Digital Interference Productions (2017)
Horror, Thriller
Canada | English | Color | 1h 27min

Still/Born follows Mary, a new mother who lost one of her twins in childbirth. As she struggles with the loss of one of her children, she starts to suspect something sinister is after her surviving child - a supernatural entity that has chosen her child and will stop at nothing to take it from her.

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Christie Burke Mary
Jesse Moss Jack
Rebecca Olson Rachel
Jenn Griffin Jane
Michael Ironside Dr. Neilson
Sheila McCarthy Sheila
Sean Rogerson Tim
Grace Christensen Adam
Dianne Snape Lamashtu
Brittany Allen Lamashtu
Jayson Therrien Richard
Gunnar Shanahan Baby Charlie
Praneet Akilla Camera Technician
Pat Chau Birth Doctor
Sarah Troyer Birth Nurse 1
Naddine Madell Birth Nurse 2
Barb Mitchell Female Doctor
Blaine Schlechter Cop 1
Kim To Cop 2
Paige Laloge Walking Mom
Maddox Laloge Stroller Kid
Dylan Playfair Robbie

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Director Brandon Christensen
Writer Colin Minihan, Brandon Christensen
Producer Colin Minihan, John Poliquin, Kurtis David Harder, Michael Karlin, Marc Milliard, Chris Ball, Giovanni Bernardi, Miles Forster, Ben Knechtel, Chris Wilkinson
Photography Bradley Stuckel
Musician Blitz//Berlin


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
7035534106488 Blu-ray
031398283676 DVD 1 Mar 20, 2018
8435175973255 DVD 2
031398283683 DVD
5060496450876 DVD