The Dinner

ChubbCo Film (2017)

Drama, Thriller, Mystery
USA / English / 120 mins
IMDb 4.6

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Richard Gere Stan Lohman
Laura Linney Claire Lohman
Steve Coogan Paul Lohman
Rebecca Hall Katelyn Lohman
Chloë Sevigny Barbara Lohman
Michael Chernus Dylan Heinz
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick Rick Lohman
Charlie Plummer Michael Lohman
Adepero Oduye Nina
Dominic Colon Rafael
Joel Bissonnette Antonio
Miles J. Harvey Beau Lohman
Emma R. Mudd Val Lohman
Laura Hajek Anna
Robert McKay Principal Crane
Onika Day Moriah
George Aloi Dan
Jesse Dean Peterson Eight-Year-Old Michael Lohman
Benjamin Snyder Eight-Year-Old Rick Lohman
Justin L. Wilson Musician
John Mitchell Construction Worker
Michael Mardo Party Goer
Taylor Rae Almonte The Hostess

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Oren Moverman
Producer Caldecot Chubb, Lawrence Inglee, Julia Lebedev, Eddie Vaisman
Photography Bobby Bukowski



A former history teacher and his wife Claire meet at a fancy restaurant with his elder brother, a prominent politician and his wife Babette. The plan is to discuss over dinner how to handle a crime committed by their teenage sons. The violent act of the two boys had been filmed by a security camera and shown on TV, but, so far, they have not been identified. The parents have to decide on what to do.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
031398268178 1 2017-08-08