The Quiet Hour

Vision Films (2015)
Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
UK | English | Color | 1h 25min

In a remote part of rural, post-apocalyptic England, now occupied by unseen alien invaders, a feisty teenage girl sets out on a desperate attempt to fight back a group of bandits and defend her parents' farm, their remaining livestock, and the solar panels that keep them safe from extraterrestrials. If she doesn't succeed, she will lose her only source of food and shelter; if she resists, she and her helpless blind sibling will be killed.

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Liam O'Brien Blondie
Paul Flanagan Toothpick Man
Karl Davies Jude
Dakota Blue Richards Sarah
Brigitte Millar Kathryn
Jack McMullen Tom Connelly
Zeb Moore Brian
James Browne Youngster

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Director Stéphanie Joalland
Writer Stéphanie Joalland
Producer Sean McConville
Photography David Knight
Musician Carlos José Alvarez


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
4250128417716 Blu-ray Disc
723952079503 DVD 1 Mar 21, 2017
5060352301939 DVD
4250128417709 DVD