The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

MGM/UA (2002)
Comedy, Adventure, Action
Australia | English | Color | 1h 30min

Aussie adventurer Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter has avoided the death-roll and nabbed another feisty croc, hoping to save it from poachers. What Steve doesn't know is that the crocodile has innocently swallowed a top secret US satellite beacon, and the poachers are actually American special agents sent to retrieve it. Crikey! In the Outback and through the bush with his wife Terri's ever-present commentary ringing out over the countryside ("That was a close one, Steve!"), the Crocodile Hunter is out to save the gorgeous croc and relocate him. It won't be easy, but if he can handle bird-eating spiders and venomous snakes without getting bitten, gun-wielding agents shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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Steve Irwin Himself
Terri Irwin Herself
Magda Szubanski Brozzie Drewitt
David Wenham Sam Flynn
Lachy Hulme Vaughan Archer
Aden Young Ron Buckwhiler
Kenneth Ransom Vaughan Archer
Kate Beahan Jo Buckley
Steve Bastoni Deputy Director Reynolds
Steven Vidler Deputy Director Ansell
Alyson Standen Anne Milking

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Director John Stainton
Writer John Stainton, Holly Goldberg Sloan
Producer John Stainton, Arnold Rifkin, Judy Bailey


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
027616880567 DVD 1 Dec 17, 2002 Special Edition
5050070009231 DVD 1
9321337032986 DVD 1
5050070008982 DVD 1 Nov 18, 2002
8712626013570 DVD 2
7391772370730 DVD 2 Mar 05, 2003
3700259801171 DVD 2 Jul 02, 2003
4045167015494 DVD 2 Apr 03, 2003
9338683000378 DVD 4 Sep 19, 2006 Special Edition
027616880550 DVD
4010232015495 DVD
027616921239 DVD Mar 08, 2005
9780792853817 DVD
7896012221952 DVD
3021086880567 DVD