The Last Ship: Season 3

TNT Originals, Inc. (2016)
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
USA | English | Color | 9h 32min

Their mission is simple: Find a cure. Stop the virus. Save the world. When a global pandemic wipes out eighty percent of the planet's population, the crew of a lone naval destroyer must find a way to pull humanity from the brink of extinction. Executive Producer Michael Bay presents The Last Ship, starring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin.

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Rhona Mitra Rachel Scott
Eric Dane Captain Tom Chandler
Adam Baldwin Mike Slattery
Steven Culp Reiss
Maurice Compte Gustavo Barros
Sam Spruell Quincy
Charles Parnell CMC Jeter
April Parker-Jones Anita DuFine
Travis Van Winkle Lt. Danny Green
Drew Roy Christos Vellek
Inbar Lavi Lt. Ravit Bivas
Maiara Walsh Mia Valdez
Rigo Sanchez Hector Martinez
Aidan Sussman Sam Chandler
Nick Court Ned
Troy Doherty Clayton Swain
Sibylla Deen Lucia
Cindy Luna Conchita Barros
Travis Van Winkle Lt. Danny Green
Marissa Neitling Lt. Kara Foster
Nestor Serrano Alex
Devon Gummersall Jacob Barnes
Hiroyuki Sanada Takehaya
Fay Masterson Andrea Garnett
Mark Moses President Michener
Christina Elmore Lt. Alisha Granderson
Kevin Michael Martin Miller
Jocko Sims Lt. Carlton Burk
Bridget Regan Sasha
Michael Curran-Dorsano Gator
Maximiliano Hernández Doc Rios
Ben Cho Carl Nishioka
John Pyper-Ferguson Tex
Bren Foster SCPO Wolf Taylor

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Writer Hank Steinberg, William Brinkley, Steve Kane, Hiram Martinez, Jill Blankenship
Producer Brad Fuller, Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Jack Bender, Michael Katleman
Photography Rodney Charters, Lukas Ettlin, Cort Fey
Musician James S. Levine, Nathan Whitehead, Jim Dooley

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1 The Scott Effect 45 min | Jun 11, 2016

Tom Chandler is sent to Asia to investigate a possible mutation of the Red Flu; Captain Slattery and his crew deliver the cure to Southeast Asia.

Director: Michael Katleman
Writer: Steven Kane
2 Rising Sun 45 min | Jun 11, 2016

CNO Tom Chandler must find a way to return to his old crew and to investigate a dangerous, new enemy.

Director: Michael Katleman
Writer: Hank Steinberg
3 Shanzhai 45 min | Jun 18, 2016

Chandler and the crew race to find answers in an Asian Dodge City; Slattery begins to unravel the truth about his predicament.

Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Jorge Zamacona
4 Devil May Care 45 min | Jun 25, 2016

Chandler must confront his suspected new foe; Slattery learns more about the virus mutation; as the situation worsens, pressure begins to mount on President Michener.

Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Nic Van Zeebroeck
5 Minefield 45 min | Jul 02, 2016

As Chandler's position worsens, his mission becomes increasingly complicated; President Michener faces pressure from the regional leaders.

Director: Peter Weller
Writer: Mark Malone
6 Dog Day 45 min | Jul 09, 2016

Chandler prepares for the final part of his plan as his mission comes to a head; President Michener considers the fate of his presidency.

Director: Michael Nankin
Writer: Onalee Hunter Hughes, Jill Blankenship
7 In the Dark 45 min | Jul 23, 2016

The Nathan James must evade an overwhelming threat. A revelation in St. Louis puts President Michener in a terrible position.

Director: Steven Kane
Writer: Katie Swain
8 Sea Change 45 min | Jul 30, 2016

America copes with tragedy while Chandler further investigates the possible virus mutation.

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Writer: Sarah H. Haught
9 Paradise 45 min | Aug 06, 2016

Chandler gets a lead that could help answer threatening questions. Kara does some digging in the White House.

Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Jorge Zamacona
10 Scuttle 45 min | Aug 20, 2016

Chandler finds himself making a difficult decision when an order comes in from the White House.

Director: Mairzee Almas
Writer: Ira Parker
11 Legacy 45 min | Aug 20, 2016

Chandler faces his powerful enemy in a final showdown. Kara joins someone that can help with her mission.

Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: Hiram Martinez
12 Resistance 45 min | Aug 27, 2016

Chandler returns to America to find out what has really been happening.

13 Don't Look Back 45 min | Sep 10, 2016

The fight for America comes to an end; Chandler faces a challenge that could change his life forever.

Director: Peter Weller
Writer: Jill Blankenship, Onalee Hunter


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883929563500 Blu-ray Disc A May 02, 2017 Blu-ray + Digital HD
9398700035363 Blu-ray Disc B May 03, 2017
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7340112736453 Blu-ray Disc
883929590414 Blu-ray Disc
883929563517 DVD 1 May 02, 2017
4006448766726 DVD 2 Feb 24, 2017
9398700036773 DVD 4
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5051888227282 DVD
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