The Last Post

The Last Post

Bonafide Films (2017)
UK | English | Color | 1h

Drama series set in the mid-sixties, in which a unit of Royal Military Police officers and their families deal with the challenges of politics, love and war in British-controlled Aden.

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Stephen Campbell Moore Lieutenant Ed Laithwaite
Richard Dillane Harvey Tilbrook
Ben Miles Major Harry Markham
Jessica Raine Alison Laithwaite
Chris Reilly Sergeant Alex Baxter
Amanda Drew Mary Markham
Tom Glynn-Carney Lance Corporal Tony Armstrong
Jessie Buckley Honor Martin
Kevin Sutton Corporal Israel Orchover
Louis Greatorex Lance Corporal Paul Stoneham
Ouidad Elma Yusra Saeed
Jeremy Neumark Jones Captain Joe Martin
Toby Woolf George Markham
Essie Davis Martha Franklin
Aymen Hamdouchi Kadir Hakim
Kal Naga Informant
Andrew Havill Dr. Russell
Clayton Evertson NLF INsurgent
Stuart Graham Ronnie Carter
Amira Ghazalla Alima Saeed
Paul Tinto Corporal Chris Dimarco
Alexander Tops Agent
Grant Swanby SAS Commanding Officer
Julian Wadham Colonel Richard Amery
Tim Bentinck President Brigadier Alan Slater

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Director Jonny Campbell
Miranda Bowen
Writer Peter Moffat, Mick Collins
Producer George Faber, Peter Moffat, Matthew Read, Mark Pybus, Margery Bone, Claudine Sturdy, Lucy Richer, Elwen Rowlands, Marisa Soneman
Photography David Luther, Tony Slater Ling
Musician Solomon Grey

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1 The New Man 60 min | Sep 30, 2017

Captain Joe Martin arrives in Aden with his wife Honor to replace the outgoing and much-loved Captain Nick Page of the Royal Military Police.

Director: Jonny Campbell
Writer: Peter Moffat
2 Starfish 60 min | Oct 07, 2017

Led by Major Harry Markham, the Royal Military Police assist special forces on a dangerous mission. Mary Markham experiences complications with her baby's birth, and Alison Laithwaite introduces Honor to the BP Club.

Director: Jonny Campbell
Writer: Peter Moffat
3 Above Thy Deep And Dreamless Sleep 60 min | Oct 14, 2017

Captain Joe Martin meets with American journalist Martha Franklin to demand that she hand over incriminating evidence. Christmas celebrations at the Royal Military Police base are cut short by a shocking discovery.

Director: Jonny Campbell
Writer: Peter Moffat
4 The CO's Boy 60 min | Oct 21, 2017

The RMP begin their desperate search. Tilbrook takes Markham to visit an important prisoner. Alison can't go on with her pregnancy. Alison confides in Honor about her affair. Ed receives intelligence that leads him into danger.

Director: Miranda Bowen
Writer: Peter Moffat, Mick Collins
5 Precious Cargo 60 min | Oct 28, 2017

The NLF demand a swap. Alison watches over Ed, conflicted about their marriage. Honor confronts Martha. Yusra gets a coded message to Armstrong. Joe disobeys orders.

Director: Miranda Bowen
Writer: Peter Moffat
6 The Bigger Picture 60 min | Nov 05, 2017

Joe's future in the army hangs in the balance. Armstrong fears for Yusra's safety. Honor is devastated by Joe's secret past. Markham struggles between duty and his own moral compass.


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883929621736 DVD 1 Jun 26, 2018
5051561042102 DVD 2 Nov 13, 2017
9398700031976 DVD
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