The Blackout Experiments

FilmRise (2016)
Horror, Documentary
USA | English | Color | 1h 19min

You arrive at a secret location at a precise time, prompted by a mysterious email. You must follow the instructions closely. Once inside, disturbing visions begin. Unspeakable acts befall you—often frightening, sometimes sensual, possibly painful—each stimulating your deepest fears. And when it's over, you are changed, abandoned, and left wondering what is real and what was merely a game.


Andrew Gallagher Himself
Jessica Sowa Herself
Allison Fogarty Herself
Bob Glouberman Himself
Abel Horwitz Himself

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Director Rich Fox
Producer Kris Curry
Photography Michael J. Pepin
Musician James Clements


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
191091038437 Blu-ray Disc 1 Sep 20, 2016
760137974093 DVD 1 Apr 11, 2017
191091038468 DVD 1 Sep 20, 2016