Earth VideoWorks (1996)

Special Interest, Science Fiction, Foreign
Canada / English / 100 mins
IMDb 1.9

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Rae Dawn Chong Arianna
Billy Wirth Kieran
Willie Nelson Grampa Lium
Jim Byrnes Rod MacArthur
Alex Diakun Pallas
Deborah Wakeham Cailie
Brent Fidler Morrisson
Gabrielle Miller Deborah
Deanna Milligan Marilyn
Sarah Smith Young Cailie


Jonathon Kay
Writer Jonathon Kay
Producer Jonathon Kay, Peter Chrzanowski


Adrianna (Chong) is a beautiful alien woman who has come to Earth in search of a half alien man (Wirth). She needs him to help her defeat the evil alien Pallas, who himself is out to kill her.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
760137980087 1 2017-05-09
612697154364 1 2008-11-04