The Soldier

MGM/UA (1982)
Drama, Action
USA | English | Color | 1h 36min

Terrorists take over a plutonium bomb and threaten to detonate it in a Saudi Arabian oil field. A special anti-terrorist unit is sent in to stop them.

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Ken Wahl The Soldier
Bob Andrews ICBM Guard
Klaus Kinski Dracha
Gerald Aleck Cantor Customs Officer
Tony Cecere Nuclear Guard
Al Cerullo Dauphin Pilot
Shirley Cina Mudwrestler
Daniel Dod Construction Worker
Taylor E. Duncan Limo Driver
Ned Eisenberg Israeli Prisoner
Manfred Gschneider Second Skier in Blue
Ron Harper Head of CIA
Jery Hewitt Cowboy
Martin Höner Michael
Zeljko Ivanek Bombmaker / Vleaning Lady
William Prince The President
Alberta Watson Susan Goodman
Jeremiah Sullivan Ivan
Bill Anagnos
Lisa Cain Cowgirl
David Cooper Terrorist
Roy Milton Davis Gunman

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Director James Glickenhaus
Writer James Glickenhaus
Producer James Glickenhaus, J. Boyce Harman Jr.


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738329217501 Blu-ray Disc 1 Mar 27, 2018
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027616731432 DVD 1
738329217495 DVD 1 Mar 27, 2018
5050582395884 DVD 2
5014138300838 DVD 2 Feb 07, 2005
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