Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 7

Paramount Pictures (1993)
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
USA | English | Color | 19h 34min

A century after Captain Kirk's five year mission, the next generation of Starfleet officers begins their journey aboard the new flagship of the Federation.

Commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard the Galaxy class starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D will seek out new life and new civilizations - to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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Patrick Stewart Jean-Luc Picard
Jonathan Frakes Wm. Riker
Brent Spiner Data
Gates McFadden Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis Deanna Troi
Michael Dorn Worf
LeVar Burton Geordi Laforge
Colm Meaney Miles O'Brien
Whoopi Goldberg Guinan
Patti Yasutake Alyssa Ogawa Powell
Wil Wheaton Wesley Crusher
Denise Crosby Lieutenant Tasha Yar

Crew View all

Director Cliff Bole
Corey Allen
LeVar Burton
David Carson
Gabrielle Beaumont
Gene Roddenberry
Les Landau
Winrich Kolbe
Jonathan West
Robert Lederman
Gates McFadden
Peter Luritson
Writer Gene Roddenberry, Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore, Ira Steven Behr
Producer Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Burton Armus, Ira Steven Behr, Maurice Hurley

Episodes View details

1 Descent (2) 60 min | Sep 19, 1993

Stardate: 47025.4 - Data abducts Picard, Troi and Geordi and holds them prisoners of the Borg, while he derives pleasure from being evil. Dr. Crusher is left in command of the Enterprise as it comes under attack from a Borg vessel.

Director: Alexander Singer
Writer: René Echevarria
Guest stars: Jonathan Del Arco, Alex Datcher, James Horan, Brian J. Cousins, Benito Martinez, Michael Reilly Burke
2 Liaisons 60 min | Sep 26, 1993

Stardate: Unknown - During an exchange program, Picard's shuttle crashes on an unknown planet where he is rescued by the sole survivor of another crash.

Director: Cliff Bole, Roger Eschbacher, Jaq Greenspoon
Writer: Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci, Lisa Rich
Guest stars: Barbara Williams, Eric Pierpoint, Paul Eiding, Michael Harris
3 Interface 60 min | Oct 03, 1993

Stardate: 47215.5 - Geordi defies direct orders from Captain Picard in an attempt to rescue his mother who had recently been reported as missing.

Director: Robert Wiemer
Writer: Joe Menosky
Guest stars: Warren Munson, Ben Vereen, Madge Sinclair
4 Gambit (1) 60 min | Oct 10, 1993

Stardate: 47135.2 - An away team investigates the apparent death of Jean-Luc Picard who was supposedly killed in a bar fight. When Riker is abducted by a band of criminals who loot archaeological digs, he is shocked to find Picard alive and well, and undercover as a renegade archaeologist.

Director: Christopher Hatton, Peter Lauritson, Naren Shankar
Writer: Naren Shankar
Guest stars: Richard Lynch, Robin Curtis, Julie Caitlin Brown, Cameron Thor, Alan Altshuld, Bruce Gray, Stephen Lee
5 Gambit (2) 60 min | Oct 17, 1993

Stardate: 47160.1 - Picard and Riker covertly work together in an attempt to find out why the criminals are looting archaeological digs.

Director: Alexander Singer, Naren Shankar
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Richard Lynch, Robin Curtis, Julie Caitlin Brown, Cameron Thor, James Worthy, Sabrina Le Beauf
6 Phantasms 60 min | Oct 25, 1993

Stardate: 47225.7 - Data's new dream subroutine causes him to experience nightmares which provide a unique insight into strange events that are occurring on board the Enterprise.

Director: Patrick Stewart
Writer: Brannon Braga
Guest stars: Gina Ravera, Bernard Kates, David L. Crowley, Clyde Kusatsu
7 Dark Page 60 min | Nov 01, 1993

Stardate: 47254.1 - Lwaxana Troi collapses with a repressed memory related illness. Her only chance for survival is if Deanna can probe her subconscious and find out what is killing her. However, the secret Lwaxana holds is deeper than Deanna imagined.

Director: Les Landau
Writer: Hilary J. Bader
Guest stars: Norman Large, Kirsten Dunst, Amick Byram, Andrea Weiner, Majel Barrett
8 Attached 60 min | Nov 08, 1993

Stardate: 47304.2 - While on a a diplomatic mission, Dr. Crusher and Picard are captured and imprisoned. As a result, they are linked together via a telepathic device.

Director: Jonathan Frakes
Writer: Nick Sagan
Guest stars: Robin Gammell, Lenore Kasdorf
9 Force of Nature 60 min | Nov 15, 1993

Stardate: 47310.2 - The Enterprise is drawn to a region of space where many starships have been mysteriously disabled. They soon learn that a brother and sister team has been working together to bring attention to the fact that frequent high-warp travel is damaging the very fabric of space/time.

Director: Robert Lederman
Writer: Naren Shankar
Guest stars: Michael Corbett, Margaret Reed, Lee Arenberg
10 Inheritance 60 min | Nov 22, 1993

Stardate: 47410.2 - Data is disturbed by the claims of a woman who says she is Noonien Soong's ex-wife.

Director: Robert Scheerer, Dan Koeppel
Writer: René Echevarria, Dan Koeppel
Guest stars: Fionnula Flanagan, William Lithgow
11 Parallels 60 min | Nov 29, 1993

Stardate: 47391.2 - Worf returns from a Klingon competition to find that he is shifting through different realities.

Director: Robert Wiemer, Roert Wiemer
Writer: Brannon Braga
Guest stars: Mark Bramhall
12 The Pegasus 60 min | Jan 17, 1994

Stardate: 47457.1 - Riker is placed on a covert mission to find the missing starship he was once a member aboard, but the mission holds a secret that could destroy the peace treaty between the Federation and the Romulans.

Director: LeVar Burton
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Terry O'Quinn, Nancy Vawter
13 Homeward 60 min | Jan 17, 1994

Stardate: 47423.9 - Worf's adoptive brother violates the Prime Directive to save an alien society whose planet is dying.

Director: Alexander Singer, Spike Steingasser
Writer: Naren Shankar
Guest stars: Paul Sorvino, Penny Johnson Jerald, Brian Markinson, Edward Penn
14 Sub Rosa 60 min | Jan 31, 1994

Stardate: Unknown - Dr. Crusher attends her grandmother's funeral, to find that she had been in romantic encounters with a mysterious man who had been haunting the Howard family women for generations.

Director: Jonathan Frakes, Jeri Taylor
Writer: Brannon Braga
Guest stars: Ellen Albertini Dow, Duncan Regehr, Michael Keenan, Shay Duffin
15 Lower Decks 60 min | Feb 07, 1994

Stardate: 47566.7 - Four young ensigns compete for a promotion that only one of them will receive. However, they are soon placed on a top secret mission that places some of their lives in danger.

Director: Gabrielle Beaumont, Ronald Wilkerson, Jean Louise Matthias
Writer: René Echevarria, Ron Wilkerson
Guest stars: Dan Gaytheir, Shannon Fill, Alexander Enberg, Bruce Beatty, Don Reilly, Dan Gauthier
16 Thine Own Self 60 min | Feb 14, 1994

Stardate: 47611.2 - Data find himself mysteriously stranded on a planet with no recollection of who he is or how he arrived there. Soon he is accused of spreading a plague among the inhabitants. Troi takes the bridge officer's test in an attempt to gain the rank of Commander.

Director: Christopher Hatton, Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Ronnie Claire Edwards, Michael Rothbar, Kimberly Cullum, Michael G. Hagerty, Michael Rothhaar
17 Masks 60 min | Feb 21, 1994

Stardate: 47615.2 - The Enterprise is slowly transformed into an ancient alien temple when Data discovers an alien archive full of information about an ancient culture. Shortly after opening the archive, Data becomes possessed with several different personalities.

Director: Robert Wiemer
Writer: Joe Menosky
Guest stars: Rickey D'Shon Collins
18 Eye of the Beholder 60 min | Feb 28, 1994

Stardate: 47622.1 - While investigating the mysterious suicide of a crew member, Troi and Worf begin to show romantic feeling towards one another.

Director: Cliff Bole, Brannon Braga
Writer: René Echevarria
Guest stars: Mark Rolston, Nancy Harewood, Tim Lounibos, Johanna McCloy, Nora Leonhardt
19 Genesis 60 min | Mar 21, 1994

Stardate: 47653.2 - Upon returning from an away mission, Picard and Data find the ship drifting in space, and the crew de-evolving into their animal ancestors.

Director: Gates McFadden
Writer: Brannon Braga
Guest stars: Rusty McLennon, Dwight Schultz
20 Journey's End 60 min | Mar 27, 1994

Stardate: 47751.2 - Under the terms of the new Federation/Cardassian alliance, Picard is ordered to evacuate a colony of native Americans, but protests from Wesley hamper the process. Wesley's destiny is finally revealed to him when the Traveler returns.

Director: Corey Allen, Shawn Piller, Antonio Napoli
Writer: Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Tom Jackson, Natalija Nogulich, Ned Romero, George Aguilar, Richard Poe, Eric Menyuk, Doug Wert
21 Firstborn 60 min | Apr 24, 1994

Stardate: 47779.4 - A disinterested Alexander must face his first Right of Ascension passage, but a mysterious warrior by the name of K'Mtar brings with him a disturbing request.

Director: Jonathan West, Mark Kalbfeld
Writer: Christopher Hatton, Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Armin Shimerman, Barbara March, Gwynyth Walsh, John Shull, James Sloyan
22 Bloodlines 60 min | May 01, 1994

Stardate: 47829.1 - Picard tries to save his newly-discovered son from the retaliation of a vengeful Ferengi whose only son was killed by Picard buring the Battle of Maxia many years before.

Director: Les Landau
Writer: Nick Sagan
Guest stars: Ken Olandt, Peter Marx, Lee Arenberg, Amy Pietz
23 Emergence 60 min | May 08, 1994

Stardate: 47869.2 - The Enterprise's computer systems starts having repeated malfunctions, leading the crew to believe that it may be evolving into a new life form.

Director: Cliff Bole, Brannon Braga
Writer: Joe Menosky
Guest stars: Thomas Kopache, Arlee Reed, David Huddleston, Dennis Tracey, Nick Dimitri, Nick Dimitri, Vinny Argiro
24 Preemptive Strike 60 min | May 15, 1994

Stardate: 47941.7 - Fresh from Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course, Ro Laren is assigned to infiltrate the Maquis. However, over time she begins to sympathize with them, which forces her to choose between her loyalty to the Federation, and her new friends in the Maquis.

Director: Naren Shankar, Patrick Stewart
Writer: René Echevarria
Guest stars: Richard Poe, Shannon Cochran, John Franklin, William Thomas Jr., Natalija Nogulich
25 All Good Things... (1) 60 min | May 22, 1994

Stardate: 47988.0 - Shortly after Picard is diagnosed with a long-term, potentially debilitating brain disorder, he starts experiencing bizarre shifts into three main time periods: 25 years into the future, a few days before the Enterprise-D is sent on its mission to Farpoint station, and the present. Picard realizes that Q is behind these shifts through time. Q finally reveals himself that humanity is still on trial, and that Picard must stop an event in the future that will halt the formation of life on Earth four billion years ago.

Director: David Carson, Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Denise Crosby, Andreas Katsulas, Clyde Kusatsu, Martha Hackett, John de Lancie
26 All Good Things... (2) 60 min | May 22, 1994

Stardate: 47988.1 - After his encounter with Q, Picard assembles the senior staff, and wonders if Q is actually giving him a chance to save humanity by showing him that the spatial anomaly also exists in the past. As they talk, the ship reaches the Neutral Zone, then Picard returns to the future, where Beverly's ship is also on the edge of the Neutral Zone. He convinces a reluctant Worf to accompany the group into Klingon territory, and then travels to the past, where he orders the crew into the Devron system. Finally, he returns to the present, where he is able to get Tomalak, the Romulan Commander on the other side of the border, to agree to entering the Neutral Zone together. Now heading for the anomaly in all three time periods, Picard learns that it exists in the present, and is larger in the past, but does not exist in the future.

Director: David Carson, Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore
Guest stars: Denise Crosby, Andreas Katsulas, Clyde Kusatsu, Martha Hackett


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