Stand Off

Blinky Productions (2012)
Drama, Thriller, Crime
USA | English | Color | 1h 10min

A group of elite female bank robbers are thrown into a Mexican stand off when they discover that someone on their team might be a snitch for the cops...

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Mandy Evans Fox
Kim Santiago Youngblood
Kerri Miller Tess
Ella Jane New Sims
Roberto Lombardi Officer Cole
Kasey Williams Officer Miller
Tony Dadika Dan Grant

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Director Chris R. Notarile
Writer Chris R. Notarile
Producer Andrew Singer, Tom Whelan, Chris R. Notarile, Ralph Henriquez, Barbara Shore, Brian Shore, Mike Triano
Photography Chris R. Notarile


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
8711983100435 DVD
9311532098436 DVD