The Gingerbread Man

PolyGram (1998)
Special Interest, Thriller, Mystery
USA | English | Color | 1h 54min

Savannah lawyer Rick Magruder is at a party celebrating his courtroom victory defending a cop killer when a member of the catering staff, Mallory Doss, discovers her car has been stolen. Having had a few drinks, Magruder offers to give her a lift home, a decision that turns into a one night stand. Rick soon learns that her nut-case father, Dixon, seems to have begun threatening her again. Rick puts the force of his law firm behind Mallory, who he barely knows, has Dixon picked up by the police, and subpoenas the girl's belligerent ex-husband, Pete, to testify against the old man. Dixon is put away in an asylum. However, he soon escapes, putting the lives of everyone who conspired against him in jeopardy.

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Famke Janssen Leeanne
Robert Downey Jr. Clyde Pell
Robert Duvall Dixon Doss
Tom Berenger Pete Randle
Daryl Hannah Lois Harlan
Kenneth Branagh Rick Magruder
Embeth Davidtz Mallory Doss
Mae Whitman Libby
Jesse James Jeff
Lori Beth Sikes Betty the Babysitter
Clyde Hayes Carl Alden
Danny Darst Sheriff Hope
Troy Byer Konnie Dugan
Sonny Seller Phillip Dunson
Vernon E. Jordan Larry Benjamin

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Director Robert Altman
Writer Robert Altman, John Grisham, Clyde Hayes
Producer Jeremy Tannenbaum
Photography Changwei Gu
Musician Mark Isham


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
738329233891 Blu-ray Disc 1 Nov 13, 2018
4020628852818 Blu-ray Disc
025192244124 DVD 1 Aug 13, 2002 Special Edition
044008504924 DVD 1 Jan 11, 2000 Special Edition
9781595195685 DVD 1 Jun 30, 2007
044008504825 DVD 2 Sep 30, 1999
3700173222526 DVD 2 Jan 03, 2008
5050582472516 DVD 2
5060098706401 DVD 2
4018492242545 DVD Jan 09, 2010
9397710402592 DVD
4010324020130 DVD
8714025513804 DVD
9398710070620 DVD
7898914140553 DVD
096896077233 DVD
8017229434945 DVD
044008504832 VHS
044008504931 Feb 01, 2000
014381415469 LaserDisc
094922125033 Sep 15, 2008