The Loch: Season 1

ITV Studios (2017)

Drama, Crime, Mystery
UK / English / 45 mins
IMDb 6.8

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William Ash Leighton Thomas
John Sessions CI Frank Smilie
Simone Lahbib Mhari Toner
Laura Fraser DS Annie Redford
Jack Bannon Kieran Whitehead
Alastair Mackenzie Craig Petrie
John Heffernan Dr. Simon Marr
Siobhan Finneran Annie Redford
Don Gilet Dr. Blake Albrighton
Gray O'Brien Alan Redford
Jordan McCurrach Niall Swift
Oliver Greenall Jordan Whitehead
Keiran Gallacher Jonjo Patterson
Shona McHugh Evie Redford
Conoor McCarry Dessie Toner


Brian Kelly
Writer Stephen Brady
Producer Alan J. Wands
Photography Denis Crossan
Musician Ben Bartlett


The search for a serial killer becomes a matter of life and death for detective Annie Redford, who is trying to cope with her first murder case.


Episode 1: Episode 1

45 min Jun 11, 2017
The search for a serial killer in the area around Loch Ness becomes a matter of life and death for local detective Annie Redford, who is trying to cope with her first murder case. When the body of a local man is found at the foot of Carn Mohr Mountain and an isolated human heart on the loch shore, the town's normality is shattered and the nightmare begins.
Director: Brian Kelly
Writer: Stephen Brady

Episode 2: Episode 2

45 min Jun 18, 2017
A human heart is discovered on the shores of the Loch, and forensic psychologist Blake Albrighton is brought in to join the investigating team. He quickly forms a disturbing theory about the motive behind the seemingly inexplicable murders, but Chief Inspector Frank Smilie is quick to dismiss his ideas. However, if the new arrival is correct, the once peaceful Highland community could be set to endure far more deaths, as a serial killer prowls the area.
Director: Brian Kelly
Writer: Stephen Brady

Episode 3: Episode 3

45 min Jun 25, 2017
Smilie holds a press conference to appeal for information about Jonjo, as well as reassuring the public and preventing news of the human heart found by the lake from spreading further. However, his plans are disrupted by Blake, who reveals everything and shares his fears that the community is haunted by a serial killer. An unexpected discovery is made outside a town meeting.
Director: Brian Kelly
Writer: Stephen Brady

Episode 4: Episode 4

45 min Jul 02, 2017
Craig Petrie becomes a suspect in both murders, and Blake assists in questioning him. However, he quickly turns the tables on the police and casts doubt on Leighton's innocence. Annie investigates his claims further, and her loyalty to Leighton is shaken when she discovers his alibi is a lie. Smilie tries to comfort Jonjo's father, but is rejected.
Director: Cilla Ware
Writer: Chris Hurford

Episode 5: Episode 5

45 min Jul 09, 2017
Annie continues her determined investigation into the killer's identity, and reaches a breakthrough when she discovers the weapons that were used in the murders. Seeking help from Quigley, she is finally able to track down the culprit, and the two detectives put their lives on the line to put a stop to the slaughter. However, their relentless pursuit of justice leads them into a dangerous confrontation, as they stalk the armed murderer through the dark corridors of the area's hydro-electric dam.
Director: Cilla Ware
Writer: Stephen Brady

Episode 6: Episode 6

45 min Jul 16, 2017
A body is pulled from the Loch, and a photograph in his wallet provides a vital clue. Annie tries to gather further evidence by talking to a desperate Mhari, who refuses to believe the terrifying possibility she is presented with. Albrighton is threatened with arrest by Quigley, but nevertheless continues to pursue his own theory about the killings - even if it means putting his life on the line.


Barcode Format Region Release Edition
5037115373632 2 2017-07-17