Lancelot and Guinevere

Platinum (1963)

Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Action
USA / English / 116 mins
IMDb 5.8
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Brian Aherne King Arthur
George Baker Sir Gawaine
Reginald Beckwith Sir Dagonet
Adrienne Corri Lady Vivian
Mark Dignam Merlin
Archie Duncan Sir Lamorak
Iain Gregory Sir Tors
Jean Wallace Guinevere
Cornel Wilde Lancelot
Michael Meacham Sir Modred

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Cornel Wilde
Writer Richard Schayer, Jefferson Pascal
Producer Bernard Luber, Cornel Wilde George Pitcher



In and around the castle Camelot, brave Cornel Wilde (as Lancelot) and virtuous Brian Aherne (as King Arthur) vie for the affections of lovely Jean Wallace (as Guinevere).


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
872322003997 1 2004-08-31
096009018030 1 2000-11-01
090328901875 1
089218632395 1 2010-03-30
5050457638399 Free
798622312723 2004-08-31