The Sacketts

Warner Bros. (1979)
Adventure, Western, Action
USA | English | Color | 3h 13min

Two part TV adaptation of Louis L'Amour's third novel in the Sackett series. The story follows the three Sackett brothers out west from their Tennessee home. Along the way the oldest, Tell, prospects for gold, while the two younger Orin and Tye herd cattle and later help bring order to a racially divided Santa Fe.

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Sam Elliott Tell Sackett
Tom Selleck Orrin Sackett
Jeff Osterhage Tyrel Sackett
Glenn Ford Tom Sunday
Ben Johnson Cap Rountree
Gilbert Roland Don Luis
John Vernon Jonathan Pritts
Ruth Roman Rosie
Jack Elam Ira Bigelow
Gene Evans Benson Bigelow
L.Q. Jones Belden
Paul Koslo Kid Newton
Mercedes McCambridge Ma Sackett
Slim Pickens Jack Bigelow
Louis L'Amour Himself
Buck Taylor Reed Carney
Pat Buttram Tuthill
Shug Fisher Purgatorie Barkeep
Ana Alicia Drusilla
Lee De Broux Simpson
James Gammon Wes Bigelow
Marcy Hanson Laura Pritts
Frank Ramírez Juan Torres
Wendy Rastattar Ange Kerry
Henry Capps Boyd

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Director Robert Totten
Writer Louis L'Amour, Jim Byrnes
Producer Jim Byrnes, Douglas Netter
Photography Jack Whitman
Musician Jerrold Immel


Barcode Format Region Released Edition
012569721807 DVD 1 May 30, 2006
633601200823 DVD
9120052890808 DVD
012569095731 VHS Sep 17, 1996
082554552013 VHS