The Black Windmill

Universal Pictures UK (1974)
Thriller, Crime, Action
UK | English | Color | 1h 46min

A British agent's son is kidnapped and held for a ransom of diamonds. The agent finds out that he can't even count on the people he thought were on his side to help him, so he decides to track down the kidnappers himself.

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Michael Caine Maj. John Tarrant
Donald Pleasence Cedric Harper
Delphine Seyrig Ceil Burrows
Clive Revill Alf Chestermann
John Vernon McKee
Joss Ackland Chief Supt. Wray
Janet Suzman Alex Tarrant
Catherine Schell Lady Melissa Julyan
Joseph O'Conor Sir Edward Julyan
Denis Quilley Bateson
Derek Newark Monitoring Policeman
Edward Hardwicke Mike McCarthy
Maureen Pryor Jane Harper
Joyce Carey Miss Monley
Preston Lockwood Ilkeston
Molly Urquhart Margaret
David Daker MI5 Man
Hermione Baddeley Hetty
Patrick Barr Gen. St. John
Yves Afonso Jacques
Del Baker Shadow
Murray Brown Doctor
Jacques Ciron
Les Conrad M15 Man
George A. Cooper Pincus

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Director Don Siegel
Writer Leigh Vance, Clive Egleton
Producer Don Siegel, David Brown, Scott Hale, Richard D. Zanuck
Photography Ousama Rawi
Musician Roy Budd


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738329233877 Blu-ray 1 Dec 04, 2018
738329233860 DVD 1 Dec 04, 2018
5050582434163 DVD 2 Aug 07, 2006
5053083149345 DVD 2, 4, 5
5050582397581 DVD 2 Aug 07, 2006
5050582437096 DVD 2 Jul 20, 2006
5050582369595 DVD 2 Apr 12, 2007
5050582369588 DVD 2 Apr 12, 2007
9333767001746 DVD 4
505058246405 DVD
8714025513309 DVD
5050582517910 DVD
5050582404623 2 Jul 18, 2006