniels and Fiscus; and a deranged bag lady tries to assault Daniels in the E.R..
Director: Joshua Brand, Victor Hsu, John Falsey
Writer: David Assael, Paul Schiffer
Guest starring: Louis Giambalvo, Micole Mercurio, James R. Winker, Walter Brooke, Jim Scott, Jack Heller, Laurie Kennedy, Leslie Speights, Jose Flores, Kerry Noonan, Frank Dent, Sagan Lewis

Episode 22: Addiction

60 min May 03, 1983
Morrison's wife goes into labor; White loses a girlfriend and gains a wife, while falling under suspicion when drugs are stolen; Dr. Craig's son Steven arrives for a period of observation and cause problems for Ehrlich; Martin casts her spell over Fiscus again; and Dr. Auschlander and an old friend get into a fist fight as they reminisce about the past.
Director: Mark Tinker
Writer: Tom Fontana, John Masius
Guest starring: Howard Duff, Ralph Seymour, Tom McFadden, Jean Allison, Howard George, Alice Cadogan, Scott Paulin


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