The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot: Season 1

NBC Universal Television (1956)
Adventure, Family
USA | English | Color | 12h 30min

Another in the series of ITC's 'Adventures Of...' historicals. Sir Lancelot du Lac was played by William Russell, who would later star in Doctor Who as travelling companion Ian Chesterton. The series was lavishly filmed and, using background information researched at Oxford University, featured accurate 14th Century settings, even though the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table hailed from the 6th century. An Anglo-Saxon village with huts, sheep, goats and costumes transporting one into a world of pre-Norman Conquest days was constructed at Nettlefold Studios and used in most of the ITC series', beginning with The Adventures of Robin Hood. Outside location work was shot in Kent, where the company requisitioned Allington Castle, a fitting site for such activity since its long history included settlement by Ancient Britons, Romans and Saxons. Writers for the series included expatriate Amer

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William Russell Sir Lancelot du Lac
Cyril Smith Merlin
Ronald Leigh-Hunt King Arthur
Martin Benson
Jane Hylton
Ronald Leigh-Hunt
Bruce Seton
Cyril Smith
William Russell
Peter Bennett
David Morrell Sir Kay
Robert Scroggins
Robert Scroggins Brian
Derren Nesbitt Andred
Jane Hylton Queen Guinevere
Edward Judd Able
Frederick Treves 1st Guard
John Gale Sir Christopher
Eric Corrie Herald
Reginald Hearne Blacksmith
Douglas Argent First Knight
Nigel Green 2nd Thief
Paul Williamson Sir Lionel
Gary Thorne Guard
Bruce Seton King Arthur
Peter Bennett Leonides
George Woodbridge Leonides
Andrew Crawford Sir Gawaine

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Director Terry Bishop
Ralph Smart
Arthur Crabtree
Bernard Knowles
Peter Maxwell
Lawrence Huntington
Anthony Squire
Writer Robert Lees, Leighton Reynolds, Leslie Poynton, H.H. Burns, Peggy Phillips, Harold Kent, John Ridgely
Producer Bernard Knowles, Hannah Weinstein, Sidney Cole, Dallas Bower
Photography Ernest Palmer, Ken Hodges
Musician Albert Elms, Edwin Astley

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1 The Knight with the Red Plume 30 min | Sep 14, 1956

Sir Lancelot is challenged by the other knights before he can become a member of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. He has to prove his worth and is put through a series of rigorous tests.

Director: Ralph Smart
Writer: Leighton Reynolds
Guest stars: Bruce Seton, Brian Worth, Andrew Crawford, Peter Bennett
2 Ferocious Fathers 30 min | Sep 21, 1956

Sir Lancelot goes to the rescue of Urgan the Strong, whose castle is besieged by Sir Melius the Mighty and his two sons. Sir Lancelot drives off the invaders, and Urgan offers his daughter Igrane in marriage to the knight as a reward for his bravery.

Director: Ralph Smart
3 The Queen's Knight 30 min | Sep 28, 1956

Queen Guinevere is kidnapped by King Arthur's cousin, Sir Mordred. He and his father, King Pell, demand King Arthur's kingdom in exchange for the queen's life.

Director: Ralph Smart
4 The Outcast 30 min | Oct 05, 1956

When Sir Lancelot requests that his squire be trained to become a knight of the Round Table, he meets with considerable opposition.

Director: Bernard Knowles
5 Winged Victory 30 min | Oct 13, 1956

King Arthur entrusts Sir Lancelot with a secret battle plan for Prince Boudwin. The Prince is besieged in his castle by King Mark and is badly in need of help. When Sir Lancelot and his squire Brian arrive to help they are captured and King Mark attempts to persuade them to reveal the secret information.

Director: Arthur Crabtree
6 Sir Bliant 30 min | Oct 20, 1956

Sir Bliant's three sons decide to break the truce King Arthur arranged between their father and Sir Rolf. They carry Sir Rolf's three daughters away as hostages and the distraught father comes to King Arthur for aid.

Director: Bernard Knowles
7 The Pirates 30 min | Oct 27, 1956

King Arthur and his men set off to capture a band of pirates, believing they are hiding out in a coastal town. Actually, the pirates are just waiting for them to leave so they can raid the castle.

Director: Bernard Knowles
8 The Magic Sword 30 min | Nov 03, 1956

A cowardly knight wants to rescue a lady who is imprisoned by her brother. He comes to King Arthur, for advice on how to become courageous. Merlin instills confidence in the young knight by lending him Sir Lancelot's weapon and telling him it is a magic sword.

Director: Arthur Crabtree
9 Lancelot's Banishment 30 min | Nov 10, 1956

Lancelot is banished from Camelot because King Arthur thinks he made a false claim against King Marhaus. Outside Camelot, Lancelot encounters Marhaus and discovers and evil plot.

Director: Anthony Squire
10 Roman Wall 30 min | Nov 17, 1956

Sir Lancelot and his squire Brian go to the aid of King Boltan, who swears that ghosts have abducted his daughter.

Director: Arthur Crabtree
11 Caledon 30 min | Nov 24, 1956

While Sir Lancelot is on a mission for King Arthur, he is robbed and his horse is killed by a group of wild warriors.

Director: Bernard Knowles
12 Theft of Excalibur 30 min | Dec 01, 1956

On St. Stephen's Day, King Arthur and his knights traditionally change places for one day with the court squires. During the day, one of the ""squires-for-a-day"" steals the Sword of Excalibur.

Director: Bernard Knowles
13 The Black Castle 30 min | Dec 15, 1956

A young knight's prospective father-in-law has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner. Sir Lancelot agrees to help the knight rescue the man.

Director: Bernard Knowles
14 Shepherd's War 30 min | Dec 15, 1956

A band of renegade knights is preying on the shepherds in the area. Sir Lancelot decides to champion the shepherds' cause, and masquerades as a shepherd to teach them how to fight the knights off.

Director: Bernard Knowles
15 The Magic Book 30 min | Jan 05, 1957

Sir Lancelot volunteers to defend an abbey and its occupants from invading Danes.

Director: Terry Bishop
16 The Ruby of Radnor 30 min | Jan 12, 1957

As a punishment because he rebels at working with Merlin's pigeons, Squire Brian is sent on an errand to deliver a crate of pigeons to a neighboring castle. En route, he becomes involved with a gang of thieves who stole the precious Ruby of Radnor.

Director: Laurence Huntington
17 The Lesser Breed 30 min | Jan 19, 1957

King Arthur learns that a nearby village is being terrorized by a horrible monster. Sir Lancelot is sent to investigate. He discovers that the monster is really a Viking boat, and that it's the Vikings who are doing the terrorizing.

Director: Bernard Knowles
18 Witches' Brew 30 min | Jan 26, 1957

A woman claiming mystical powers has convinced King Bors of Sagitaw that she is working evil against him. Sir Lancelot enlists Merlin's aid against her powers.

Director: Terry Bishop
19 Sir Crustabread 30 min | Feb 02, 1957

King Arthur gives Sir Lancelot a new name and sends him off to champion a lady who is being forced into marrying an unscrupulous man.

Director: Bernard Knowles
Writer: Leslie Poynton
20 Maid of Somerset 30 min | Feb 09, 1957

A young girl asks Sir Lancelot's aid. An evil monarch, King Meliot, is selling the young men of the village of Cheddar into slavery.

Director: Bernard Knowles
Writer: Selwyn Jepson
21 Knight Errant 30 min | Feb 16, 1957

After their father dies, two sisters inherit his tiny impoverished kingdom. Their guardian is eager to set up a rich marriage for the older girl, but she is not willing.

Director: Bernard Knowles
Writer: Selwyn Jepson, Peggy Philips
22 Double Identity 30 min | Feb 23, 1957

Sir Richard of Taunton is attacked and beaten by three men and left for dead. His uncle plans to substitute his son, Richard's double, and gain control of the family estate. Lancelot is suspicious and starts investigating.

Director: Laurence Huntington
Writer: Harold Kent
23 The Lady Lilith 30 min | Mar 02, 1957

The Lady Lilith has been running the castle of Goodhue since it was left to her by the late Sir William , when she was 14 years old. But now Sir Liones petitions for a ruling at the court of King Arthur, quoting the law that no property can be inherited by a woman - which sets King Arthur a difficult choice to make. He suggests that the best solution would be for Sir Liones to marry the Lady, but apparently that is not possible.

Director: Laurence Huntington
24 The Bridge 30 min | Mar 09, 1957

While preparing for knighthood, Squire Brian uncovers a plot by King Marhaus. The king plans to break a treaty and take over a village.

Director: Peter Maxwell
Writer: Peter Key
25 The Ugly Duckling 30 min | Mar 16, 1957

While on a visit to castle Lamorack, Sir Lancelot and Merlin try to help their host when he receives a note threatening his daughter's life. Merlin learns that the note is false, and written by the girl herself in a bid for attention. Later the girl disappears. Another notes arrives and this time it's genuine.

Director: George More O'Farrell
Writer: Leslie Poynton
26 Knights' Choice 30 min | Mar 23, 1957

After the death of a knight of the Round Table, a young man enters a tournament that will decide who will fill the vacancy. But the other knights object to the young contestant because of his shabby appearance. Sir Lancelot intercedes for him.

Director: Peter Maxwell
Writer: Peggy Phillips
27 The Missing Princess 30 min | Mar 30, 1957

When a king breaks a treaty between his country and a tribe of women, his sister is taken hostage. Sir Lancelot sets forth to rescue the princess.

Director: Desmond Davis
28 The Mortaise Fair 30 min | Apr 06, 1957

While visiting Mortaise Castle, Queen Guinevere is presented with a priceless jewel from the Rajah of Kaipur. Shortly afterward there is a fire, and during the excitement the jewel is stolen.

Director: Laurence Huntington
Writer: Leslie Poynton
29 The Thieves 30 min | Apr 13, 1957

King Arthur and Sir Lancelot disguise themselves as thieves in order to test the validity of a statement by Lancelot. The knight believes that the thieves of the kingdom are thieves only because they are starving.

Director: Bernard Knowles
Writer: H.H. Burns
30 The Prince of Limerick 30 min | Apr 19, 1957

A prince in love with King Anguish's daughter Kathleen, is banished from the court because he possesses nothing but the ability to write rhymes. Sir Lancelot, hearing of the young couple's plight, travels to Anguish's court to help them.

Director: Laurence Huntington
Writer: Leslie Poynton


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