Suspects: Season 5

Acorn Media (2014)

Drama, Crime
IMDb 7


Damien Molony DS Jack Weston
Fay Ripley DI Martha Bellamy


Set in London, each episode is a self-contained story, starting with a news report, then following the team of three detectives as they investigate the circumstances the crime. The cases themselves are hard-hitting with contemporary themes, such as the search for a soldier with PTSD, a murder that has been made to look like an assisted suicide and the gang rape of a young teenager.


Episode 1: Episode 1

45 min Aug 03, 2016
Suspects: The Enemy Within The unscripted crime drama following the work of a group of detectives returns. DS Charlie Steele must keep DS Jack Weston under control as they investigate the murder of a detective inspector, who has been shot dead in her bed. DCI Daniel Drummond heads the investigation, bringing in DS Alisha Brooks and DC Gary Roscoe from Major Crimes to help, but there is shock in store when it turns out one of the detectives knows more about the murder than they are letting on

Episode 2: Episode 2

45 min Aug 10, 2016
A new murder victim is linked to the Bellamy blackmail case forcing Jack to pressure his old flame into testifying against her boyfriend, who Jack thinks is responsible for the blackmail and Martha's murder.

Episode 3: Episode 3

45 min Aug 17, 2016
When a girl is raped on her way home, Jack tries to conceal his connection to the key witness in the case, Lucy. The 16-year-old has been living with him since he discovered that she is probably his daughter, and Charlie reluctantly agrees to keep his secret. However, it soon becomes clear that both girls are lying about that evening, and when more evidence emerges, Charlie cannot stay silent for much longer.

Episode 4: Episode 4

45 min Aug 24, 2016
Jack finds it impossible to sit at home on the sidelines when his daughter is abducted.

Episode 5: Episode 5

45 min Aug 31, 2016
The body of Sarah Kramer, who went missing eight years earlier is found and Jack interviews her widowed father Joseph, who tells him that Martha had been investigating the disappearance. Retired officer Ed Goddard, no friend of Drummond, reports to Gary that Sarah was an informant and Drummond her handler and secret lover whilst Jack also lets Gary in on Drummond's confession regarding Stan's death. Drummond covers himself to the team, throwing suspicion on Mo as the object of Sarah's investigation and her killer, to which he admits but adds that Drummond buried her ...

Episode 6: Episode 6

45 min Aug 31, 2016
Alisha obtains evidence to incriminate Drummond from his wife Chrissy and, after she is attacked and it is stolen, its recovery proves that Drummond's son Luke was the attacker. Realizing that the game could be up for him Drummond goes to see Joseph and asks him to keep a secret. The connection between Joseph, Mo Jones and Drummond will eventually solve the mystery as to who killed Sarah, and Martha and her husband and bring Drummond down.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
054961248698 1 2017-03-07