Star Trek: Voyager: Season 1

Paramount Pictures (1995)

Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action
USA / English / 802 mins
IMDb 7.7

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Kate Mulgrew Captain Kathryn Janeway
Robert Beltran Chakotay
Roxann Dawson B'Elanna Torres
Jennifer Lien Kes
Robert Duncan McNeill Lieutenant Tom Paris
Ethan Phillips Neelix
Robert Picardo The Doctor
Tim Russ Lieutenant Tuvok
Garrett Wang Harry Kim
Basil Langton The Caretaker
Gavan O'Herlihy Maje Jabin
Scott Jaeck Lt. Commander Cavit
Angela Paton Aunt Adah
Armin Shimerman Quark
Alicia Coppola Lieutenant Stadi
Tarik Ergin Lieutenant Ayala

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Cliff Bole
Robert Scheerer
Anson Williams
LeVar Burton
Jonathan Frakes
Allan Kroeker
Gabrielle Beaumont
Alexander Singer
Victor Lobl
Kenneth Biller
Michael Vejar
Les Landau
Terry Windell
Winrich Kolbe
James L. Conway
Kim Friedman
David Livingston
Robert Duncan McNeill
Marvin V. Rush
Jesús Salvador Treviño
Robert Picardo
Writer Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Michael Piller, Mike Sussman, Michael Taylor, Kenneth Biller, Jeri Taylor, Joe Menosky, Bryan Fuller, Phyllis Strong, André Bormanis, Nick Sagan, Robert Doherty, Lisa Klink, Raf Green, Jimmy Diggs, Mark Gaberman, Andrew Price, James Kahn, Harry Kloor
Producer Rick Berman, Kenneth Biller, Robin Bernheim, David Livingston, James Kahn, Stephen Welke



Star Trek: Voyager, the third spin off in the Star Trek franchise, follows the adventures of the Federation starship Voyager, under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Voyager is in pursuit of a rebel Maquis ship in a dangerous part of the galaxy when it is suddenly thrown thousands of light years away into the Delta Quadrant. With much of her crew dead, Captain Janeway is forced to join forces with the Maquis to find a way back home...


Episode 1: Caretaker (1)

60 min Jan 16, 1995
Stardate: 48315.6 While in pursuit of a Maquis ship in a region of space known as the 'Badlands', Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew aboard Voyager and the Maquis ship are transported 70,000 light years from home into the uncharted region of the galaxy known as the Delta Quadrant.
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor
Guest starring: Josh Clark, Tarik Ergin, Alicia Coppola, Armin Shimerman, Scott MacDonald, Scott Jaeck, Bruce French, Richard Poe, Mark Allen Shepherd, Jeff McCarthy, Basil Langton, Keely Sims, Stan Ivar, Angela Paton, Jennifer Parsons

Episode 2: Caretaker (2)

60 min Jan 16, 1995
Stardate: 48351.6 While in pursuit of a Maquis ship in a region of space known as the 'Badlands', Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew aboard Voyager and the Maquis ship are transported 70,000 light years from home into the uncharted region of the galaxy known as the Delta Quadrant.
Director: Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Winrich Kolbe, Jeri Taylor
Writer: Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor
Guest starring: Alicia Coppola, Scott MacDonald, Scott Jaeck, Bruce French, Richard Poe, Gavan O\'Herlihy, Josh Clark, Eric David Johnson, Basil Langton, David Selburg, Jennifer Parsons

Episode 3: Parallax

60 min Jan 23, 1995
Stardate: 48439.7 As the Maquis crewmembers begin to integrate themselves into the Starfleet crew, Voyager becomes trapped in a quantum singularity.
Director: Kim Friedman
Writer: Brannon Braga, Jim Trombetta
Guest starring: Josh Clark, Martha Hackett, Justin Williams

Episode 4: Time and Again

60 min Jan 30, 1995
Stardate: Unknown After being hit by the shockwave of a devastating planet-wide explosion, Voyager investigates. While on the surface, Janeway and Paris are accidentally 'shifted' one day into the past.
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Michael Piller, David Kemper
Guest starring: Brady Bluhm, Ryan MacDonald, Joel Polis, Bob Rudd, Jerry Spicer, Nicolas Surovy, Steve Vaught

Episode 5: Phage

60 min Feb 06, 1995
Stardate: 48532.4 During an away mission in the search for dilithium crystals, Neelix is attacked and his lungs are surgically removed by a disease-ridden race of aliens known as the Vidiians. His only hope for survival is if the crew of Voyager can get them back.
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Brannon Braga, Skye Dent, Timothy De Haas
Guest starring: Cully Fredericksen, Martha Hackett, Stephen Rappaport

Episode 6: The Cloud

60 min Feb 13, 1995
Stardate: 48546.2 In the search for omicron particles to boost the ship's energy supplies, Voyager inadvertently injures a space-faring life form.
Director: David Livingston
Writer: Brannon Braga, Michael Piller, Tom Szollosi
Guest starring: Luigi Amodeo, Angela Dohrmann, Judy Geeson

Episode 7: Eye of the Needle

60 min Feb 20, 1995
Stardate: 48579.4 The discovery of a wormhole leading to the Alpha Quadrant elates the crew, however, their only contact within range is a skeptical and paranoid Romulan.
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Hilary Bader, Jeri Taylor, Bill Dial
Guest starring: Vaughn Armstrong, Michael Cumpsty, Tom Virtue

Episode 8: Ex Post Facto

60 min Feb 27, 1995
Stardate: Unknown Tom Paris is accused of a murder he claims he did not commit. His sentence is to re-live the last few moments of his victim's life every 14 hours through a memory transplant.
Director: LeVar Burton
Writer: Michael Piller, Evan Carlos Somers
Guest starring: Henry Brown, Francis Guinan, Aaron Lustig, Robin McKee, Ray Reinhardt

Episode 9: Emanations

60 min Mar 13, 1995
Stardate: 48623.5 While investigating an asteroid belt containing a new element, Harry Kim is pulled into a 'subspace vacuole' and switched with a dead body. Soon after the body is revived the crew learn that the asteroid belt is the graveyard of an alien culture that transports its dead in the belief that they evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Harry's appearance on the homeworld begins to raise questions about the existence of their afterlife.
Director: David Livingston
Writer: Brannon Braga
Guest starring: Cecile Callan, Jefrey Alan Chandler, John Cirigliano, Robin Gloves, Martha Hackett, Jerry Hardin

Episode 10: Prime Factors

60 min Mar 20, 1995
Stardate: 48642.5 Harry Kim discovers advanced technology when a race of aliens known as the Sikarans offer shore leave to the crew of Voyager. This would send Voyager 40,000 light years closer to home, however, the Sikaran's 'Canon of Laws' forbids them from sharing their technology with anyone.
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Greg Elliot, Michael Perricone, Eric A. Stillwell, David R. George III
Guest starring: Josh Clark, Ronald Guttman, Martha Hackett, Andrew Hill Newman, Yvonne Suhor

Episode 11: State of Flux

60 min Apr 10, 1995
Stardate: 48658.2 When stolen Federation technology is found on a severely damaged Kazon Nistrim ship, Seska becomes the prime suspect. The evidence is further re-enforced when questions arise over her true heritage.
Director: Robert Scheerer
Writer: Chris Abbott, Paul Robert Coyle
Guest starring: Josh Clark, Anthony De Longis, Martha Hackett

Episode 12: Heroes and Demons

60 min Apr 24, 1995
Stardate: 48693.2 Harry Kim disappears from the holodeck during his holo-novel, ""Beowulf."" According to the characters, he died at the hands of a mystical beast known as ""Grendel"". When Chakotay and Tuvok also dissapear, the Doctor is transferred to the holodeck to investigate.
Director: Les Landau
Writer: Naren Shankar
Guest starring: Michael Keenan, Marjorie Monaghan, Christopher Neame

Episode 13: Cathexis

60 min May 01, 1995
Stardate: 48734.2 After Chakotay and Tuvok are injured in a shuttle accident, a non-corporeal life form begins to wreak havoc on Voyager by infiltrating the minds of the crew and altering the ship's systems one by one.
Director: Kim Friedman
Writer: Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky
Guest starring: Michael Cumpsty, Brian Markinson, Carolyn Seymour

Episode 14: Faces

60 min May 08, 1995
Stardate: 48784.2 The Vidiians capture Paris, Torres and Durst while on an away mission. Torres is taken to a lab and 'split' into two people: one human, and one Klingon.
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Kenneth Biller, Jonathan Glassner
Guest starring: Rob LaBelle, Brian Markinson, Barton Tinapp

Episode 15: Jetrel

60 min May 15, 1995
Stardate: 48832.1 The man, who designed the weapon that destroyed all life on the moon of his home world, including that of his family, diagnoses Neelix with a fatal illness.
Director: Kim Friedman
Writer: Kenneth Biller, Scott Nimerfro, James Thornton, Jack Klein, Karen Klein
Guest starring: Larry Hankin, James Sloyan

Episode 16: Learning Curve

60 min May 22, 1995
Stardate: 48846.5 In order to bring some rebellious Maquis crewmembers into line, Tuvok gives them a Starfleet Academy crash course.
Director: David Livingston
Writer: Ronald Wilson, Jean Louise Matthias
Guest starring: Thomas Dekker, Lendsey Haun, Catherine MacNeal, Derek McGrath, Kenny Morrison, Armand Schultz


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097361568348 1 2004-02-24 Collector's Series
097361568386 1 Collector's Series
4010884533989 1 2007-09-06 2 DVDs
097361568324 1 2004-02-24
4010884533996 1 2007-09-06
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032429266323 1 2017-03-07
5014437933034 2 2007-09-24 Slimline Edition
4010884590906 2 2004-05-01
5014437841933 2 2004-05-06 Complete Season 1
8714865559581 2 2004-05-06 The Complete First Season
8714865500200 2 2007-01-01
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8010773100410 2
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9324915068834 4 2007-00-00 Slimline Edition
9324915054615 4 2004-05-06
8712598507022 2 1995-07-10 Parallax / Time And Again
8712598507060 2 1995-00-00 State of flux / Heroes & demons
8712598507053 2 1995-09-11 Emanations / Prime Factors
8712598507084 2 1995-11-07 Jetrel / Learning curve
8712598507039 2 1995-08-07 Phage / The cloud
8712598507091 2 1995-12-04 Projections/Elogium
8712598507046 2 1995-08-13 Eye of the needle / Ex post facto
8712598507077 2 1995-10-09 Cathexis / Faces
8712598507107 2 1996-01-02 Twisted / The 37s