The Guardian

The Guardian: The Complete Series

Paramount (2001)
Drama, Adventure, Crime, Crime, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h

This collection contains:
- The Guardian: Season 1 (2001)
- The Guardian: Season 2 (2002)
- The Guardian: Season 3 (2003)

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Simon Baker Nick Fallin
Dabney Coleman Burton Fallin
Alan Rosenberg Alvin Masterson
Wendy Moniz Louisa Archer
Raphael Sbarge Jake Straka
Charles Malik Whitfield James Mooney
Denise Dowse Judge Rebecca Damsen
Kathleen Chalfant Laurie Solt

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1 S1E1: Pilot 45 min | Sep 24, 2001

Nick Fallin, a high-powered, high-priced attorney living the good life is brought down to earth when he has to pay the price for his indulgent lifestyle. Busted for drugs, he must now perform 1,500 hours of community service and so Nick juggles his white-collar world of litigation with the not-for-profit world of child advocacy working with Children's Legal Services. Under the supervision of Alvin Masterson, Nick is thrust into the life of Hunter Reed, a young boy who has witnessed the murder of his mother by his father's hand. Back at Fallin & Associates, owned by Nick's father, Burton Fallin, he is dealing with company presidents who are looking to bring their business to Pittsburgh and spoiled dot com kids who want to get rich quick.

Guest stars: Michael Pressman, Carson Durven, Ophira Eisenberg, Paul A. Macfarlane, Dave Nichols, Vincent Corazza, Bruce Clayton, Balazs Koos, Dan Warry Smith, Cynthia Ashperger, Karl Campbell, Karen Robinson, Louise Nicol, David Clement, Tom Amandes, Gerry Becker, Louise Cranfield, Erik Knudsen, Jane Cooke, Gerry Quigley, Phillip Craig, Kenneth Welsh
2 S1E2: Reunion 45 min | Oct 01, 2001

Nick brings a lawsuit again the pharmaceutical company, Bendaprine, on behalf of Hunter Reed and his mother's estate for 10 million dollars. But, when Alvin Masterson gets wind of it he insists that Nick drop the case, being that it is a conflict of interest. Nick is quick to point out that Alvin took him off of Hunter's case and therefore he is acting within his rights as a lawyer for Fallin & Assoc. Meanwhile, James gets handed a case involving a 12-year-old boy who has been living with his older brother after their mother has been arrested for drugs. Marcus, Andre's older brother, is arrested for selling crack and James tries desperately to find a relative for the boy to act as guardian so the youth won't end up in juvenile detention like his brother. But, Andre doesn't want to be separated from Marcus and even when James succeeds in finding a relative, Andre makes it very clear he will stay with Marcus at all cost � even if he needs to get himself arrested to make it happen.

Guest stars: Stefan Umstead, Java Benson, Valeri Ross, Anna Gunn, Michael Kaufman, Tom Amandes, Kenneth Welsh, Charles Emmett, Cara Baker, Frank Ruotolo, Amanda Karr, Gino Montesinos, Jonathan Robinson, Cooper Thornton, Irene Roseen, Daryl Keith Roach, Erik Knudsen, John Combs, Lawrence Pressman, Peter Birkenhead
3 S1E3: Paternity 45 min | Oct 08, 2001

Nick is given the case of a wheelchair-bound boy who is about to be placed in a group home while his mother does time for prostitution. The boy, Lawrence, wants to live with his stepfather, but the man has a criminal record. The state wants him to live at St. Riley's, but Lawrence doesn't want to live among the mentally disabled. Nick thinks the only chance for him is to track down the father, a former customer of the mother's, and sue for child support. But, when the father wants to have more of a relationship with the boy, everyone is caught off guard. Meanwhile, Burton and Nick help out an old friend when his daughter, Rebecca, tries to take over his business.

Guest stars: Wendy Fowler, Trace Turville, Paul Schulze, Dan Desmond, Dougald Park, Leslie David Baker, Jason Cole, Paul Tigue, Nicholas Pryor, Justine Miceli, Jesse Plemons, John Pyper-Ferguson, Karina Louge
4 S1E4: Lolita? 45 min | Oct 15, 2001

Nick is taken off of the Hunter Reed case and assigned a case about a fifteen-year-old girl, April Santos, who claims to have been raped by her stepfather, a cop. Nick arranges for her maternal aunt to have guardianship, but Nick soon finds out that all is not what it appears to be and he must go to CLS and admit that he may have placed April in an even more dangerous environment than her home. And at Fallin & Assoc., John Clayton seeks the firm to reorganize his assets at his steel plant. Burton refuses, claiming that there is no money to be made, but Simon discovers that his father has a personal reason for refusing the business � Clayton Steel is the same plant that he worked at as a teenager alongside his father.

Guest stars: Scott Anthony Leet, Gerry Becker, Brittany Haid, Todd Robert Anderson, Elisabeth Harmon, Juantia Jennings, Irene White, Daryl Keith Roach, Mary Bogue, Sal Landi, Shelly Cole, Dyan Kane, Ashlee Olivia
5 S1E5: The Men from the Boys 45 min | Oct 22, 2001

Nick encounters problems with his 16-year-old gay gay client, who had been arrested for solicitation, when trying to place the boy with a gay couple rather than in a shelter.

Guest stars: Dennis Bailey, Cliff DeYoung, Nina Siemaszko, David Downs, Bridget Ellen, Viola Davis, Armin Shimerman, Dan D'Amicol, Regina Romain, Eddie Kehler, Crawford James, David Valcin, Lisa Pelikan, Aaron Paul, Nicholas Downs, Michael Harrington, Bonnie Perlman
6 S1E6: Indian Summer 45 min | Oct 30, 2001

Nick is duped into representing a young woman who lied to him after they spent the night together. After Nick picks up a young woman named Dina at The Incline, they go back to his place for the night. The woman then reveals herself to be an orphaned, underaged girl whose younger sister is about to be placed in a new home where Dina is not wanted. She gives Nick an ultimatum that he must help her get placed in the same family as her sister or risk her going to the police about his underage encounter. He must uncover her true motives or risk the consequences of their ill-fated night together. Meanwhile, Alvin goes to extreme measures, including soliciting a donation from a wealthy socialite, in an effort to raise money after CLS loses its grant and the money runs out.

Guest stars: Morgan Henry, Daniel Bryan Cartmell, Jana Arnold, Damien Midkiff, John Getz, Beverly Garland, Michael Dean Jacobs, Keith Sellon-Wright, Amy Warner, Chet Grissom, John Walcutt, Heather McComb, Dorie Barton
7 S1E7: Feeding Frenzy 45 min | Nov 06, 2001

Now that CLS has expanded its circle of operation to include all people needing legal aid, not just minors, Nick is given a case surrounding a retarded man, Malcolm Dempsy, who wants to remain living on his own. Though his mother fears for his safety, his next door neighbor and friend is a drug dealer, she has no proof and therefore the court will not remove him from his apartment. When Eddie, the suspected drug dealer, is murdered, Malcolm is accused of the murder and Nick must work to find the real killer - a search that puts him back in the world of drugs. Far more crucial to Fallin & Assoc. is the fact that Jake has hit another lawyer with his car and faces felony charges if the man dies. Burton Fallin is concerned that Jake's reckless driving has put the firm in danger of being sued and Jake feels the lawyer Burton has hired to defend him is more concerned about what's good for Fallin & Assoc. than what's good for Jake Straka. So, he embarks on his own investigative work to try to clear his name.

Guest stars: Michael Kaufman, Ian Gregory, Scott Burkholder, Jon Sklaroff, Lily Knight, Sam Catlin, Mageina Tovah, D.J. Harner, Bradly Upton, Jesse Burch, Dierdre Holder, Barry Sigismondi, Brooks Almy, Evan Jones, Daphne Ashbrook, Bennet Guillory
8 S1E8: Heart 45 min | Nov 20, 2001

Nick Fallin finds himself the advocate for a 12-year-old girl, Lesley, who needs to be adopted by foster parents immediately in order to receive a heart transplant. Laurie Solt, a social worker for Legal Services (LS), is having trouble placing her due to the many demands of caring for a child with congenital heart disease. Inspired by Lesley's strength after she learns her current foster parents are unable to adopt her, Nick takes the search on as a personal campaign to save Lesley's life. As hope of finding suitable foster care fades, Nick decides that the only way to save Lesley's life is to become her legal guardian. Nick's supervisor at LS, Alvin Masterson questions Nick's ability to care for Lesley. Eventually, the judge does grant Nick legal guardianship. Meanwhile, one of Burton Fallin's old friends, Harry Josephs is dying of cancer and tells Burton he is challenging the employment contract of Hopeson, Inc., which terminates employment if an employee is unable to work for 90 consecutive days. Hopeson Inc. is a long time client of Fallin & Assoc. and Burton helped finalize the original employment contracts. Burton struggles with the responsibility of fighting for his clients and opportunity to stand by his friend.

Guest stars: Holmes Osborne, Michael Bryan French, Paul Yeuell, Cooper Thornton, Norman Johnson Jr, Michael Winters, Rich Williams, Raymond Patterson, Julie Pop, Lily Nicksay, JoBeth Williams, Robert Loggia, Bobbin Bergstrom
9 S1E9: The Funnies 45 min | Nov 27, 2001

Alvin asks Nick to help Barbara after her teenage son is arrested for drug possession. After Barbara's son, Russell, is arrested for drug possession, the charge changes to manslaughter when the teen who was with Russell is found dead from an overdose of the badly manufactured drugs. Now, as Russell maintains his innocence, but refuses to give up his source, Nick must find out whom Russell is protecting before the boy's future is ruined. Meanwhile, Burton asks Nick to help get the copyright for the toy "Bunny - Buddy," which is holding up a multimillion-dollar buyout. However, the eccentric old man who invented it is creating problems for Nick, fearing that the integrity of his creation will now be compromised.

Guest stars: Daniel Roebuck, Harry Groener, Kelly Connell, Brad Blaisdell, David Michael, Loren Lazerine, Jill Remez, Tobin Bell, Tricia Dong, Rhonda Claerbaut, Bobby Brewer, Peter Birkenhead
10 S1E10: Loyalites 45 min | Dec 11, 2001

Nick defends an Arab American man who appears to be the victim of a hate crime. Wendy Moniz ("Nash Bridges") and James B. Sikking ("Brooklyn South") guest star. Nick gets a new boss at Legal Aid, Louisa "LuLu" Archer (Moniz), and their first case together involves the vandalism of a restaurant owned by the Arab-American and his young daughter. However, things are complicated further when the vandal, who was viciously beaten in self-defense by the restauranteur, turns out to be a teenage boy.

Guest stars: Annie Abbott, Tony Pasqualini, Kate Fuglei, Chris Heuisler, Lamya Jazek, Robert Joy, James B. Sikking, Wendy Moniz, Dan Martin, John Benjamin Hickey, Bernard White
11 S1E11: Home 45 min | Dec 18, 2001

Nick, now working at another law firm, is reinstated as the guardian of young Hunter Reed, his first case. Polly Draper ("thirtysomething") guest stars Both Nick and his child advocacy boss, Alvin, face Nick's father, Burton, in court. Nick, who is now working for Burton's competitors, Kirk and McGee, faces him when he is reassigned to Hunter -- the young boy who witnessed his father kill his mother -- after Hunter's father's controversial verdict comes in. Meanwhile, Alvin agrees to defend his ex-wife (Draper), for whom he still has some unresolved feelings, in a wrongful termination case, only to realize that the company they are suing is represented by Burton.

Guest stars: Polly Draper, Conor O'Farrell, Tom Amandes, Irene Roseen, John Combs, Lisa Long, Christopher Holloway, Bob Fimiani, Mack Dryden, Angela Sargeant, Jay Brown, Erik Knudsen, Lawrence Pressman, Anna Gunn, Gwen Stewart
12 S1E12: Causality 45 min | Jan 08, 2002

For the first time since leaving Fallin & Assoc., Nick Fallin goes head to head with his father, Burton Fallin, in a corporate father and son case. A case turned over to Nick by William McGee of Kirk & McGee has Nick representing Harry Sloan, a father wanting to sell his company to his son, Carter Sloan. Burton is representing Carter. As the case progresses and the pressure builds, Nick falls back into some old habits that violates his parole and could cost him his job. At Legal Services, Alvin Masterson confronts the one person who changed the direction of his life forever. Edith Russo, a client from long ago, resurfaces in a child custody case. Alvin represented Edith many years ago and fought to help her keep her children, only to have one of those children die due to her negligence. Now, one of Edith's children is fighting to keep her son from being placed with Edith. Meanwhile, a new Legal Services associate, Lulu Archer is also faced with a difficult case with which she has an emotional attachment, as she finds a baby in a dumpster.

Guest stars: Nicole Prescott, Andy Umberger, James B. Sikking, Wendy Moniz, Jon Sklaroff, Jenni Blong, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Joyce Fessides, Gary Dewitt Marshall, Vernee Watson-Johnson, John Lafayette, Matthew St. James
13 S1E13: Privilege 45 min | Jan 22, 2002

After a rough turn of events at Kirk & McGee, Nick is back at Fallin & Assoc. just as Burton is looking into the case of Susan Newberg, deceased daughter of longtime client and family friend Frank Newberg. What begins as an investigation into Susan's widower Ray Harper, and the $11 million estate left to him, ends in a shocking case of suicide linked to sexual assault. Nick and Burton put their legal licenses and freedom at stake by violating their attorney/client privileges to protect Frank's youngest daughter and victim, 16 year-old. Meanwhile, first-year associate Amanda Bowles walks out of Fallin & Assoc. when Burton disapproves of her volunteer work at CLS.

Guest stars: Wendy Moniz, Amanda MacDonald, Mary Carver, Robin Karfo, Vaughn Armstrong, Eddie Jemison, M. J. Karmi, Michael Phenicie, John de Lancie, Richard Topol
14 S1E14: Family 45 min | Feb 05, 2002

Nick's Aunt Liz visits Burton & Nick and tells them she is dying.

Guest stars: Diana kinney, Supaporn Thienapirak, Grant Albrecht, Weston Blakesley, Robert Cicchini, David Purdham, Art Chudabala, Christine Estabrook, Dan Byrd, Anastasia Basil
15 S1E15: In Loco Parentis 45 min | Feb 26, 2002

Nick thinks a woman he helped get her kids, may still use drugs.

Guest stars: Randy Oglesby, Ryan Tyler Collier, Scott Klace, Ryan Collier, Annie Abbott, Tonya Pinkins, Blake Heron, Nike Doukas, Myndy Crist
16 S1E16: Solidarity 45 min | Mar 05, 2002

A case that Nick took at Legal Services creates a conflict of interest, James tries to help his nephew.

Guest stars: Kaylan Bolton, Morgan Rusler, Ben Lang, Idris Muhammed, Angela Sargeant, Svetlana Efremova, Paula Newsome, Lee Thompson Young, Tom Ormeny, Aloma Wright, Frank Novak, Missy Crider, Johnny Sneed, Karen Hensel
17 S1E17: The Divide 45 min | Mar 12, 2002

Nick tries to help 2 brothers get adopted, the foster parents want the "gifted" brother. Jake tries to save his dad from losing his house to a loan shark.

Guest stars: Cyndi Martino, Micole Mercurio, Jane Fleiss, Vincent Cefalu, Cheryl White, John Berg, David Reivers, Van Epperson, Jason McCune, Bruce Wietz, John Patrick Amedori, Logan O'Brien
18 S1E18: Mothers of the Disappeared 45 min | Mar 26, 2002

When a mother of a missing child shows up in Nick Fallin's office at Legal Services, he finds himself in the middle of an emotional struggle for closure and justice. Prior to the disappearance of her daughter Grace, Janine McGregor was in a car accident with her for which they were awarded a large settlement. However, since Grace has been missing for 10 years, the insurance company will not release the money. After years of searching for her daughter, Janine believes her only chance to get the money she so desperately needs is to have Grace declared deceased. However, just as a judge is about to sign off on the declaration, Grace unexpectedly reappears saying she had been kidnapped and taken to Europe. Nick encourages Janine to take the necessary steps to verify Grace's identity. However, with nothing but her gut feeling, Janine is convinced that the girl who has returned claiming to be her daughter is really her "Gracie." Meanwhile, Nick and Burton Fallin are faced with the death of a close friend and colleague, Judge Stanton. He was a long-time friend of Burton's and was the judge who presided over Nick's probation. His passing causes Burton to re-evaluate his life and his accomplishments as a lawyer.

Guest stars: Johnny Lewis, Martha Hackett, Earl Billings, Christopher John Fields, Jillian Peterson, Robin Karfo, Gerry Becker, Kathy Baker, Mark Robman
19 S1E19: Lawyers, Guns and Money 45 min | Apr 08, 2002

Trouble gets very deep for Dale (Nick's Parole officer asks for help from Nick. Later LuLu's husband to be is arested. Nick can't tell LuLu. Burton wonders if his son will be on the federal bench.

Guest stars: Nola Payson-Denny, Rod Britt, Larry Miller, Lee Thompson Young, Ben Siegler, Michael Bowen, Judith Scott, Jamie Brown, Brent Hinkley, Molly Weber, Jo D. Jonz
20 S1E20: Shelter 45 min | May 06, 2002

Nick and LuLu find teenagers in her house, after they hear a girl screaming giving birth. They want to keep the baby and soon end up in foster care.

Guest stars: Brian Casey, James Ingersoll, Robert Curtis Brown, Promise Ryan, Jennie Vaughn, Stephen Duvall, Pat Skipper
21 S1E21: Chinese Wall 45 min | May 13, 2002

Burtton turns his law firm over to Sen. Nathan Calldwell, he gets ready to be a federal Judge.

Guest stars: Pat Skipper, Patience Cleveland, Bob Morrisey, Marc Vann, Adrian Ricard, Karl T. Wright, John Harrington Bland, Mack Dryden, Evan Handler, John Rubinstein
22 S1E22: The Beginning 45 min | May 20, 2002

In The Season Finale Burton and Lulu tells Nick damaging information but that deals with a wanted killer. Dr. Reed asks to be his son's (Hunter)Trustee but their future could be in trouble.

Guest stars: Stephen Duvall, Jamie Brown, John Rubinstein, Erik Knudsen, Lawrence Pressman, Lee Thompson Young, Jason McCune, Tom Amandes, Evan Handler
23 S2E1: Testimony 45 min | Sep 23, 2002

Burton tries to save Nick who is behind bars temporarily for drug possession by looking for a defense in Mandy's daughter Shannon. Shannon's grandmother doesn't want her to testify.

Guest stars: Rick Fitts, Todd Warring, Jamie Brown, Leslie David Baker, Stephen Duvall, Claudette Sutherland, Ben Seigler, Strawn Bovee, Rachel Pearson, Reggie Currelley, Farrah Fawcett, Randall Arney, John Rubinstein, Jim Cantafio
24 S2E2: Monster 45 min | Sep 30, 2002

A 13 year old is charged with the rape and murder of his mother and could be tried for first-degree murder. Nick must try and get the case to juvenile court.

Guest stars: Wayne Lopez, Jimmy Bennett, Dane Northcutt, Steven Kozlowski, Christopher Gehrman, Katherine La Nasa, Frank John Hughes, Adina Porter, Mack Dryden, Michael Dorn, Andrew Lawrence
25 S2E3: The Dead 45 min | Oct 07, 2002

Burton's past comes back to haunt him as he gets close to being a Federal Judge.

Guest stars: E.J. Callahan, Pamela Dunlap, Ben Seigler, Paul Hayes, James Martin Kelly, Katherine La Nasa, Roz Witt, John Rubinstein, Farrah Fawcett, Grace Zabriskie, Bari Hochwald, Evan Handler, Alan Polonsky
26 S2E4: The Next Life 45 min | Oct 14, 2002

After deciding to work together, Nick and Burton Fallin return to the old offices of Fallin & Associates to create a new firm, Fallin & Fallin. Finally working on equal ground, Nick and Burton's first big client turns out to be Allegheny County Hospital, which is under scrutiny as one of the nurses is arrested and confesses to killing patients in the oncology department during his shifts. The hospital faces several potential lawsuits from the family members of the patients who died. To assemble a strong team of attorneys, Nick and Burton bring in James Mooney to help with the case but soon discover that his grandmother died in that very hospital just a few months earlier. James immediately removes himself from the case but he eventually gives into his desire to fight for the underdogs and tries to find representation for the family members. Meanwhile, Nick is also thrown into a case as a favor to Laurie Solt, where he must defend a child's right to attend an adoption party. This is a concept that Alvin Masterson finds reprehensible, as he believes it treats the children as though they are cattle to be sold at market.

Guest stars: Floyd Van Buskirk, BK Kennelly, Harry Johnson, Sarah Rayne, Kerry Washington, Victor McCay, Jacob Price, Roger Guenveur Smith, Sarah Zinsser, Ken Rosier, Lee Ryan
27 S2E5: Assuming the Position 45 min | Oct 21, 2002

Alvin head of Legal Severice of Pittsburgh is arested and LuLu takes over after seeing him on tv.

Guest stars: Myles Mason, Chane't Johnson, Florence Regina, Eric Jungman, Peter Kevoian, Jasmin Suros, Kathleen York, Francis Guinan, Charles Esten, Daniel Hagen
28 S2E6: The Living 45 min | Oct 29, 2002

As the legal guardian of two siblings he represented the year before, Nick must find the missing sister so she can be a bone-marrow donor to save her dying brother.

Guest stars: Michael Olifiers, Anastasia Basil, Bonita Friedericy, Holly Shear, Zach Grenier, Anita Finlay, David Crammer, Tricia Dong, Barry Cutler, James Sharpe, Will Rothhaar
29 S2E7: The Innocent 45 min | Nov 12, 2002

Nick takes on the case of two children after their brother dies from their father's neglect.

Guest stars: Bruce A. Young, Robert Maffia, Karen Hensel, Alan Polonsky, Cynthia Graham, Joel Nunley, Charles David Richards, Celeste Hope, Dennis Lipscomb, Grant Albrecht, Geraldine Hughes, Brent Sexton, Greg Dohanic, Hallee Hirsh, Tate Donovan, Joyce Guy
30 S2E8: The Neighborhood 45 min | Nov 19, 2002

LuLu represents an old friend after one of her adopted children is dead. Nick represents someone he knew as a kid.

Guest stars: Shannon Kenny, Laurie Wagner, David L. Crowley, Katherine La Nasa, Stephen Duvall, Saige Ryan Campbell, Kieran Mulroney, Rob Nagle, Barry Del Sherman, Todd Jeffries
31 S2E9: The Dark 45 min | Nov 26, 2002

Nick has to represent Levi who may not be allowed in school for not telling who beat him up.

Guest stars: Peter Kevoian, Dierdre Holder, Austin Priester, Nick Jameson, Al Ruscio, Lee Thompson Young, Cedric Pendleton, Dusty Sorg, Cliff Weissman, Paul Gleason
32 S2E10: Sacrifice 45 min | Dec 10, 2002

Nick takes the case of a 16 year old mom who wants to put her baby up for adoption, after her father ends up being arrested for the murder of the 16 year old's very ill mom. Brian Olsen (LuLu's Husband) ends up being accused of negligence.

Guest stars: John Diehl, Mel Winkler, Mack Dryden, Harry Johnson, Jeffery Corbett, Angela Sargeant, Sam Catlin, Robert Maffia, Laura Lamson, Robin Bergstom, Frank John Hughes, Ashley Johnson, Phil Reeves
33 S2E11: No Good Deed 45 min | Dec 17, 2002

Nick helps a boy stay in the shelter. Burton helps Mary Gressler and Shannon out.

Guest stars: Farrah Fawcett, David Ramsey, Daniel Hagen, Alex Fernandez, Michael Olifiers, Christopher Neiman, Annie LaRussa, Jeff Ricketts, Chachi Pittman
34 S2E12: You Belong to Me 45 min | Jan 07, 2003

Lulu's home is broken into forcing Nick to protect her. Nick takes Gavin Putinski a former child actor who claimes his parents want him to leave home.

Guest stars: Andy Kreiss, Mickey Toft, Geoffrey Lewis, Richard Anthony Crenna, David Mersault, Katherine La Nasa, Corey Feldman, Stephanie Venditto, Sharon Johnston, Joyce Guy, Nick Gilhool, Bruce A. Young
35 S2E13: Ambition 45 min | Jan 21, 2003

Lulu's mom comes to town to offer her daughter a job. Soon Nick learns of Mrs. Novack's bad business practices which causes a problem.

Guest stars: Todd Stashwick, Andrew Borba, Adele Robbins, Rick Hurst, Liann Pattison, Lahmard Tate, Marcus W. Stidham, Tim Breslin, Rita Moreno, Dee Freeman, Percy Daggs III, Anne Judson Yagher, Saafir
36 S2E14: Understand Your Man 45 min | Feb 04, 2003

Nick meets Sam at a gala in Burton's honor. Sam who is a transvestite tries to get custody of lover's son. Also Nick finds out Mary and Shannon have been living with his father.

Guest stars: Clay Adkins, Todd Kimsey, Cyia Batten, Rob Brownstein, Kurt Fuller, Wayne Dalglish, Farrah Fawcett, Cynthia Cervini, Michael Sabatino
37 S2E15: Where You Are 45 min | Feb 11, 2003

Rob a college roommate of Nick's wants to test a device for tracking kids. Will Nick agree to testing the tracking device on L.S.P. kids?

Guest stars: Thomas Bankowski, Leslie David Baker, Rod McLachlan, Krysten Leigh Jones, Joshua Preven, Bob Neill, David Raibon, Weston Nathanson, George Sharperson, Robert Bailey Jr., David Burke, Yonda Davis
38 S2E16: The Weight 45 min | Feb 18, 2003

A tough case involving a sick baby brings Nick and Lulu closer together when Lulu gets attached to the mom.

Guest stars: Michelle Azar, Todd Robert Anderson, Kirk Blatz, Herb Mendelsohn, Philip Becker, Daniel Hagen, Christina Grandy, Venessia Valentio, Robin Lee Noll, Dion Anderson, Nicky Katt, Mason Lucero
39 S2E17: The Intersection 45 min | Feb 25, 2003

Caroline Novack returns to find out that Nick and Lulu were in a car accident which could prove fatal for Lulu.

Guest stars: Mason Lucero, Tim Guinee, Eric Siegel, Nicky Katt, Dion Anderson, Robin Lee Noll, Ken Strunk, Herb Mendelsohn, Scott Richards, Todd Robert Anderson, Rita Moreno, Betsy Brandt, Paul Perri
40 S2E18: My Aim Is True 45 min | Mar 18, 2003

The past comes back to haunt Both Nick & Burton, When a drug dealer from Nick's past is shot and Burton's new client is the police officer.

Guest stars: Bethany Joy Galeotti, Amanda MacDonald, Jacob Price, Zachary Harrell, M. J. Karmi, Larry Brandenburg, Floyd Van Buskirk, David Mersault, Eric Siegel, Joshua Harto, Michael Edwin, Paul Dillon
41 S2E19: Back in the Ring 45 min | Mar 31, 2003

Caroline Novak goes before a Grand Jury who will look into her bad business practices. A former boxer tries to get custody of his child after spending time in prison.

Guest stars: Taylor Sheridan, Dakota Floeter, Rita Moreno, Richard Gilbert-Hill, Michael Ensign, Joyce Greenleaf, Steve Lanza, Richard Topol, P.B. Hutton, Zena Grey, Madison Mason, Harry Karp
42 S2E20: What It Means to You 45 min | Apr 21, 2003

Nick & Lulu get closer in their relationship, but can they keep their feelings for each other hidden as they argue a case in court or will the case push them apart? Burton takes on a new role as a foster parent after Shannon loses her mother.

Guest stars: Bethany Joy Galeotti, Kimberly Huie, Welsey Harris, Jon Sklaroff, Robert Garrova, Joshua Harto, Brandon Keener, Scott Halberstadt
43 S2E21: Burton & Ernie 45 min | Apr 28, 2003

Burton, Lulu & Nick each find themselves in tight spots. Burton tries to stop Shannon from being hurt, Alvin finds Nick & Lulu at the office late Will they still have jobs after Alvin finds out?

Guest stars: Christine Estabrook, Dan Byrd, Kim Chase, Christienne Wadsworth, David Wiley, Marcia Ann Burrs, K. T. Thangavelu
44 S2E22: Sensitive Jackals 45 min | May 05, 2003

Nick hands the case file of Taliek to James, who goes before Judge Rebecca Damsen for custody, James and Nick help a young dad try and trying to get his son back but due to the dad's temper may lose his son. Meanwhile over at Fallin & Fallin Nick wants to have a criminal defense attorney to the team because Nick feels Burton needs to worry about the firm and less about Shannon. Nick worries that James may be to close to Taliek Allen because James believes that Taliek may have killed Levi (who was a nephew of James.) Lulu could soon leave LSP for a job in California. Nick thinks Lulu's job move is bad because he may lose her love.

Guest stars: Vicellous Shannon, Mark Kiely, Eugene Roche, Cedric Pendleton, Teresa Campbell, Darlene Kardon, Elizabeth Liang, Tom Kiesche, Grant Albrecht
45 S2E23: All the Rage 45 min | May 12, 2003

Nick is upset because Lulu is about to take a job in California and while in court loses control of his temper while trying to finish his call and later goes to court ordered therapy. Shannon meets her dad for the first time, Burton has to go to a hearing to find out if he can keep Shannon. Nick advises James to stay away from Taliek (James accused him of killing Levi then found out he accused the wrong guy) Now Taliek lost the court battle to get his son back. James and Larry Flood get ready to leave for home having no idea that they will be fighting for their lives.

Guest stars: Mark Kiely, Vicellous Shannon, Courtney Gains, Jim Rash, John Thaddeus, Blair Sams, Frank Birney, Barry Wiggins, Jack Tice, Teresa Campbell, Larry Weissman, Joe Bucardo, Darlene Kardon, Will Ferrell
46 S3E1: Carnival 45 min | Sep 22, 2003

The first episode begins with scenes from the season finale, leading up to Burton and Nick heading for the concert that was to start at 7:30 PM. Burton is mad because his parking spot was taken, he beats up the man that took it. Nick heads back to the office to find James Mooney dead. Burton tries to set things right with Shannon after telling police Burton hurt her. Nick meets Joey who was abused at a carnival. Nick meets Harold Watson hoping Joey will live with him. Lulu tries to get her relationship with Nick on track before she leaves to start her job. Nick gets angry at his dad for finding out if Ralph Trillo (the man Burton beat up) is okay. Nick worries about not having his job if Ralph talks to police. Nick wants Joey to stay in a shelter because his mom won't protect him.

Guest stars: Casey McCarthy, John Verea, William Francis McGuire, Joseph Bucaro III, Alex S. Alexander, Bobby Reynolds, Tracy Silver, Barbara Perry, Chester Cable, David Markham, George Mcarthur, John Thaddeus, Reece Morgan, Courtney Gains, Ted Shred
47 S3E2: Big Coal 45 min | Sep 29, 2003

Nick tries to help a young lady who has cancer but get can't the insurance company to help her out, this puts Nick in a bind. Nick asks Lulu to help him get the insurance company to pay for her medical care. Nick tells his client's dad he needs to look somewhere else for the money.

Guest stars: Nick Searcy, Tania Raymonde, Henry Gibson, Mark Kiely, Daniel Hagen, M. Emmet Walsh, Benjamin King, Bill J. Stevens, Gina Torres
48 S3E3: The Line 45 min | Oct 06, 2003

Alvin is having to take James Mooney's caseload & trying to stop Lulu from leaving for new job. Nick meets Sharon Diamond who was arrested for solicitation. Nick asks for help in what to recommend for Sharon (A.K.A.: Tiffany Skovich) who was working at a restaurant. Nick tells Tiffany Skovich to talk to the police about Mason and go to a shelter. Alvin tries to get Mason to stop using girls for money. Alvin goes to far looking for Tiffany before police get to the scene, leaving Nick to wonder why he isn't at LSP. Alvin fights Roger over pictures he took outside the restaurant where Mason worked. Roger & other LSP board members feel Alvin went to far. Lulu is the new Director Legal Services of Pittsburgh.

Guest stars: Alejandra Flores, Suzy Cot�, Ivette Gonzalez, Stephen Markle, Max Perlich, J. Kenneth Campbell, Shashawnee Hall, Scout Taylor-Compton, Carmine Giovinazzo
49 S3E4: The Father-Daughter Dance 45 min | Oct 13, 2003

Lulu starts her job as Director of LSP, leaving Alvin to wonder if he is needed at LSP. Nick helps a couple sue a fertility clinic because the baby is black. The parents want to keep the baby and the clinic to pay for damages. Nick needs to help find Samantha Gray who lost her sight because her dad. Samantha goes to Nick's office to tell him she isn't going back to the place she came from. Nick has dinner with Mrs. Aaronson who became pregnant after doing a procedure to have a baby, now the lawsuit against the clinic will be dropped. Samantha learns her dad lost his rights to be a dad because he was drug addict. Nick waits with Samantha on a bench in the courthouse wondering if her dad will show up for the hearing. When he doesn't show up Nick finds him doing drugs.

Guest stars: Raymond Baker, Lisa Rotondi, Dan Leegant, David Manis, Robert O'Reilly, Hunter Parrish, Michael Sean Tighe, Julie Hagerty, Danielle Panabaker, Susan Carol Davis
50 S3E5: Shame 45 min | Oct 20, 2003

When the bank insists that the firm pay off its loan immediately, Nick is forced to try to collect unpaid fees from delinquent clients. Meanwhile, Lulu's estranged father returns and asks her for money.

Guest stars: Gina Torres, Taylor Nichols, David Packer, Todd Stashwick, Alex Hyde-White, Anita Ortega, Jude Ciccolella, Keram Malicki-Sanchez
51 S3E6: Let's Spend the Night Together 45 min | Oct 28, 2003

Nick & Lulu move into his place and find out how hard it is keep their love life out of the office. Jake learns his mom and dad want to divorce. Jake is about to lose control of his life when he finds out the secret his father has hidden for years. Lulu's dad drives her crazy when he finds out that his daughter is seeing Nick, her dad asks Lulu to take over his painting business.

Guest stars: Dylan McLaughin, Wendy Worthington, Corey Reynolds, Micole Mercurio, Judson Mills, Bruce Weitz, Jude Ciccolella
52 S3E7: Hazel Park 45 min | Nov 04, 2003

Nick runs into a former client while helping in a cleanup project for his Community Service. Nick helps the former client out by calling a community College after learning he can't read. Burton takes the case of a mother who puts her baby up for adoption because she can't afford to keep her son. Burton wants to adopt Shannon but her dad doesn't want the adoption to happen.

Guest stars: Erich Anderson, Tracy Middendorf, Lawson Skala, Christopher Neiman, Courtney Gains, Chris Pine, Roy Lee Jones, Eddie Allen, Michele Gregory, Judith Hoag, Sylva Kelegian, Barry Livingston
53 S3E8: Believe 45 min | Nov 11, 2003

LSP teams up with Victoria Little to form AIDS Relief Alliance, meanwhile Nick becomes a medical guardian to two kids who may AIDS. Lulu learns she is about to be a mom. Nick and Susan Powell meet Mr. Wheat who learns that one his kids needs a home because she is HIV positive. Nick asks Burton for his for mom's engagement ring to marry Lulu after she sees the ring Lulu wonders if Nick is moving things to fast. Nick leans his client is HIV positive after he wouldn't give a blood test. Nick learns Calvin may have given HIV to his client.

54 S3E9: Let God Sort 'Em Out 45 min | Nov 25, 2003

Nick tries to find a place for Donny Longo & his Grandfather to live together, but Donny has a hard time with Rebecca's ruling (the Judge that handled the shelter hearing). Meanwhile Burton must try to get Mr. Lounge's house back from a man that bought it at an auction. Mr. Longo lived in the house for 65 years with paying rent. Nick learns that Mr. Longo used the property for bad purposes that caused Mr. Longo to lose custody of Donny.

55 S3E10: Swimming 45 min | Dec 16, 2003

Nick learns that his dad will need surgery to fix his heart, also Nick must keep the firm from losing a merger, help Burton find a good doctor to do the surgery. Nick wonders if Burton will make it through the surgery and tells his dad Lulu is pregnant. Shannon asks to go to the hospital because worries Burton might die and have no place to live.

56 S3E11: Legacy 45 min | Jan 06, 2004

Ted's dad goes on a shooting spree killing himself & co-workers leaving Nick and Suzanne to tell Ted his dad has committed murder. Nick and Suzanne take Ted to see his dad. Burton wants Nick managing partner of the firm but Nick doesn't seem ready. Burton worries about Eric Kane who seems ready to go back to work to soon and not deal with trauma of the shooting. Burton gets worried when Eric Kane closes a deal without the authority of a CEO.

57 S3E12: Beautiful Blue Mystic 45 min | Jan 13, 2004

Nick begins taking a drug called Beautiful Blue Mystic, not realizing how it hurt Fallin & Fallin and LSP. Nick goes to get help to kick the habit. Nick learns that Anne needs help finding a place for her son because she is dying of cancer. Lulu confronts Suzanne about the affair she had with Nick.

58 S3E13: Amends 45 min | Jan 27, 2004

Nick finds out how hard it is to get the trust of the people he hurt back. Burton feels Nick isn't ready for a heavy caseload that might hurt Fallin & Fallin. Nick wonders if the bus driver caused the accident on purpose. Lulu tries to place Connor Adams in a foster home and understand why Nick had the affair with Suzanne.

59 S3E14: All Is Mended 45 min | Feb 10, 2004

Nick learns his unborn baby has Down Syndrome to learn more about it Nick helps Mark set up a trust fund so he won't lose his Social Security. Nick tells Lulu about Mark and that he took the case to understand more about Down Syndrome and help Lulu understand what maybe a head for their baby. Kate Shaw asks Jake to take an AIDS test because Kate wanted him to join a country club.

60 S3E15: Without Consent 45 min | Feb 17, 2004

Jake lies to everyone about how he got hurt soon Burton & Maureen find out the secret. Nick tries to figure if Luke should live in Foster Care or live with his dad after seeing his mom sleep with a friend of his. Lulu drafts a trust fund for their baby; Nick wants them both to be trustees. Burton worries about Jake who was supposed to help on a case.

61 S3E16: Sparkle (aka: Glow) 45 min | Feb 24, 2004

Nick tries to find an unwanted foster child a home Philip may have hurt the baby. Burton gets angry after finding that Shannon posed for a photographer named Malcom Reeves. Burton learns that Roy signed papers letting Shannon model. Nick learns that his house was robed so she could by make-up. Burton learns ran away with Malcom.

62 S3E17: The Watchers 45 min | Mar 02, 2004

Nick sees a change in his dad that worries him, Burton keeps getting dizzy due to Vertigo. Burton wonders if he will be a good dad to Shannon. After Nick & Burton learn Shannon has been found they try to get the woman who called police about Shannon to tell Nick and Burton where Shannon might be. When Burton offers to pay the woman to tell where Shannon is Nick isn't sure the woman will tell the story.

63 S3E18: The Bachelor Party 45 min | Mar 09, 2004

Alvin Masterson has a lot to do in so little time he is getting married to Victoria Little and has ALS. Nick decides to Los Angles. Alvin tries to get to know Nick better. Alvin drives to see his son who he last saw at age 7 and learns that his son already has a dad. Alvin wonders if marring Victoria is the right thing to do and if it is for the right reason.

64 S3E19: Remember 45 min | Apr 05, 2004

Alvin tells ALS will later affect Nick about his date with Victoria and how they're relationship and for Alvin his only form of communication will be blinking his eyebrows. At a court hearing Alvin is asked to turn over his files involving past clients at LSP. Alvin isn't ready to turn over the yet just yet because feels that in doing so would violate the Attorney client privilege. Nick also helps a young boy who claims he can't remember being abused Nick learns that Andrew has been lying to him all along and now has to testify at his father's hearing.

65 S3E20: The Vote 45 min | Apr 19, 2004

Nick 's future at the firm is in question because of because of a lawyer Burton thinks quite highly of but he doesn't feel she is ready to be a partner in the firm just yet. Sandra however blames Nick for not being voted into the firm. Sandra files a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Nick and his firm causing Jake to hold an executive meeting to consider what action to take against Nick. Burton is worried about his son 's future at the firm.

66 S3E21: Blood In, Blood Out 45 min | Apr 26, 2004

Nick 's future at the firm is about to be voted on, as Nick awaits the verdict on his future he takes on two cases that involve two boys. The first boy Nick defends is Kevin Brown who is accused of raping a girl who became pregnant with a baby. The second boy Nick defends is a young boy who attacked an 8 year-old girl and attacked a social worker who was trying to place him in a foster family. The boy was placed in a center that was supposed to help rehabilitate the boy into society. Alvin defends a former client of LSP named Taliek Allen. Alvin defends a former client of LSP named Taliek Allen who fired his attorney. Taliek Allen shot a friend of Alvin's. He tries to get his client's sentence appealed. Alvin's client says he is tired of going through the appeals process to get his prison sentence reduced.

67 S3E22: Antarctica 45 min | May 03, 2004

Nick takes a job at the law firm of Walter and McNeil. Lulu gives birth to a baby girl. She decides to work part-time at legal services of Pittsburgh to take care of the baby. Burton thinks his son made a mistake by taking the new job. Alvin tries to stop the execution of Taliek Allen because of new evidence that Alvin's client suffered brain damage when he was attacked. Alvin along with Nick must try and get a trial stating why he should live and not be executed. Lulu decides to have full custody of the baby and give the baby her last name not Nick's. Alvin is angry because of what Nick told his client regarding his chances for a clemency hearing. Nick learns that Burton has stepped down from his firm to be a grandfather to the baby. Nick also leaves his job at the firm of Walter and McNeil.


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