The Deuce

The Deuce: Season 1

HBO (2017)
USA | English | Color | 8h 25min

“The Deuce” follows the story of the legalization and subsequent rise of the porn industry in New York’s Times Square from the early ’70s through the mid ’80s, exploring the rough-and-tumble world that existed there until the rise of HIV, the violence of the cocaine epidemic and the renewed real estate market ended the bawdy turbulence of the area.

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Tariq Trotter "Black Thought" Reggie Love
James Franco Vincent Martino / Frankie Martino
Chris Bauer Bobby Dwyer
Maggie Gyllenhaal Eileen 'Candy' Merrell
Don Harvey Danny Flanagan
Method Man Rodney
Kim Director Shay
Michael Rispoli Rudy Pipilo
Daniel Sauli Tommy Longo
Margarita Levieva Abigail 'Abby' Parker
Gbenga Akinnagbe Larry Brown
Emily Meade Lori
Anwan Glover Leon
Chris Coy Paul Hendrickson
Gary Carr C.C.
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. Chris Alston
Pernell Walker Ruby 'Thunder Thighs'
Matthew James Ballinger Gentle Richie
Dominique Fishback Darlene
Jamie Neumann Ashley
Natalie Paul Sandra Washington

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1 Pilot 60 min | Sep 09, 2017

Twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino navigate their way through the rough-and-tumble world of 1971 Times Square; Vincent crosses paths with other midtown denizens while plotting to improve his situation; Abby gets enlisted to buy amphetamines.

Director: Michelle Maclaren
Writer: David Simon, George Pelecanos, David Simon & George Pelecanos
2 Show and Prove 60 min | Sep 16, 2017

Vincent moves into a seedy hotel and contemplates an offer from mob capo Rudy Pipilo; Bobby hopes to take advantage of Vincent's new connections; filmmaking intrigues Candy; C.C. shows Lori the benefits of having a pimp; Larry feels unsettled.

Director: Ernest R. Dickerson
Writer: Richard Price, George Pelecanos
3 The Principle Is All 60 min | Sep 23, 2017

The appearance of an unexpected partner surprises Vincent; Rudy buys into a rival's plan to reconfigure the Deuce; Candy considers entering the filmmaking business; Abby languishes in her new job; Darlene works overtime to compensate Larry.

Director: James Franco
Writer: Richard Price, David Simon
4 I See Money 60 min | Sep 30, 2017

Rudy dangles a lucrative offer in front of Vincent. Longo uses strong-arm tactics to restore order among Bobby’s unhappy construction workers. Candy attracts unwanted attention and is intrigued by a legitimate suitor. Paul questions his place at the Hi-Hat; Frankie hits a hot streak; Darlene gets a gift from Abby; Alston sees through Sandra. Bristling after a police shakedown, Vincent adds muscle in the person of Black Frankie, a Vietnam War vet.

Director: Alex Hall
Writer: Lisa Lutz, George Pelecanos
5 What Kind of Bad 60 min | Oct 07, 2017

Looking for a way out of his construction gig, Bobby tries to change Vincent’s mind about Rudy’s offer. Darlene returns from a trip home with a new girl, disappointing Abby. Roughed up by a john, Candy contemplates a change of careers. After getting busted, Paul explores the underbelly, and the exhilaration, of gay life in the city. With an assist from Alston, Sandra scores a key interview with a pimp.

Director: Uta Briesewitz
Writer: Richard Price, Will Ralston, Chris Yakaitis
6 Why Me? 60 min | Oct 14, 2017

An end-of-the-year crackdown by police in and around The Deuce sparks Vincent and Bobby. Candy tries to persuade Harvey, her adult-film director, that she can do more than act. Rudy witnesses a pivotal lower-court ruling on obscenity, and enlists Frankie and Big Mike to protect his interests in the peeps. Alston tries to convince Sandra that he’s not just a “source.”

Director: Roxann Dawson
Writer: Richard Price, Marc Henry Johnson
7 Au Reservoir 60 min | Oct 21, 2017

With police pushing their business off the streets, C.C., Larry, Rodney and other pimps worry about becoming obsolete. Candy eyes a different job on Harvey’s set as Lori struggles with the demands of porn acting. At her wit’s end, Ashley hangs out with Frankie and, later, washes up on Abby’s door. Bobby is smitten with an employee while dealing with shakedowns, flare-ups and a medical emergency. Frankie is tasked by Rudy to turn a peep-show concept into reality. Alston finds himself singled out by the 14th Precinct’s new captain, McDonagh. Abby asks Vincent to be her escort at her family’s lavish party.

Director: James Franco
Writer: David Simon, Megan Abbott
8 My Name Is Ruby 60 min | Oct 28, 2017

Vincent balks at getting in deeper with Rudy, as expansion fever hits Frankie and Bobby. Candy gets a taste of directing, and enjoys the red-carpet perks of a major premiere. Alston finds himself in limbo at his precinct. Abby changes up the Hi-Hat’s clientele; Sandra faces editorial and legal hurdles; Barbara and Thunder Thighs connect with the wrong sort of clients; Vincent settles a score. C.C. encourages Ace, a former pimp, to get back in the game.

Director: Michelle Maclaren
Writer: David Simon, George Pelecanos


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