The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase: Season 4

Shout! Factory (1986)
English | Color

This listing comprises not only the original CBS show, but also the Showtime additional seasons: The Paper Chase: Second Year, The Paper Chase: Third Year, and The Paper Chase: Graduation Year Based on the movie, written by John Osborne, The Paper Chase is a classroom drama about students in a law school (based on Harvard Law School). The two main characters are a stern but fair Contract Law professor, Charles W. Kingsfield, and a student who idolizes him, James Hart. The Paper Chase was voted the best new drama of 1978.
Although the critics raved it didn't get the "numbers" that CBS wanted and it was cancelled after its first season. Five years later Showtime picked it up and made 3 new seasons of episodes from 1983-1986.

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1 A Wounded Hart 60 min | Feb 01, 1986

(Beginning the fourth season of this show, the third year of law school continues). Harriman is dumped by her fiance and has a one-night fling with Hart, who finds it meant much more to him than her.

2 Mistaken Identity 60 min | Mar 28, 1986

Franklin Ford is falsely arrested and spends three agonizing days in jail before Golden can extract him from the police bureaucracy. Ford is deeply affected by his glimpse of the underside of the imperfect system he had spent most of his life pursuing.

3 Honor 60 min | Apr 24, 1986

Laura stumbles across an art show, enters and wins 3rd prize, reawakening her past dreams about being an artist. Meanwhile, the other students have a "suppressed desires" party where everyone dresses up in a costume depicting what they really wanted to be in life.

Guest stars: Theodore Bikel
4 Suppressed Desires 60 min | Mar 28, 1986

The graduating class scramble to learn if their grades earn them Honors, Summa or Magna. Ziess finds he is a tiny fraction below the threshold and files a lawsuit against the law school over its grading procedures.

Guest stars: Theodore Bikel
5 Graduation 60 min | May 01, 1986

The episode which brings it together. We learn of the future plans of the characters. Enjoyed Ford's talk with Hart before leaving for the ceremony. Remember the ending of Hart's speech? Addressing Kingsfield, ""How you've changed my life . . .It has never been easy for me with you, and this moment I find most difficult of all, thank you, and goodbye"".


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