The Fugitive

The Fugitive: Season 1

Paramount (1963)
Adventure, Crime
USA | English | Color | 7h 30min

From Roy Huggins and Quinn Martin comes this classic tv show, The Fugitive (1963), an original edition of a popular show! Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen), wrongly accused of murdering his wife, escapes custody while on the road to prison and must elude the police to continue his quest to find the real killer, which will take ages until the finale. The original series aired from 1963-1967 (120 episodes) and inspired the 1993 movie, The Fugitive starring Tommy Lee Jones and 2000 tv series, The Fugitive starring Timothy Daly. Thanks to matthew02 for his valuable contribuions to this guide!

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David Janssen Dr. Richard Kimble
William Conrad Narrator
Barry Morse Lt. Philip Gerard
Hank Simms Introductory Narrator
Paul Birch Captain Carpenter
Bill Raisch Fred Johnson
Mark Russell Deputy
Richard Anderson Leonard Taft
Don Ross Policeman
Dabbs Greer Charlie Fletcher
Jason Wingreen Donald Bassett
Carol Eve Rossen Anne Leonetti
Harry Townes Art Mallet
Jacqueline Scott Donna Kimble Taft
Crahan Denton Benson
Bruce Dern Charley
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. Luis Bota
Jud Taylor Rainey
Bing Russell Davis
Bill Zuckert Clark
Marlowe Jensen Al
Lin McCarthy Jacob Lawrence
Diana Hyland Alison Priestley
Joseph Campanella Capt. Ralph Lee
David Sheiner Lieutenant Hess
John Lasell Frank Pettie
Dabney Coleman Floyd
Noam Pitlik Davey
Vaughn Taylor Arvin Keel
John McLiam Alec Neal
Hugh Sanders Al
Val Avery Burns
Garry Walberg Jasper
Buck Young Mr. Franklin
Ted Gehring Bar patron
John Ward Dan
Jason Johnson Druggist
Bill Erwin Bar patron
Christopher Riordan Customer
Eileen Heckart Sister Veronica
Lois Nettleton Lucey Russell
Telly Savalas Dan Polichek
Laurence Naismith Alan Fielding
Geraldine Brooks Adrienne Banning
Lou Antonio Don
Edward Binns Angstrom
Shirley Knight Jane Washburn

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Director Sydney Pollack
Richard Donner
Walter Grauman
William A. Graham
James Neilson
Lewis Allen
Vincent McEveety
Joseph Pevney
Robert Butler
Joseph Sargent
Alex March
Ida Lupino
Robert Ellis Miller
Jud Taylor
James Goldstone
John Erman
Don Medford
Gerd Oswald
Ralph Senensky
Mark Rydell
Alexander Singer
Jerry Hopper
Laslo Benedek
William Hale
Christian Nyby
Murray Golden
Robert Gist
Leonard Horn
Richard Benedict
Abner Biberman
Gerald Mayer
Sutton Roley
James Sheldon
Claudio Guzman
John Meredyth Lucas
Andrew McCullough
William D. Gordon
Writer Larry Cohen, Roy Huggins, George Eckstein, Sheldon Stark, Don Brinkley, Lee Loeb, Oliver Crawford, Philip Saltzman, Richard Levinson, Robert C. Dennis, William Link, Arthur Weiss, Stanford Whitmore, John Kneubuhl, Barry Oringer, Hank Searls, Anthony Wilson, Leonard Kantor, Sam Ross, Jack Turley, Norman Lessing, E. Arthur Kean, Daniel B. Ullman, Stuart Jerome, Al C. Ward, Peter Germano, Michael Zagor, Harry Kronman, William D. Gordon, Jeri Emmett
Producer Wilton Schiller, George Eckstein, Arthur Weiss, Quinn Martin, John Meredyth Lucas, Alan A. Armer, William D. Gordon
Photography Lloyd Ahern, Fred Mandl, George J. Folsey, Robert Hoffman, Meredith M. Nicholson, Carl E. Guthrie
Musician Franz Waxman, Pete Rugolo, Bernhard Kaun

Episodes View details

1 Fear in a Desert City 60 min | Sep 16, 1963

Richard Kimble rides into Tucson, Arizona under the name James Lincoln. He checks into a hotel and finds a job as a bartender at the Branding Iron. He meets Monica Welles (Vera Miles), the piano player who escaped from her stalking jealous husband (Ed Welles) played by Brian Keith.

Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Stanford Whitmore
Guest stars: Vera Miles, Brian Keith, Barry Morse, Harry Townes, Dabbs Greer, Paul Birch, Donald Losby, Barney Phillips
2 The Witch 60 min | Sep 23, 1963

While working as a handyman in a backwater community in Missouri, Kimble has a few run-ins with a young girl named Jenny Ammory whom is a pathological liar whom speaks to a rag doll she calls 'Nyet' which she keeps at a nearby pond. Jenny uses Kimble as an excuse when she's late for school when she claims that a man attacked her. When Kimble shows up making a routine delivery of supplies to the school, Jenny idetifies him as the man whom attacked her. As Jenny's teacher, Emily Norton, speaks to Kimble about Jenny's compulsive lying, Jenny runs home and tells her mother she saw her teacher and the local handyman making out in the barn. Kimble gets roughed up by his co-workers while Emily gets fired and both are advised to leave town. Kimble goes to a school hearing on Emily and tries to clear her by catching Jenny in a lie. But his plan backfires when the skeptic townspeople belive Jenny and decide to form a lynching party to track Kimble down.

Director: Andrew McCullough
Writer: William D. Gordon, William R. Gordon
Guest stars: Pat Crowley, Madeleine Sherwood, Arch Johnson, Gina Gillespie, Crahan Denton, Elisha Cook Jr., Ray Teal
3 The Other Side of the Mountain 60 min | Sep 30, 1963

In West Virginia, Kimble arrives at a local coal mining town where he is roughed up by the redneck locals, and then chased by a sheriff's posse. Hiding in the mountains, Kimble meets Cassie, a young woman living in a remote cabin with her grandmother. Cassie tells Kimble she get him to safety because she knows the area, when she is really wanting to keep him around for her own selfish reasons. Meanwhile, Gerard flies to West Virginia after learning from the sheriff that Kimble has been spotted in the area and teams up with the posse to try to find Kimble.

Director: Alan Caillou, James Sheldon
Writer: Alan Caillou, Harry Kronman
Guest stars: Sandy Dennis, Frank Sutton, Ruth White, Barry Morse, R.G. Armstrong, Bruce Dern, Paul Birch
4 Never Wave Goodbye (1) 60 min | Oct 07, 1963

Kimble, working as an apprentice sailmaker in Santa Barbara, California, falls in love with Karen, the daughter of his stern but compassionate boss Lars Christian. But earns scorn from Karen's jealous and overprotective brother Eric. When Lars suffers a heart attack his last wish on his deathbed is to implore Kimble to stay with Karen. Meanwhile, Gerard flies to nearby Los Angeles when he hears about the arrest of a one-armed man for armed robbery and lets the story hit the newspapers, hoping it will flush out Kimble.

Director: William A. Graham, William Graham
Writer: Hank Searls
Guest stars: Robert Duvale
5 Never Wave Goodbye (2) 60 min | Oct 14, 1963

After finding that the one-armed man is not the same man he saw fleeing his house the night of Helen's murder, Kimble flees from Los Angeles, bearly escaping Gerard's dragnet. Tired of running, Kimble hopes to lie low in Santa Barbara and finally confides with Karen his secret. But Gerard tracks Kimble to Santa Barbara from a single clue that Kimble leaves behind at the L.A. County Jail: a match with the word ""sails"" printed on it. When Kimble discovers that Gerard has arrived in town looking for him, with the assistance of Eric, Kimble and Karen flee by sailboat and hope to end the running by faking his and Karen's death in a sailboat accident during a storm at sea.

Director: William A. Graham, William Graham
Writer: Hank Searls
Guest stars: Robert Duvale
6 Decision in the Ring 60 min | Oct 21, 1963

Kimble finds work as a cut man for boxer Joe Smith. Joe confides in Kimble that he wanted to be a doctor, but he chose boxing because he felt that being a black man would be an obstacle in the world of medicine. When Kimble discovers that Joe is suffering from memory loss, both he and Joe's wife, Laura, fear that Joe might have brain damage from his boxing. Meanwhile, a police detective, named Henry Stone, goes undercover as a sports writer to investigate Joe's manager, Lou, for possible mob ties. But when a distgrutled boxing worker tips off Stone that someone might be wanting Joe to throw his next fight, the detective investigates Kimble.

Director: Robert Ellis Miller
Writer: Arthur Weiss
Guest stars: James Edwards, Ruby Dee, James Dunn, Robert F. Simon, Ed Kemmer, Harry Swoger, Hari Rhodes
7 Smoke Screen 60 min | Oct 29, 1963

A forest fire prevents access to a local hospital. Kimball, now a farm laborer, decides to risk blowing his cover when he elects to help deliver a woman's baby at the labor camp. When the news of Kimball's charitable act is reported to the press, Gerard gets wind of it and believes that Kimball is the unnamed doctor.

Director: Claudio Guzman
Writer: John D.F. Black
Guest stars: Beverly Garland, Alejandro Rey, Pina Pellicer, Peter Helm, Barry Morse, John Milford, Mort Mills
8 See Hollywood and Die 60 min | Nov 05, 1963

While working as a gas station attendant in New Mexico, Kimble is taken hostage, along with customer Joanne, by two holdup men, named Miles and Vinnie. Once on the road, Kimble pretends that he is a criminal and is heading towards Los Angels for a ""big job."" At the same time, he lets Joanne know that he's on her side, but she's suspicious to his true motives. Once arriving in L.A., Kimble decides to set up Miles and Vinnie to be arrested. But Miles, not trusting Kimble enough, wants him to kill Joanne to prove himself.

Director: Andrew McCullough
Writer: George Eckstein
Guest stars: Chris Robinson, Lou Antonio, Brenda Vaccaro, J. Pat O'Malley
9 Ticket to Alaska 60 min | Nov 12, 1963

On a small freighter, Kimble is traveling to Alaska when an FBI agent, named Paul Vale, arrives and begins questioning him and all the passengers in a search for a Korean War criminal and traitor. Vale becomes most suspicious of Kimble, as well as passenger George Banning and his wife Adrienne whom are embezzlers fleeing the States. When Vale is found murdered the next day, Captain Carraway interogates all the suspects and when the captain discovers that Kimble's references are fake, Kimble becomes the chief suspect.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Oliver Crawford
Guest stars: Geraldine Brooks, Murray Matheson, John Larkin, David White, Tim O'Connor, Gene Lyons
10 Fatso 60 min | Nov 19, 1963

After getting into a car accident in a rural Kentucky town, Kimble lands in jail by the redneck sheriff who hates outsiders. But Kimble manages to escape with his cellmate Davey ""Fatso"" Lambert. Hiding out at the Lambert ranch, Kimble sees that Davey's father and brother, Frank, treat the slow-witted Davey badly for blaming him for a barn fire years earlier. Kimble tries to prove Davey's innocence as Gerard flies out to Kentucky after learning of Kimble arrest and forms a posse to track him down.

Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Robert Pirosh
Guest stars: Jack Weston, Burt Brinckerhoff, Glenda Farrell, Barry Morse, Vaughn Taylor, Paul Langton, Paul Birch, Gary Walberg
11 Nightmare at Northoak 60 min | Nov 26, 1963

Kimball is injured while helping save some children from a fiery crash. While recuperating at a local home, he learns that his caretakers are the local sheriff and his wife. As if this weren't bad enough, a news article describing Kimball's heroic deeds goes nationwide. The all-seeing Lt. Gerard reads the article, and then goes to the small town to arrest Kimball.

Director: Christian Nyby, Chris Nyby
Writer: Stuart Jerome
Guest stars: Nancy Wickwire, Frank Overton, Paul Carr, Barry Morse, Scott Lane, Doreen Lang, Harry Hickox, Barbara Pepper, Sue Randall, Bobs Watson, Charles Herbert, Ian Wolfe, Paul Birch
12 Glass Tightrope 60 min | Dec 03, 1963

Working as a stock clerk in a department store, Kimble witnesses his boss, Martin Rowland, accidentally kill a business associate in the parking lot after hours. When Kimble learns that a local vagrant found near the crime scene is the prime suspect, Kimble anonymously phones Rowland to get him to confess to the murder. But Rowland and his wife, Ginny, thinking that the caller is blackmailing them, hires the store detective, Angstrom, to find the person ""blackmailing"" Rowland.

Director: Ida Lupino, Barry Trivers, Robert C. Dennis
Writer: Barry Trivers, Robert C. Dennis
Guest stars: Leslie Nielsen, Edward Binns, Diana Van Der Vlis, Robert Quarry, Dort Clark, Jud Taylor
13 Terror at High Point 60 min | Dec 17, 1963

While working at a construction site in Utah, Kimble convinces his supervisor, Buck Harmon, to hire Jamie, a mentally retarded but physically strong young man to help out. Because Jamie is an easy target for the taunts of the other work crew members, Kimble becomes Jamie's protector. When Jamie is accused of sexually assaulting Buck's wife, he becomes frightened and runs away. The crew foreman, Dan Pike, convinces Buck to organize a posse to hunt down Jamie and kill him.

Director: Jerry Hopper, Peter Germano
Writer: Peter Germano, Harry Kronman
Guest stars: Jack Klugman
14 The Girl from Little Egypt 60 min | Dec 24, 1963

In San Francisco, Kimble is nearly run over by a car driven by Ruth Norton, a young flight attendent distraught over discovering that the man she has been dating for the past four months is married with two children. While recuperating in the hospital, a delirious Kimble flashes back to the months leading upto the night of Helen Kimble's murder and Kimble first seeing the one-armed man fleeing from his house. Followed by Kimble's trial, sentence, and escape from the train wreck. Ruth, who has been keeping a vigil at Kimble's bedside, hears him mutter Helen's name. Thinking that he's in some kind of trouble, Ruth takes Kimble (now going by the alias George Browning) to her apartment to recover. Kimble then gives Ruth advice on her relationship with her boyfriend, Paul, and to put her life problems in perspective.

Director: Vincent McEveety
Writer: Stanford Whitmore
Guest stars: Ed Nelson, Diane Brewster, Pamela Tiffin, Barry Morse, June Dayton, Bernard Kates, Jerry Paris, Bing Russell
15 Home Is the Hunted 60 min | Jan 07, 1964

Kimble returns to his home town in Illinois after learning that his father, John Kimble, has suffered a heart attack and has donated his medical library to the University of Wisconsin and in the process of selling the family house. While Kimble hides out at the home of his sister Donna and her sympathetic husband Leonard, Kimble blames himself for his father's condition, but is more troubled by his younger brother Ray, whom belives Kimble is guilty and thinks he's to blame for ruining his life since people see Ray as ""the brother of a killer."" Meanwhile, Gerard arrives in town to search for Kimble and focuses on Donna and Leonard whom try to shake off the relentless detective long enough for Kimble to get out of town before Gerard finds him.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Arthur Weiss
Guest stars: Andrew Prine, Jacqueline Scott, Robert Keith, Barry Morse, Bill Mumy, Clint Howard, James Sikking, James Nolan, Paul Birch
16 The Garden House 60 min | Jan 14, 1964

Kimble is working as the caretaker at a spacious ranch in Connecticut which is owned by newspaper heiress Ann Guthrie who lives with her husband Harlan and her sister Ruth. Ann and Ruth's late father founded the Westborne Clarion, the newspaper that Harlan currently runs. Although Ann is the sole benefactor of her father's estate, she believes Ruth is entitled to part of the fortune. But Ann is unaware that the greedy Ruth is having an affair with Harlan and they plot to murder Ann and claim everything. When Kimble suspects Ruth and Harlan's plan and informs Ann, the skeptic heiress refuses to believe Kimble. Knowing that Kimble knows, the crafty couple plot to frame him for Ann's murder.

Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Sheldon Stark
Guest stars: Robert Webber, Pippa Scott, Peggy McKay
17 Come Watch Me Die 60 min | Jan 21, 1964

While working as a farm hand in a small Nebraska town, Kimble witnesses the arrest of a local man, named Bellows, whom is suspected of a double murder. Kimble finds himself 'deputized' by Deputy Bowers to help transport Bellows to the county jail, along with four witnesses whom saw Bellows fleeing from a farm house which was the scene of the crime. Although Bellows convinces Kimble that he (like Kimble with his wife's murder) is an innocent victim of circumstantial evidence. But the townsmen remain unswayed. That night when the men get drunk and decide to lynch Bellows, Kimble helps him escape. But Kimble is betrayed when Bellows, whom really did kill the farm couple, escapes and holds another farm couple hostage.

Director: Laslo Benedek, László Benedek, Perry Bleecker
Writer: Stanford Whitmore, Perry Bleecker, Stanford Whitman
Guest stars: Robert Doyle, John Anderson, Russell Collins, Judson Pratt, Randy Boone, Bruce Dern, Virginia Christine, John McLiam, Diane Ladd
18 Where the Action Is 60 min | Jan 28, 1964

While working as a hotel lifeguard in Reno, Nevada, Kimble is caught in the middle of a feud between the hotel owner Dan Polichek, and his spoiled and rambunctious teenage daughter Christine. 'Chris' belives her father drove away her mother whom commited suicide years ago and she sets out to disgrace Mr. Polichek by provking bar fights, humiliating herself, and goes too far when she pretends to be engaging herself in an affair with the reluctant Kimble.

Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Harry Kronman
Guest stars: Telly Savalas, Joanna Frank, Don Keefer, Maxine Stuart
19 Search in a Windy City 60 min | Feb 04, 1964

Beliving that the one-armed man is in Chicago, Kimble contacts Mike Decker, a newspaper columnist who defended Kimble during his trial. Kimble and Decker organize a city-wide search for the one-armed man. But things get complicated with the arrival of Decker's alcholic wife, Paula, whom gets nervous of Kimble's presence and falls off the wagon. Meanwhile, Gerard learns about Decker's search for a one-armed man and decides to use the writer to set a trap for Kimble.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Stuart Jerome
Guest stars: Pat Hingle, Nan Martin, Barry Morse, Addison Richards, Arthur Batanides, Paul Picerni, Bill Raisch
20 Bloodline 60 min | Feb 11, 1964

Kimble works as a kennel man for Max Bodin, a breeder of prize-winning Irish Setter show dogs, and whom is currently putting his kennel up for sale. Max's son, Johnny, and Johnny's wife Cora discover that one of the dogs has developed hip dysplasia which means all of the dogs in the bloodline will likely inherit the condition and be worthless as show dogs. But they keep the news from Max and plot to live off the sale. But when Kimble stumbles onto their plan, they have him investigated.

Director: John Erman, John Hawkins, Harry Kronman
Writer: John Hawkins, Harry Kronman
Guest stars: Nancy Malone, John Considine, George Voskovec, Parley Baer
21 Rat in a Corner 60 min | Feb 18, 1964

Herbie Grant, a second rate hoodlum, is shot in the leg while trying to rob a liquor store that Kimble works at. Herbie later takes Kimble hostage where Herbie claims that although he tried to rob the store, he is innocent of two other liquor store robberies in the other towns. Kimble agrees to help clear Herbie in which the hood lets the fugitive go. Kimble is summoned to the local police station to give his statement on the robbery where he is recognized by Herbie's sister, Lorna, whom works at the local post office. She threatens to turn Kimble in unless he turns over her brother whom she belives to be guilty of those other robberies. But at a local motel where Herbie is staying at, he is recognized by a maid who calls the police and they arrest him. Thinking that Kimble doublecrossed him, Herbie reports Kimble to the police.

Director: Jerry Hopper, William Wood
Writer: Sheldon Stark, William Wood, William Morwood
Guest stars: Warren Oates, Virginia Vincent, Malachi Throne, Tommy Farrell, Glen Vernon, Gerald Gordon
22 Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1) 60 min | Feb 25, 1964

On the run from the Nevada State Police, Kimble hitches a ride with Sister Veronica, a nun traveling to Sacramento where she plans to renounce her vows. After fixing her car when it breaks down, Kimble agrees to travel with Veronica only to the nearest train station. But Veronica belives Kimble to be her savior and insists that he tag along with her all the way to Sacramento.

Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Al C. Ward
Guest stars: Eileen Heckart, Albert Salmi, Sandy Kenyon, Ken Lynch, Shary Marshall, Jason Wingreen, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.
23 Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2) 60 min | Mar 03, 1964

Kimble and Sister Veronica continue their journey to Sacramento, unaware that the Nevada State Police have put up a roadblock at the state line. While Kimble deals with a disgruntled ranch hand, named Chuck Mathers, whom suspects his true idenity, Sister Veronica accidently discovers Kimble's idenity through a TV news report. But she does not tell Kimble about her knowledge of who he really is.

Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Al C. Ward
Guest stars: Eileen Heckart, Albert Salmi, Ruta Lee, Sandy Kenyon, Ken Lynch, Lane Bradford
24 Flight from the Final Demon 60 min | Mar 10, 1964

While working as a health club masseuse, Kimble is recognized by Sheriff Bray, a local lawman with policial aspirations. But Kimble manages to escape with the help of co-worker Steve Edson. After confiding with Steve his secret, Kimble learns that Steve is a fugitive of conscience: five months earlier, Steve was tried and acquitted for the murder of his girlfriend Linda's abusive brother, a murder that Steve actually committed and he apparently cannot live with the guilt over having gotten away with it. Kimble reluctantly lets Steve travel with him. But Steve begins leaving behind clues that soon puts Sheriff Bray back on their trail, including contacting Linda for help and letting her vengeful other brother, Joey, track them down.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Philip Saltzman
Guest stars: Ed Nelson, Carroll O'Connor, Rudy Solari, Don Dubbins, Ellen Madison
25 Taps for a Dead War 60 min | Mar 17, 1964

While working as a roller rink supervisor, Kimble is recognized by the horribly scared Joe Hallop, a former Korean War veteran whom blames Kimble for his condition. Apparently back in the Korean War, Kimble was nearly killed in an enemy grenade explosion in which Joe shielded Kimble and got his face disfigured in the process. Knocked out, Kimble never knew who saved his life. Joe then plots to lure Kimble into a remote area and kill him by using one of his war mememtos: a live grenade.

Director: William A. Graham, William Graham, Merwin Gerard, Harry Kronman
Writer: Merwin Gerard, Harry Kronman
Guest stars: Tim O'Connor, Lee Grant, Flip Mark, Noam Pitlik
26 Somebody to Remember 60 min | Mar 23, 1964

While working as a warehouse worker, Kimble is recognized by the Greek-born owner, Gus Priamos. Gus tells Kimble that he is dying from cancer and has only six months to live and hopes to aid the Fugitive with a scheme to make it look that Kimble has fled the country to Greece. But when Gus' jealous girlfriend Sophie learns Kimble's idenity through a magazine article, she contacts Gerard whom gets a heads-up on Kimble and Gus' plan.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Robert C. Dennis
Guest stars: Gilbert Roland, Madlyn Rhue, Barry Morse, Alan Baxter, Paul Birch, Gus Trikonis
27 Never Stop Running 60 min | Mar 30, 1964

While working as a migrant worker in New Mexico, Kimble becomes an unwilling party to the kidnapping of a young boy whom is the son of his landowner boss. The boy, Jimmie, has been abducted by Ralph Simmons, a disgruntled former football player, along with his wife Helen and his cousin Dave. When Kimble discovers that Jimmie is a hemophiliac and that Ralph has bruised him during the abduction, Kimble must find a way to get the boy away from the kidnappers and to a hospital, or Jimmie will soon die from internal bleeding.

Director: William A. Graham, William Graham
Writer: Sheldon Stark
Guest stars: Claude Akins, Joanna Moore, Wright King
28 The Homecoming 60 min | Apr 06, 1964

While working as a research technician for the wealthy Allan Pruitt, Kimble gets involved in the business of Allan's teenage daughter, Janice, who returns home after spending a year in a mental hospital recovering from a nervous breakdown after witnessing a young boy under her care get killed by two vicious stray dogs. But Allan's new wife, Dorina, does not take a liking to Janice and plots to drive her insane by hiring a neighbor to make his pet dogs bark in the nearby woods and convince Janice that the dogs are alive (they were captured and put to sleep by the local dog catcher.) But when Kimble claims that he has heard the dogs barking, Dorina asks the local sheriff to investigate Kimble to find any dirt on him.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Peter Germano
Guest stars: Shirley Knight, Richard Carlson, Gloria Grahame, Warren Vanders, Walter Woolf King, Mary Jackson, Eddie Rosson, James Griffith
29 Storm Center 60 min | Apr 13, 1964

While working as a dock worker in Florida, Kimble is recognized by Marcie King, a young woman whom five years earlier asked Kimble to perform an abortion for her (illegal at the time; pre-Roe Vs. Wade). Kimble refused due to his religious beliefs, and Marcie went to another second-rate doctor to have it done. But after the operation, because of complications, Marcie can no longer have children and she incredibly blames Kimble for it. When a hurricane hits the area, Marcie and her boyfriend Harry, an embezzler on the run from the law, approach Kimble and threaten to turn him in unless he drives them to safety from the hurricane and the police looking for them.

Director: William A. Graham, William Graham
Writer: George Eckstein
Guest stars: Bethel Leslie, Dennis Patrick, Robert Fortier, Clay Tanner, Craig Duncan
30 The End Game 60 min | Apr 20, 1964

A discarded photograph, with Kimble in the background, leads Gerard to Chicago where he assembles a team of detectives where they trap Kimble within an eight-block radius of the city. With Kimble wondering from place to place, and being recognized by whomever he comes into contact with, he flees from both policemen and local citizens, finding refuge in a small house which is the home of two middle-aged men, named Jake Devlin and Sam Reed, whom have long argued over his innocence.

Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Stanford Whitmore
Guest stars: John McGiver, John Fiedler, Joseph Campanella, Barry Morse, Martine Bartlett, Christopher Connelly, Chick Hearn, Stuart Margolin


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