The Phantom of the Opera

Hammer Film Productions (1962)

Drama, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery
UK / English / 84 mins
IMDb 6.4

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John Harvey Sgt. Vickers
Michael Ripper Longfaced Cabbie
Liam Redmond Police Insp. Ward
Michael Gough Lord Ambrose d'Arcy
Patrick Troughton The Rat Catcher
Herbert Lom The Phantom
Renee Houston Mrs. Tucker
Thorley Walters Lattimer
Heather Sears Christine Charles
Harold Goodwin Bill
Miles Malleson 2nd Cabby
Marne Maitland Xavier
Laurie Main Forbes
Miriam Karlin Charwoman
Jane Merrow Chorus Girl
Martin Miller Rossi
Edward de Souza Harry Hunter
Keith Pyott Weaver
Leila Forde Teresa
Ian Wilson The Dwarf
Liane Aukin Maria
Sonya Cordeau Yvonne
Geoffrey L'Oise Frenchman
John Maddison Police Insp. Dawson


Terence Fisher
Writer Anthony Hinds, Gaston Leroux
Producer Anthony Hinds, Basil Keys
Photography Arthur Grant
Musician Edwin Astley



The corrupt Lord Ambrose D'Arcy (Michael Gough) steals the life's work of the poor musical Professor Petry. (Herbert Lom). In an attempt to stop the printing of music with D'Arcy's name on it, Petry breaks into the printing office and accidentally starts a fire, leaving him severely disfigured. Years later, Petry returns to terrorize a London opera house that is about to perform one of his stolen operas.


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191329005927 1 2017-08-01
5050582350180 2 2006-03-20
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