The Dukes Of Hazzard: Season 2

Warner Bros. (1979)

Comedy, Adventure, Action
USA / English / 1133 mins
IMDb 7.1

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Denver Pyle Uncle Jesse Duke
Sorrell Booke Jefferson Davis Hogg  
Catherine Bach Daisy Duke
Ben Jones Cooter Davenport
James Best Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane
Tom Wopat Luke Duke
John Schneider Bo Duke
Waylon Jennings The Balladeer  
Sonny Shroyer Deputy Enos Strate


Denver Pyle
Writer Gy Waldron, Fred Freiberger
Producer Bill Kelley
Musician Fred Werner



The Duke Family---Cousins Bo and Luke, assisted by their cousin Daisy and their Uncle Jesse, fight the system and root out the corrupt practices of Hazzard County Commissioner Boss Hogg and his bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. The show became an instant hit, never failing to win its time slot during its original run on CBS for seven seasons from 1979-1985. The Duke boys, a pair of 'Robin Hood' types complete with flaming bows and arrows, are assisted in their adventures by their car, an orange 1969 Dodge Charger named 'The General Lee.' "The Dukes of Hazzard" is set in Georgia, and the show's southern influence is felt throughout. Country singing superstar Waylon Jennings performed the famous theme song to the show ("Good Ol' Boys"), and acts as 'The Balladeer,' narrating the adventures of each episode. Furthermore, many of the plots revolved around the Dukes' history as an ex-moon-shining family. The story followed Bo and Luke until season 5, because during episo


Episode 1: Days of Shine and Roses

45 min Sep 21, 1979
After seeing an old film of when Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse were in the Ridge runners Association running moonshine, An argument of who was the better moonshiner around causes Boss and Jesse to declare a grudge race to determine who is the best. Boss Hogg however, doesn't believe in fair play and must win no matter what.
Director: Hollingsworth Morse
Writer: Bruce Howard
Guest starring: Pat Buttram, Shug Fisher, Ancel Cook, Jim Mohlmann, Richard Marion

Episode 2: Gold Fever

45 min Sep 28, 1979
A group of Texas con artists bring $3 million in fake gold bars to Hazzard and store it in Boss' bank. But Bo and Luke are framed for the robbery of the gold committed by the con artists to collect insurance from Boss.
Director: Paul Baxley
Writer: Si Rose
Guest starring: Curtis Credel, Bruce M. Fischer, Hunter Von Leer, Adam Wade, Troy Melton

Episode 3: The Rustlers

45 min Oct 05, 1979
Bo and Luke visit the Tolliver farm and discover that their horse can run very fast. Rosco also sees it too and when he notifies Boss Hogg, He schemes to steal the horse to race in the Mrs. J.D. Hogg's stake race and pin it on the Dukes. But a group of crooked horse ranchers have their own plans to steal the horse from Boss Hogg.
Director: Richard Moder
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest starring: Mel Tillis, Dorothy Collier, Brett Halsey, Michael MacRae, Sam Edwards, Rick Hurst

Episode 4: The Meeting

45 min Oct 12, 1979
Boss Hogg rents the Hazzard jail out for $10,000 to an old friend, Black Jack Bender and a group of syndicate kingpins where the hold a conspiracy meeting. When Bo and Luke find a lot of artillery in their cars, they get suspicious and investigate and find them out. But they must get to a phone and call the FBI before they get to them.
Director: Rod Amateau, Leonard B. Kaufman
Writer: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: Paul Lambert, Lewis Charles, Leo Gordon, Marc Lawrence, Tony Cacciotti, Charles Guardino, Don Fox Green, Richard Humphreys, Rick Hurst

Episode 5: Road Pirates

45 min Oct 19, 1979
Boss Hogg buys $10,000 in stolen TV sets but the buyer Marty Garbade hijacks the truck delivering the stolen goods. A mistake by the driver frames Bo, Luke and Cletus for the robbery.
Director: William Asher
Writer: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: Billy Green Bush, Boyd Bodwell, Owen Bush, Salt Walther, Ashley Cox, J.N. Roberts, Bob Yerkes, Rick Hurst

Episode 6: The Ghost of General Lee

45 min Oct 26, 1979
The General Lee is stolen by two pool hustlers who drive it into the pond while being chased by Rosco. Unaware that it wasn't Bo and Luke driving it, he thinks Bo and Luke drowned. Boss Hogg schemes to claim they stole his genuine gold watch and chain and when Bo and Luke hear of this, they figure the only way to prove their innocence is to haunt Boss and Rosco by making the General Lee look like a ghost.
Director: Jack Starrett
Writer: Martin Roth
Guest starring: Casey Swain, Russ McCubbin, Dixie Wade, Debra Feuer, Sunshine Parker, Norman Alden

Episode 7: Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough

45 min Nov 02, 1979
Bo and Luke find Cale Yarborough is testing a new secret turbo charger and bring him to Hazzard County to get his car serviced by Cooter. But Boss find out about Cale being in town and frames Bo and Luke for crossing the state line and works with Cale's opponents, The Jethro Brothers to scheme to steal Cale's turbo-charger.
Director: Ernest Pintoff, Ron Friedman
Writer: Ron Friedman, William Raynor, Bruce Howard, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: Cale Yarborough, Harrison Page, William Watson, Tom McFadden, Ray Guth

Episode 8: Hazzard Connection

45 min Nov 09, 1979
Bo and Luke are suspected of running a smuggling ring when they deliver cars to Augie Detwiler - the owner of the derby in town, but when they are told about the smuggling, they decide to investigate by joining the derby.
Director: Paul Baxley
Writer: Paul Savaage
Guest starring: Gerald McRaney, John Quade, Med Flory, Dianne Anthony

Episode 9: Witness for the Persecution

45 min Nov 16, 1979
Boss Hogg is an important goverment witness against one of the biggest racketeers in the south. But the racketeer has posted hitmen out to prevent Boss' testimony so Jesse offers the FBI to shelter him until the time comes for him to testify.
Director: Hollingsworth Morse, Paul Savage
Writer: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: R.G. Armstrong, L.Q. Jones, Bob Hastings

Episode 10: Granny Annie

45 min Nov 23, 1979
Bo and Luke are given counterfeit money from Granny Annie, the local artist. They investigate to find out where it came from but it turns out to be her. Boss Hogg finds out and wants the engraving plates that make the bills, so he can sell them. The Oak Ridge Boys perform ""Old Time Lovin'"" at the Boar's Nest.
Director: Dick Moder
Writer: Bruce Howard
Guest starring: Lurene Tuttle, Mickey Jones, George Murdock, George James, Pamela Bryant, Jim Kindelon, The Oak Ridge Boys

Episode 11: People's Choice

45 min Nov 30, 1979
Bo and Luke become campaign managers to the gorgeous T.C. Rogers, who is running against Boss Hogg for Supervisory Administrator. But Boss Hogg will not stand to lose, so he pull out every dirty trick in the book to see that he wins. But the Dukes know how to fight the system - even for other people.
Director: Allen Baron
Writer: Bruce Howard
Guest starring: Pat Klous, Doris Hess, John Lormer, Michael Alldredge, Charlie Dell

Episode 12: Arrest Jesse Duke

45 min Dec 14, 1979
Jesse is arrested for car-stripping when he was seen at the scene of the crime by a motorist while the real strippers are a group of females that are tied up with Boss Hogg who doesn't want the temporary sheriff - his nephew Hughie Hogg - to find out about it.
Director: Jack Whitman
Writer: Si Rose
Guest starring: Lois Areno, Katherine Bauman, Warren Berlinger, Dana House, Kellee Patterson, Candi Brough, Randi Brough

Episode 13: Duke of Duke

45 min Jan 04, 1980
Gaylord Duke, the Dukes' cousin from London, England comes to Hazzard to claim a property that was willed to him, but the property has back taxes owed on it, which Boss Hogg is planning to buy for nothing at an auction.
Director: Hollingsworth Morse
Writer: Herman Groves
Guest starring: Simon MacCorkindale, Barry Gremillion, Jim B. Smith, Ernie W. Brown

Episode 14: The Runaway

45 min Jan 11, 1980
The Dukes help an eloping heiress escape from her irate big shot daddy's henchmen to bring her to her fiancé to get her across the county line to get married. But her daddy wants her back and will stop at nothing - even kidnapping Uncle Jesse.
Director: Dick Moder
Writer: Jim Rogers
Guest starring: Susan Walden, Edward Edwards, Robert Alda, Lance LeGault, Robert Tessier, Michael Lansing, Ernie W. Brown

Episode 15: Follow that Still

45 min Jan 18, 1980
The Dukes help Hard Luck Jones, an old moonshiner get away from the revenuers until her builds a still on the Dukes' property inside an armored personal carrier that he stole from Boss Hogg, carrying contraband cigarettes, and has a mechanical problem.
Director: Jack Whitman
Writer: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: Fred Stuthman, John Crawford, Ted Markland, J.J. Johnston, Ernie W. Brown

Episode 16: Treasure of Hazzard

45 min Jan 25, 1980
The Dukes help a history professor find a Civil War strongbox buried in Hazzard County that contains a regimental payroll. But Boss Hogg and a couple of thugs are after it too.
Director: Hollingsworth Morse
Writer: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: Jeannie Wilson, Doris Dowling, Whit Bissell, Walter Barnes, Cindy Acker, Sandy McCobb, Duke Robbins, Clifton James

Episode 17: Officer Daisy Duke

45 min Feb 01, 1980
When Luke gets Daisy fired from the Boar's Nest, The new sheriff, Grady Byrd gives Daisy a written and physical test which she passes and becomes a deputy sheriff. But Bo and Luke interfere with her work and try and do everything for her.
Director: Dick Moder
Writer: Martin Roth
Guest starring: Peter Brown, Jenny Neumann, Rodney McGaughy, Jim Kindelon

Episode 18: Find Loretta Lynn

45 min Feb 08, 1980
When Loretta Lynn detours through Hazzard County, she stops at the Boar's Nest where she is kidnapped by a trio mini-band who demand $1136.15 ransom.
Director: Arthur Marks
Writer: Jim Rogers
Guest starring: Loretta Lynn, Henry Gibson, Dennis Burkley, Rebecca Reynolds, Janet Meshad, Hap Lawrence

Episode 19: Jude Emery

45 min Feb 15, 1980
Bo and Luke help Jude Emery, a Texas Ranger find a contraband varmint in a big swamp but it gets hard when they decide to play along with the varmint's game.
Director: Ron Amateau
Writer: Gy Waldron
Guest starring: John Shearin, Sam Melville, C. Pete Munro, Ben Davidson, George Buck Flower

Episode 20: Return of the Ridge Raiders

45 min Feb 22, 1980
The Ridge Raiders reunite to stop Boss Hogg from embezzling the money for the senior-citizens center to build a ""Play Pen"" girlie-joint by using bombs on his stills, properties etc. But Jesse tries to convince them to fight it the legal way.
Director: Hollingsworth Morse
Writer: Si Rose
Guest starring: Harvey Vernon, J. Pat O'Malley, Shug Fisher, Lou Richards, Barbara Horan, Melanie Vincz

Episode 21: Mason Dixon's Girls

45 min Feb 29, 1980
Bo and Luke accidentally pick up a crate of marijuana at the bus depot and end up on the run - But Mason Dixon, a private detective and his two sexy associates are on to the Dukes but end up working together to stop a drug-smuggling ring.
Director: Jack Starrett
Writer: Bruce Howard
Guest starring: Dennis Rucker, Mary-Margaret Humes, Robin G. Eisenmann, Morgan Woodward, Taylor Lacher, Larry Watson, John F. Goff

Episode 22: R.I.P. Henry Flatt

45 min Mar 14, 1980
Henry Flatt, a con man who faked his death a year ago show up and the Dukes try to help him with his problem: Boss Hogg is planning on plowing up an old vetran's cemetary to build a new highway - that would also reveal that Henry was never dead.
Director: Denver Pyle
Writer: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Guest starring: Hal Smith, Audrey Landers, Jim English, Mallie Jackson

Episode 23: Southern Comfurts

45 min Mar 21, 1980
Jesse's cousin Holly Comfurt and her family suddenly strike it rich, but while in Hazzard, their car gets stolen with all of their money in the trunk. So the search is on to find the car before the thief finds the money.
Director: Rod Amateau
Writer: Martin Roth
Guest starring: Miriam Byrd-Nethery, Edward Edwards, Lori Lethin, Bernard Fox, John Lawrence, Miriam Byrd-Nethery


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012569591677 1 2005-01-25 The Complete Second Season
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7321900713870 2 2005-09-26
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